Singapore's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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August 1, 2023
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Singapore's Instagram landscape witnessed a dynamic and engaging second quarter, with prominent brands in fashion, food, and fitness categories. This influencer marketing report highlights the top 5 brands dominating sponsored posts on Instagram in Singapore during the second quarter of 2023. It also outlines the top 5 trending hashtags and profiles of influencers with high engagement rates and follower growth during the same period.

Top 5 Brands Dominating With Sponsored Posts on Instagram

In the second quarter, brands in the fashion and accessories, food and beverages, and fitness categories dominated Singapore's Instagram scene.

Singapore’s Top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram.

SG Engagement and BottomSlim, two well-established brands, retained their positions in the top 5 list consecutively for the second quarter of 2023. A prominent brand specializing in exquisite jewelry, By Invite Only Jewellery, and a popular cashback platform, ShopBack SG, also claimed their spots in the top 5 list on Instagram. 

Prima Taste, a well-known brand known for its mouthwatering food products, also successfully secured a coveted spot in the prestigious top 5 list. With their delectable content and culinary expertise, they have managed to captivate the interest of food enthusiasts in the Country. 

Top 5 Trending  Hashtags on Instagram

During Q2 in Singapore, the top five hashtags that dominated Instagram were #easterday, #mediainvite, #primataste, #itssogood, and #myprimataste. 

The #easterday and #mediainvite hashtags captured the festive and social spirit of the season, with users sharing content that showcased their Easter celebrations. But it wasn't just about the events but also the food! Food enthusiasts took to Instagram, using hashtags like #primataste, #itssogood, and #myprimataste, to express their love for Prima Taste products and delightful dining experiences. 

These hashtags connected users who share a passion for celebrations, experiences, and the joy of good food.

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Top Influencers in Singapore With High Engagement Rates on Instagram

1. Rush Rubin (@rushrubin, 2,834 followers) - 42.62%

Rush Rubin is an artist and content creator from Singapore specializing  in photography, video, and audio editing. He has an impressive 42.62% engagement rate on his content. His primary audience consists of 63.18% males. Rubin has collaborated with brands such as Leftmind International, Malaya Roll, Roland, and more.

2. Ryan (@ryan.25.8, 24.6k followers) - 24.53%

Ryan is a popular influencer from Singapore, known for his captivating fashion, lifestyle, and travel content. With an impressive engagement rate of 24.53%, he has successfully cultivated a strong connection with his audience. Ryan’s estimated reach and impressions are 4.93k and 7.40k respectively. 

3. Kenneth (@kenneth_lilaeroplane, 10.6k followers) - 23.82%

Kenneth, a multifaceted content creator, is known for sharing his cosplay and sports science expertise. As per estimates, his estimated reach is approximately 2.14k. With 11% of his content being branded, Kenneth has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned brands such as Lunarworks, Skechers SG, Kiseki Buffet, and more.

4. Zoltan Pogonyi (@zoltansart, 19.9k followers) - 23.67%

Zoltan is an accomplished illustrator and educator. His work has a mesmerizing and soothing effect on viewers, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 23.67%. His art has reached an estimated 3.99k individuals, leaving a lasting impression of 5.99k impressions. Zoltan has collaborated with esteemed brands such as Rosemary & co, The Breathless Zoo, and more. 

5. Yann (@muhamad.sopyann, 28.5k followers) - 21.22%

Yan is a fashion and lifestyle influencer whose engaging content has helped him achieve an impressive 21.22% engagement rate. Yan has an estimated reach of 5.75k and impressions of 8.63k, indicating that his content has significantly impacted his audience.

Top Influencers in Singapore With High Follower Growth on Instagram 

1. Sam See (@mrsamsee, 82k followers)  - 2707.2%

Sam is a highly acclaimed stand-up comedian. He has gained a significant following, with a staggering follower growth rate of 2707.2%. His audience primarily comprises males, accounting for 69.54% of his follower base. Sam has collaborated with renowned brands, including Bree Comedy and Disney Publishing Worldwide, with branded content making up 49% of his content. His estimated reach is 16.47k, with impressions of 24.70k.

2. Avi Dixit (@avidixit10, 135k followers) - 1180.3%

Avi Dixit, a famous athlete, creates videos focused primarily on sports, entertainment, and career updates. His audience comprises a diverse group, including 64.49% male and 55.51% female followers. His follower base has witnessed an impressive growth rate of 1180.30% in the last quarter. Avi's popularity extends beyond borders, with most of his followers hailing from the USA, India, and Singapore.

3. Jeryl  (@smilewithjeryl, 864k followers) - 1074.3%

Jeryl, a highly popular influencer from Singapore, focuses on creating captivating content on photography and lifestyle. With an engagement rate of approximately 1.34%, he has garnered a significant following in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Jeryl's audience primarily consists of males, making him an ideal choice for brands looking to target this demographic. Jeryl's follower base has experienced an outstanding growth rate of 1074.3% in the last quarter.

4. Midi  (@midiforreal, 111k followers) - 817.5%

Midi, a prominent mom influencer, has amassed an impressive following of 111k. Her content primarily revolves around fashion, lifestyle, and parenting. Apart from Singapore, Midi's followers hail from the United States, Malaysia, and Thailand, with males constituting 72.73% of her audience. Midi's follower growth has skyrocketed in the last three months, increasing by an over 817.59%. 

5. Jamie (@xopeachy_keen, 61.3k followers) - 702.8%

Jamie, a renowned beauty influencer based in Singapore, has made a name for herself as an expert in the beauty industry. Her content mainly focuses on makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and beauty product reviews leading to an extraordinary growth of 702.8% in follower count. With 69% of her content being branded, Jamie has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned brands such as Cheongdam, Lemon8 Singapore, Jung Beauty, and more.

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