Product Spotlight: Supercharge Your Influencer Outreach Capabilities With Chats Feature

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
September 28, 2022
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Reaching out to hundreds of influencers and maintaining multiple spreadsheets to keep track of all conversations is the biggest challenge for any brand or marketer when running an influencer campaign. An automated influencer marketing platform like has an in-built feature called Chats that helps brand users communicate with influencers via email in the most efficient way possible while keeping all of their communications in one place. 

"It can be arduous to reach out to 100s of influencers and keep track of different conversations. "The Chats feature covers an entire spectrum of influencer outreach and follow-up capabilities," says Sumit Deshmukh, Senior Product and GTM Manager, 

Keeping track of all influencer conversations across multiple spreadsheets can be difficult and painful for any marketer. "The chats feature allows you to start or resume a conversation with an influencer. Also, resume a conversation thread with an influencer, and search, pin, sort, and filter conversations in the campaign inbox," says Deshmukh. 

Capabilities Of The Chats Feature

You can access the Chat feature within the campaign in the chat tab. Going step by step, when reaching out to the influencer, the feature first allows you to choose the email template. You can edit the subject and recipient's name and send the email to selected influencers. All the conversations within that email thread will start appearing in the inbox. 

You can also access previous conversations with different influencers within the same tab. It shows all the conversations and the history of the conversations in a single place. Without any hassle, you can go from one chat thread to another. 

The Chats feature gives access to conversations with different influencers in one place. 

Status of the proposal within the same thread: You can keep a record of all the email conversations within the Chats. It allows you to check the status of the particular email, whether it has been delivered or read. Basically, within the same thread, you'll know the proposal's status. It also shows if a sent email received any response from the influencers.

The response received from influencers is reflected in the email thread. 

Email Editor: Based on the proposal's status, you can also reply to an influencer message within the text box. This text box for responding to a conversation thread has the advanced capability of an email editor supporting multiple functions, a) rich text edit, b) insertion of variables, and c) attachments up to 25MB. In this text box, you can insert variables, such as username, first name, full name, last name, and fixed pay cost. Also, you can insert images. 

A rich text box supported by an email editor helps respond to influencers.

Pinned or Starred Conversations: Interacting with many influencers while running influencer campaigns can be slightly tricky, especially when you need access to conversation for future reference. You can easily find the conversation by pinning a particular email to the top of the thread or assigning a star to a conversation. You can also mark an email as unread for future reference. |

Assign a pin or a star to specific emails for future reference. 

Search and Filter Conversations: The Chats feature can search and filter conversations by email delivery and proposal status. Let's say you are looking for a conversation with a particular influencer. Then you can search by filtering the conversation based on their delivery status and whether it has been read, approved, or declined. It also reflects the proposal's status. It also can search the conversation by keywords and filter all conversations chronologically from latest to oldest. 

Use email delivery and proposal status filters to search for a particular conversation. 

Use the filter to search for emails in chronological order. 

How to Maximize the Chats Feature

1. Rich Text Editor:   Make the most of the rich text editor by using relevant variables such as username, first name, etc., and smart use of bold, italic, emojis, etc. to make the email more personalized and attractive.

2. Pin the important conversation: Use features such as pin/star/mark as unread to keep the critical conversations accessible for future reference. 

3. Filter conversations:  Filter conversations by proposal status. It will help you follow up with those influencers who have accessed the creator portal but haven't submitted the proposal.

Wrapping Up

Establishing better communication with influencers is an integral part of the influencer campaign. But more importantly, how you structure and streamline communication can help ease pain points like creating multiple spreadsheets or hopping various websites., an influencer marketing platform with a database of 6M+ influencers, automates the entire influencer management process. Get a free trial to learn more about!

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