Multiply Holiday Sales With These 10 Gift Guide Strategies

Varshitha Kavali
Content Marketing Analyst
September 22, 2023
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Under the pressure to enhance holiday sales or introduce a new product? If you're a brand or a marketer, you're likely pondering how to leverage and promote gift guides.

These powerful marketing tools go beyond mere product showcases; they can enhance brand awareness, drive online traffic, boost sales, and even generate leads. By partnering with influencers, offering exclusive discounts, and curating a thoughtfully selected range of products, gift guides provide a seamless and personalized shopping experience for all customers.

Whether they are seeking budget-friendly options, searching for specific recipients, or in need of unique gift ideas, our gift guides have them covered.  Let's take a closer look and get some ideas to promote gift guides for this holiday shopping season.

How Gift Guides Can Be Used this Holiday Season 

Gift guides are like versatile tools in influencer marketing, especially during the holidays. They can help businesses in many ways, from getting their name out there to selling more products and connecting with customers. Here's an elaborate exploration of how gift guides can be utilized to enhance marketing efforts:

1. Increase brand awareness: Collaborating with influencers to feature your products in their holiday gift guides can expose your brand to their followers and introduce your brand to new potential customers. This increased visibility can contribute to long-term brand recognition and awareness.

For instance, partnering with a popular beauty influencer to include your skincare products in their curated gift guide can introduce your brand to thousands of beauty enthusiasts, expanding your reach and attracting new potential customers.

2. Drive traffic to your website: By including your products within curated guides, you can drive traffic to your website. Interested customers can click on the links provided, redirecting them to the brand’s website for more information or to make a purchase. This can lead to increased website traffic and potential sales.

An example of this is creating a gift guide for tech enthusiasts and including links to your latest tech gadgets on your website can encourage visitors to click through, explore your product offerings, and potentially make a purchase.

3. Boost sales: Gift guides can significantly boost sales by positioning your products as highly desirable gifts during the holiday season. By highlighting your best-selling items, new releases, or limited edition holiday specials within a carefully curated guide, you can captivate customers who are actively seeking gift ideas, ultimately driving more purchases.

Like, creating a gift guide for "the perfect gifts for foodies" and including your gourmet cooking utensils or specialty food products can entice customers to purchase these items as gifts for their loved ones, ultimately boosting sales.

4. Generate leads: By offering exclusive discounts, promotions, or freebies within your gift guide, you can incentivize customers to provide their contact information, like their email address, to access these special offers. This enables you to grow your email list and nurture leads for future marketing campaigns, generating valuable leads and capturing customer information.

For example, Including a "gift guide exclusive" offer in your holiday guide where customers can receive a free gift or discount code by signing up for your newsletter can help you capture valuable customer leads for future marketing efforts.

10 Ways to Promote Gift Guides for Driving ROI

1. Holiday Marketing:  Creating holiday-themed gift guides is a smart strategy to connect with customers during the holiday season, especially on occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. By featuring your products as ideal gifts, you can boost sales and offer shoppers a convenient, custom shopping experience.

Nordstrom's holiday gift guide with @lilylikecom
Source: Instagram 

Nordstrom, an esteemed American luxury department store, has collaborated with beauty and lifestyle influencers to create a customized holiday gift guide. Through this partnership, Nordstrom showcased a beautiful selection of holiday sets and demonstrated how enjoyable and stress-free Christmas gift shopping can be. One of the notable influencers who helped curate Nordstrom Beauty’s gift guide is Lilia Kazakova, who has highly recommended the exquisite beauty sets to her followers. Through her recommendations, she has highlighted beauty products from several luxury brands such as Dior and YSL, to display their top-notch quality and luxurious packaging. 

2. Share sales or special offers: Promoting your gift guide with sales or special offers for  Black Friday or Cyber Monday is a surefire way to enhance brand visibility, elevate engagement, and drive more purchases. This approach not only adds extra value to your marketing efforts but also fosters trust among customers. These trust-building actions can pave the way for lasting customer relationships, ultimately resulting in boosted ROI during the holiday season.

Zalora's TikTok holiday gift guide
Source: TikTok

Last year, Zalora, a prominent Asian online shopping destination, teamed up with fashion and beauty influencers to share their holiday gift guides. These influencers expressed their enthusiasm for holiday gift shopping, highlighting that it becomes even more enjoyable when you can find great deals. In collaboration with Zalora, these influencers created gift guides featuring products that were currently on sale on the website. This approach made it easy for their followers to discover fantastic gift options at discounted prices, making the holiday shopping experience both enjoyable and budget-friendly.

3. Product Showcase: One effective way to make your gift guides more engaging and tailored to your audience's interests is by highlighting specific product categories or collections within them. For instance, you can create specialized guides like "The Ultimate Tech Lover's Gift Guide" or "Luxury Fashion Gift Guide." These guides cater to distinct interests and preferences, making it easier for your customers to find the perfect gift. 

Oral-B holiday gift guide
Source: TikTok

Oral-B, a leading oral hygiene product company, collaborated with tech influencers to showcase their new Oral-B iO Series 8, the most advanced AI-powered toothbrush, as the perfect gift idea for tech enthusiasts during the holiday season, especially during Black Friday 2022. This strategic partnership highlighted the toothbrush's innovative features, demonstrating the intersection of technology and oral care in a unique and appealing way.

4. Gifts by Price Range: To make your gift guides more accessible and shopper-friendly, consider segmenting them based on different price ranges. By offering gift options under $25, under $50, or under $100, you can accommodate various budget ranges and appeal to customers seeking affordable choices. This approach simplifies the shopping experience, ensuring that everyone can find thoughtful gifts that match their budget without any hassle.

Sephora's holiday gift guide
Source: TikTok

Sephora, renowned for its extensive collection of beauty products, is known for its comprehensive gift guides. These guides bring together a wide range of beauty items under one roof, making it a go-to destination for gift ideas. Sephora collaborates with beauty and lifestyle influencers who share their expertise in recommending the perfect gifts for loved ones. Notably, Sephora is known for its creators segmenting beauty products according to different budget categories, ensuring that shoppers can easily find the ideal gifts that align with their budget constraints. This approach simplifies the gift-buying process and adds convenience to the shopping experience.

5. Gifts for Specific Recipients: To make your gift-giving experience smoother and more tailored, consider creating specialized gift guides for different types of recipients. Craft guides like "Gifts for Him," "Gifts for Her," "Gifts for Kids," or "Gifts for Pet Lovers." These guides provide personalized recommendations based on the recipient's demographics, making it easier to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Manscaped holiday gift guide on YouTube
Source: YouTube

Manscaped, a leading male grooming company, has positioned itself as the top choice for men's grooming tools and hygiene products. During the holiday season, they teamed up with YouTube and Instagram influencers to promote their gift guide sets, specifically tailored for men under the "Gifts for Him”. Notably, they collaborated with YouTuber Vincent Tse, known as EXCESSORIZE ME, to showcase their all-in-one grooming gift guide to his followers.

6. Branded Collaborations: When you collaborate with influencers that complement your products, you gain access to their audience and extend your reach. This collaboration not only boosts exposure but also drives a return on investment (ROI) as it leverages shared audiences and mutual promotion, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

LEGO and Louis Vuitton holiday gift guide collaboration
Source: TikTok

In their 2022 Holiday campaign, Louis Vuitton embarked on a remarkable collaboration with LEGO. This unique partnership brought together the creative genius of LEGO's master builders, who crafted enchanting festive scenes for Louis Vuitton's global window displays and in-store presentations. The collaboration was a celebration of imagination and creativity, seamlessly merging the realms of luxury fashion with the iconic LEGO brand. Furthermore, Louis Vuitton extended their campaign by collaborating with influencers to showcase their exciting launch, thereby maximizing the reach and impact of this imaginative fusion.

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7. Gift Guides by Interest: To make your gift guides more appealing, consider crafting guides that align with people's shared interests or hobbies. For instance, create guides like "Outdoor Enthusiast Gift Guide" or "Cooking and Kitchen Gadgets Gift Guide." These guides cater to specific niches and are designed to attract customers with particular passions or hobbies, simplifying their gift-buying process and ensuring that they find the perfect present for their loved ones who share these interests.

Ooni holiday gift guide
Source: TikTok

Last year, Ooni, a company specializing in outdoor pizza ovens, teamed up with influencers from the food and tech sectors. Together, they showcased Ooni's pizza oven as an ideal holiday gift, particularly for food enthusiasts. Influencers shared their experiences, highlighting how effortless it is to create delicious pizzas with this oven. They emphasized that it's a fantastic present choice for both pizza aficionados and anyone who loves culinary delights.

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8. Compile a List of Tips: In the context of a holiday season gift guide, assembling a collection of tips on various gifting topics is a fantastic way to provide valuable insights to your audience. It offers them valuable advice for free, fostering a stronger connection and making them more inclined to explore the rest of your holiday content. While it may not directly generate revenue, this approach plays a pivotal role in building trust with your holiday shoppers, a crucial element during this festive season.

Fronteriors holiday gift guide
Source: Instagram 

For instance, Ikea has put together a guide on using Fronteriors with their IKEA Bestå collection. In this guide, they've outlined step-by-step instructions on how to transform these furniture pieces into a TV cabinet, bedside table, console, and more.

9. Video Gift Guides: Produce video content to showcase your gift guides effectively. These videos provide viewers with a firsthand look at the products in action, helping them better understand the features and benefits. Share these engaging videos across social media platforms and YouTube for maximum visibility and interaction.

KitchenAid holiday gift guide
Source: TikTok

Last year, KitchenAid teamed up with food influencers to highlight their stand mixers, particularly for baking enthusiasts. These influencers brought the mixers to life in their own kitchens. For instance, Shereen, known by her TikTok handle @cookingwithshereen, showcased the mixer's capabilities and features while baking cookies. She emphasized that this mixer is the ultimate gift, enhancing everyday cooking experiences throughout the year.

10. Provide Step-by-Step Instructions: Offering step-by-step instructions on optimizing your holiday gift guides is a valuable resource for your followers. These instructions help customers navigate the guides efficiently, discover ideal gifts, and make purchases effortlessly. Like a guide filled with tips and advice, this step-by-step guide provides a free resource to your audience, which proves especially beneficial when you're running an advice series or sharing how-to instructions on platforms like Instagram during the festive season.

Source: Instagram

For instance, Erin Dudley, known by her Instagram handle @sewstratton, has put together a gift guide featuring products from small female-owned businesses to promote support for these fantastic ventures during the holiday season. Her guide includes a diverse range of items such as accessories, clothing, and skincare products. What sets her guide apart is the step-by-step instructions she provides, explaining why each product is worth purchasing and highlighting the reasons to support these businesses. 

Wrapping up

Gift guides offer a hassle-free way to enhance your holiday shopping, whether you're a brand or a shopper. They enhance brand recognition, streamline your shopping experience, and meet everyone's needs. These valuable tools not only display a wide range of products but also help raise brand awareness, drive traffic, and a personalized touch through user-generated content. 

Influencer marketing platform tools like can elevate your campaigns by connecting you with the right influencers for the holiday season. Book a free trial with our experts to learn more!

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