Thailand's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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August 1, 2023
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Thailand's beauty, fashion, and lifestyle scene in the second quarter showcased the leading brands dominating sponsored posts on Instagram, popular hashtags, and influential content creators with high engagement rates and follower growth. In this article, we delve into the top brands, trending hashtags, and influential content creators who made a substantial impact on Thailand's Influencer marketing. 

Thailand's Top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram.

Top 5 Brands Dominating Sponsored Posts on Instagram

In the last three months, in Thailand, certain categories have gained immense popularity and influence on Instagram. 

Among others, Beauty & Fashion holds a prominent position, captivating millions of Thai users who seek inspiration, trends, and trustworthy recommendations. Brands within this category left a lasting impact through influencer collaborations and sponsored posts to effectively promote their products and engage with the Thai audience.  

Mesoestetic Thailand: Mesoestetic has emerged as a frontrunner in the Beauty category, distinguishing itself with an impressive count of 99 sponsored posts. Their notable commitment to influencer collaborations on Instagram showcases a strategic move in promoting their diverse range of beauty products, treatments, and fashionable offerings. 

Shein Thailand:
Shein has made a significant impact in the Beauty & Fashion category, solidifying its position as one of the top 5 brands in the Thai market. With an impressive count of 60 sponsored posts, this online fashion retailer demonstrates a strategic approach by effectively establishing itself as a leading brand in the fashion industry, captivating the attention of fashion-conscious customers

Lemon 8:
Lemon 8 stands out as the only brand to remain in the top 5 list from Quarter 1 to Quarter 2. They have consistently grown their influencer collaborations, increasing from 18 sponsored posts to an impressive 65 sponsored posts. Through these successful partnerships, Lemon8 effectively promotes its line of beauty and healthcare products, establishing itself as a noteworthy brand in the industry and solidifying its position as a top contender.

KPClickncollect and Shopping & Travel showcased their influence through 87 and 88 sponsored posts, respectively over the past three months in their significant categories. 

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Top 5 Trending  Hashtags on Instagram

During Quarter 2, the top hashtags in Thailand on Instagram reflected the country's vibrant and diverse interests, with a focus on shopping, travel, and beauty-related content. 

It was evident that they exhibited a strong enthusiasm for shopping, travel, and beauty-related content. The hashtags #dutyfreeonline, #kingpower, and #ช้อปง่ายเป็นไปได้ทุกการเดินทาง (Easy Shopping for Every Journey) highlighted their affinity for convenient and enjoyable shopping experiences, particularly during travel. 

Furthermore, the hashtags #mesoesteticthailand and #ทีพลัสwowhappens indicated their active engagement with beauty and wellness brands. These popular hashtags collectively showcased the specific areas that captivated Thai Instagram users and revealed their diverse interests and preferences during Quarter 2.

Top Influencers with High Engagement Rates

1. Cres (@liscloudasmr_, 76.4k followers) 

Cres is a mid-tier Thai influencer specializing in producing ASMR content featuring food. With an impressive engagement rate of around 41.18%, this creator captivates their audience in a unique way. As per's analysis, Cres's estimated reach and impressions are approximately 15.34k and 23.01k, respectively.

2. Tongta Anchana (@tongta.anchana_, 21.2k followers) 

Tongta is a  micro-influencer from Thailand, known for her captivating content that revolves around fashion and lifestyle generating a 32.41% of engagement rate. With approximately 14% of her content being branded, she has successfully collaborated with renowned brands such as Soho Bangkok, qoofe cafe, Vaseline Thailand, and many others. Tongta boasts an impressive estimated reach of 4.24k and has made a significant impact with her content, accumulating an estimated 6.36k impressions

3. Diary peeraka (@peerakaz_, 24.7k followers) 

Diary, a Thai micro-influencer, captivates her audience with captivating content centered around fashion & accessories, lifestyle, and beauty. With an impressive engagement rate of 32.20%, Diary effectively connects with her followers, fostering strong interactions and interest in her posts. Diary’s estimated reach and impressions are 4.86k and 7.29k respectively, according to

4. PokPong (@pokpong_pp, 29.9k followers) 

PokPong, a prominent micro-influencer in the food and lifestyle niche, commands attention with his remarkable 30.10% engagement rate. According to, his content has garnered an estimated reach of 5.99k and a substantial 8.98k impressions, clearly indicating the significant impact his posts have on his dedicated audience. 

5. Liew (@liewpansia, 84.5k followers) 

Liwe, is a captivating mid-tier influencer from Thailand, in fashion and lifestyle genres. With an impressive engagement rate of 26.07%, her content resonates deeply with her audience. Around 40% of her content consists of branded collaborations, showcasing successful partnerships with esteemed brands like Line @mvbkk, Muse, Labotte, and many more. According to, Liwe's estimated reach stands at an impressive 16.85k, while her content has accumulated approximately 25.27k impressions.

Top Influencers with High Follower Growth

1. Achiraya (@achiraya, 38.9k followers) 

Achiraya, a talented artist hailing from Thailand, is renowned for her captivating content in the fashion and lifestyle domain. In the past three months alone, she has experienced an extraordinary follower growth rate of 513.9%. Her estimated reach and impressions are 7.20k and 10.79k respectively 

2. Supad Somkaun (@khunboiz, 10.9k followers) 

Supad, a micro-influencer based in Thailand, creates content focused on lifestyle and fitness. While he primarily caters to a Thai audience, he has also gained a substantial following from Malaysia, Laos, and Indonesia. Notably, an impressive 83.94% of his followers are male. Over the past three months, Supad's follower count has experienced a remarkable growth of 492.70%. 

3. ohmthipakorn (@ohmtpk, 108k followers) 

Ohm is a content creator who primarily focuses on beauty and fashion. He has an engagement rate of 3.34% and has experienced a significant increase of 490.30% in his follower count. His audience consists mainly of Gen Z and millennials, making up approximately 64.93% of his followers, with the majority of them hailing from Thailand. Moreover, 66.42% of his followers are female.

4. Tim Pita (@tim_pita, 1.9M followers) 

Tim Pita is a celebrity influencer who is known for his role as a businessman and politician. On Instagram, he shares updates about his lifestyle and career. According to, his follower count has seen a significant increase of approximately 465.2%. His profile also boasts an impressive engagement rate of 4.29%. Notably, the majority of his followers, around 84%, are from Thailand, and approximately 83.14% of them are above the age of 21.

5. Sunin Nin (@sunin0012_, 5,623  followers) 

SuninNin, a popular beauty influencer from Thailand, specializes in creating content centered around makeup tutorials and skincare routines. Her captivating content has led to remarkable growth in her follower count, experiencing an impressive increase of 425.80%. According to, Sunin's estimated reach stands at 1.13k, while her content has accumulated an estimated 1.70k impressions.

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