Influencer Marketing Playbook for the 2023 Holiday Shopping Season 

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August 1, 2023
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Wondering when and how to start the marketing for the holiday sales this year? Gear yourself up with our influencer marketing playbook for the 2023 holiday shopping season — a step-by-step guide for a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

For many of you, the planning process to promote Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals might already be underway. After all, we know your customers are spreading their holiday gift purchases for the next few months. So, you can't delay.  

Starting the campaign months in advance gives you the advantage of finding the perfect holiday influencers for your brand, collaborating effectively, and reaching a larger audience. Plus, you'll have time to test marketing strategies and adjust before the peak holiday sales rush.

This playbook is the ultimate guide to planning the campaign, providing a detailed month-wise calendar to manage your campaign and post-holiday plans. It gives you insight into the four main pillars of your influencer marketing strategy – data, creative, media, and measurement. You get access to a calendar that helps you plan month-wise creative content and the right time to release it. 

Experts from leading global agencies and experienced companies share expert suggestions to guide your journey.

From discovering effective ways to promote Influencer Generated Content (IGC) through paid promotions on various social media platforms to a month-wise promotional strategy and retargeting techniques — seasoned experts who have executed successful campaigns share all with you.

Finally, dive into country-specific data highlighting the surge in influencer content centered around the holiday shopping season over the past two years. Whether it's the number of posts or engagement rates, this playbook provides valuable insights to fine-tune your holiday marketing strategy.

Get ready to make the most of the festive season sales with the power of influencer marketing. Start early, plan strategically, and watch your retail holiday sales soar in 2023!

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