Wellness Brands Recruit Influencers To Promote Vitamin For Toddlers

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
August 24, 2022
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Several children's vitamin and supplement brands count on influencers to gain traction. Particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic, when a slew of D2C eCommerce brands entered the wellness market and used influencer marketing to create touchpoints with consumers. It emerged as a novel marketing strategy to capitalize on shifting consumer attitudes toward the overall well-being of their children.

Even as many parents and pediatricians debate the relevance and safety of using jelly beans, gummy vitamins, capsules, and other forms of vitamins for children, various brands offering vitamins for toddlers are gradually becoming household names.

Brands, such as SmartyPants Vitamins, OLLY Kids, MegaFood, Nature's Bounty, First Day, etc., use influencer marketing to reach new audiences, win parents' trust, spread awareness, and establish a place in the market. These brands collaborate with mom bloggers, fitness gurus, health and wellness influencers, parenting content creators, pediatricians, and more to create brand awareness. 

How do brands use influencer marketing to endorse vitamin for toddlers?

In the face of fierce competition, brands are employing every strategy possible to entice consumers to purchase vitamin for toddlers, such as appealing packaging, new product designs, social media, customer reviews, and turning to influencers to get into the game.

Influencer marketing helps brands interact with their customers, drive engagement, evaluate customer demand, and see how many people are talking about them.  

But the kids' vitamin and supplement brands also use influencer marketing: 

  • To educate the potential customers 

Parents rely on blogs, podcasts, ebooks, and videos, to look for better ways to enhance their parenting skills and raise healthy kids. Influencers help brands create tons of authentic content like what multivitamin is best for toddlers, are vitamins and supplements good for toddlers, why and when kids need vitamin supplements, and the likes, to educate their target audience. 

In doing so, they include product recommendations or reviews to help concerned parents pick trusted brands for kids. You can find several mom bloggers like At Home With Natalie, Baby Boy Bakery, Juggling The Jenkins, etc., sharing their own opinions about kids' products to shape consumers' buying decisions. 

  • To win the audience's trust and build credibility 

The influencers promoting vitamin for toddlers have the audience's trust due to their content. They directly target the concerned, modern parents with their knowledge and experience. The sense of familiarity and community the influencers create drives the parents to trust them and their opinions, helping brands build credibility and loyalty for their products. 

For example, Ritual Vitamins is a sustainable direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand based in the USA that uses influencer marketing to win the audience's trust. The company's subscription model allows customers to order women's prenatal and toddler vitamins to their doorstep. 

Ritual offers a #ritualpartner program where influencers can sign up and promote their products by creating content about how the product is vegan, uses recycled packaging materials, and is good for health. Parent or mom influencers promote their kid's multivitamin product line. They create content like 'morning routines with Ritual multivitamins,' 'dieticians review for Ritual vitamins,' 'Ritual vitamins for picky eaters,' etc. Such content spreads awareness about the product and builds trust in the audience. 

Image Source: Instagram
  • To create buzz for a product 

Influencers are excellent at generating buzz for a product or a brand. Whether it's a new product in the market or an existing one, influencers have the power to make consumers consider purchasing the product. The influencer-generated content on social media encourages the audience to try out trending products for themselves, which leads to better sales for the brand.

For example, the gummy bear vitamin and supplements for kids and adults became the new fun way to add multivitamins to the diet. Skincare, haircare, and parent influencers flooded social media with content regarding the benefits of gummy supplements. The product became a must-have in most households for various health benefits like hair care, immunity, skincare, etc. Even today, gummy vitamins are a popular source of nutrients for consumers. 

Image Source: Instagram
  • To reach new potential customers

The target audience of the vitamin and supplement industry – concerned or health-conscious parents – isn't easily accessible. Some parents are unavailable on all social media platforms or don't regularly check their emails, making them an undiscovered or unreachable audience for the brands. 

Partnering with multiple influencers on multiple platforms lets brands access undiscovered audiences who might be looking for similar products as yours. 

Vitamin For Toddlers: How can brands connect with suitable influencers? 

Finding the right influencers is a challenge for most brands but a necessity at the same time as this step decides the entire course of the campaign. 

So, for brands offering vitamin for toddlers, it is advisable to look out for some major points before hiring influencers. 

Here’s a simple checklist you can follow! The influencers should: 

  • Be educated and act as credible sources 

Unlike many other industries, the vitamin and supplements sector requires influencers to share content based on some level of knowledge and qualification and not just experience. 

For example, pediatricians, dieticians, nutritionists, or qualified and experienced moms are reliable sources for the audience to learn about kids' vitamin and supplements. They promote only those products that actually have some health benefits and are okay for kids to consume. 

  • Have the trust of your target audience 

Authentic influencers promote products they have used before and have worked for them. Unlike most creators, they do not accept brand collaborations blindly to make money in the saturated influencer marketing industry. Instead, they create original content that helps their audience solve a problem or attain the right information. 

The audience trusts such creators because of genuine opinions and personal insights based on real experiences with the product. 

Choosing such influencers to endorse your product helps the audience see you as trustworthy and genuine.

  • Publish more non-branded content on multiple platforms 

Many content creators fill their social media pages with brand mentions, hashtags, and sponsored posts. Such content does not help your brand stand out from the crowd and you may end up getting lost among all the branded content. 

Therefore, pick influencers who post more original and non-branded content on multiple platforms like Linkedin, Facebook (Meta), YouTube, Podcasts, etc. to expand your reach and get noticed by the audience. 

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4 toddler vitamin and supplement brands using influencer marketing right 

1. First Day 

First Day is a California-based organic vitamin and supplements company that provides organic gummy multivitamins for kids above the age of 4, teens, and adults. The brand relies on health-conscious mom influencers to spread the message that First Day vitamins are made from organic raw material and fulfills a kid’s daily vitamin requirements. 

The brand collaborates with micro and macro mom bloggers and influencers who talk about healthy lifestyles, motherhood, and sustainable living. Creators like Milena & Jelena Aleksic, Mom With An Opinion, Hey, I’m SABRINA, and more share branded content about the product showcasing their kids and explaining why they like it and how the product has affected the health of their kids. 

Image Source: Instagram

The company also works with brand ambassadors like Sarah Louise Sheppard, who used and liked the product before sharing content with her social media network. She shares how the product has affected her kid's life and recommends it to others as well. 

Image Source: Instagram

The brand’s influencer marketing strategy works well because it uses a mix of influencers and brand ambassadors. The strategy allows it to target consumers who other than parenthood are also interested in sustainability, health habits, lifestyle, and more. 

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2. SmartyPants Vitamins 

SmartyPants is a leading US-based vitamin and supplements brand that manufactures all-in-one gummy vitamins for adults, dogs, and kids. It is the most selling gummy vitamin brand on Amazon and other eCommerce stores. 

The brand collaborates with TikTok and Instagram health and wellness creators, pet parent influencers, kids and mommy influencers who post images and videos to educate their followers about SmartyPants vitamin and supplements. 

The educational posts created by influencers mention the benefits of gummy vitamins and how they make a tasty and fun treat to get all the required nutrition for picky eaters. 

SmartyPants collaborates with pregnant mommy influencers and moms with infants to promote their line of prenatal vitamins and immune-boosting toddler vitamin drops. Their content shows the audience that the product is healthy for the mother, their soon-to-be-born baby, and infants. 

Mom influencer talking about toddler vitamin drops
Image Source: Instagram

Collaborating with such niche influencers helps the brand to generate better engagement and reach almost all segments of their target audiences. 

3. HIYA Health 

HIYA health is a vitamin and supplement brand that sells daily multivitamins for toddlers and kids. It is a pediatrician-approved food-extracted vitamin for toddler brand that boosts health benefits for kids who are picky eaters. The brand was founded by two dads in the US, Darren Litt, and Adam Gillman, who wanted to give kids a healthy vitamin to increase immunity, improve performance, and boost overall health. 

The company works with influencers and brand ambassadors to build social proof, attain their target audiences' trust, and spread its brand message to customers.  

Mom influencer talks about the HIYA gummy vitamins
Image Source: Instagram

Kelly LeVeque, a nutritionist, health coach, and parent, is a brand ambassador for HIYA health who shares content about their products in her podcast, social media pages, and with her clients. 

Moreover, the brand is promoted by mom bloggers and influencers under the hashtags #hiyahealth and #hiyaheroes. The social media influencers tell the audience about their kids loving the HIYA vitamins and why the brand differs from other vitamin and supplement brands.  

HIYA collaborates with health and wellness influencers on YouTube, including Thomas Delauer, Jessi Christine, and more, who speak to their audience and share educational videos about the multivitamin brand. 

Being present on multiple platforms helps HIYA to reach untapped audiences and increase its sales. 

4. OLLY Kids Vitamins 

OLLY, a multivitamin brand for kids, includes gummy vitamins acting as probiotics to support kids' gut health. It partners with mom and parent bloggers and influencers who share content about the brand along with a review that tells customers why they should give vitamins to their kids and why they must choose OLLY. 

Parent influencer talking about OLLY, a vitamin and supplement brand
Image Source: Instagram

Besides multivitamins, the brand has sleep gummies, immunity-boosting vitamins, and anxiety-calming gummies for teens and adults, which are reviewed by parents and product review blogs like Honest Brand Reviews, OurParentingWorld, and more. 

Tanya Foster, a blogger, influencer, and actor, loves the brand and posts regular content about OLLY vitamins on her blog tanyafoster.com. She has a separate blog category for OLLY vitamin, where she posts tons of educational content for her readers. 

A snippet from Tanya Foster's website
Image Source: Tanya Foster's Blog

The strategy helps the brand reach those customers who read articles and eBooks to gain information. The endless number of blogs on OLLY products make the brand look authentic and genuine in the audience's eyes. Moreover, consumers looking for OLLY products can gain all the information they need from trusted bloggers. 

Top 10 Instagram influencers promoting vitamin for toddlers

1. Lana Dmitruks
@lanadmitruks – 48.8k Followers

Lana promoting Bodyarmor sportwater
Image Source: Instagram

Lana Dmitruks is a wife and mother of three kids in Seattle, USA. She is a mom influencer whose social pages showcase the life of her kids and family and her passion for redecorating. Lana posts content about brands she likes for her kids' fashion, health, and more, including Snap supplements, PowerUp Snacks, Rainbow light vitamins, etc. She is also active on her Facebook (Meta) and Pinterest pages. 

2. Lauren Webb @lolo_webb – 406k Followers

Lauren Webb talks about Sunbelt bakery
Image Source: Instagram

Lauren Webb is a lifestyle, home decor, and mommy influencer who lives in San Francisco with her family. She posts branded content on her blog- Lolo Webb - and her Instagram page. For kid-related brands like vitamin and supplement companies, she posts content showing how and why her kids like the product. Her past brand collaborations include Ritual, Bare Snacks, Sunbelt Bakery, and more.

3. Jeeyoung @simplyeveryblog – 56.6k followers

Jeeyoung talks about Mothers Cookies, a snack brand for kids
Image Source: Instagram

Jeeyoung is a US-based mom blogger and influencer whose content focuses mostly on her kids, being a mom, eating healthy, skincare, and more. Apart from this, she also posts content for kids' fashion and personal care brands. She has worked with brands like Hello Fresh, Welsh's Food Snacks, Raw Sugar Living, Cold-EEZE, Lunchables, Mother's Cookies, etc. She also has a personal blog, Simply Very Blog, which talks about healthy meals or lunchbox preparations, wellness routines for moms, and vitamin and supplements for kids and adults. 

4. Brooke @simplywell.baby – 103k followers 

Brooke talks about the importance of vitamin D drops
Image Source: Instagram

Brooke is a pediatric nurse practitioner specializing in baby care, parenting, and toddler wellness. She is also a mom influencer who posts tons of educational content on social media and her blog, simplywellfamily.com, for parents, like baby feeding, health and nutrition, myths and facts in baby care, and more. Her main goal is to help parents "on the journey of raising happy healthy kids." One of her most mentioned brands is Nordic Naturals vitamin for toddlers. 

5. Renae D’Andrea @newwaysnutrition – 276k followers 

Image Source: Instagram

Renae is a dietician who helps parents keep their babies healthy with balanced diets, nutritional tips, and more through her Instagram page. She even offers baby feeding courses for parents to learn the most about keeping kids healthy. Her content includes breakfast ideas, calorie intake, toddler vitamin hacks, meal balancing, etc. She is a mom of two kids and posts educational content with occasional brand mentions, including Mission MightyMe, Barilla, and more. She believes kids need individual vitamins instead of multivitamins according to their needs and deficiencies. 

6. Nichola Ludlam-Raine @mummynutrition – 36.4k followers 

Image Source: Instagram

Nichola is a mummy blogger, dietician, and ebook author who posts baby and toddler tips on her Instagram. Her content includes toddler toy hacks, vitamin and supplements, snacks, baby feeding, vegan recipes, toddler nutrition, and weaning tips. She posts shopping videos where she looks for healthy products for her kids, including Organix, KIND snack bars, Little Dish, and others. She is also a mom fitness influencer who discusses exercises and training for mothers during and after pregnancy. 

7. Jordan @jordanpage – 557k followers 

Jordan Page talks about Align Partner, a baby probiotic brand
Image Source: Instagram

Jordan is a mom influencer who is a mother of 8 kids and an author who shares budgeting tips, healthy eating tips, recipes, baby feeding, pregnant mother hacks, and more to help fellow mothers raise their kids with fun. She is also active on her other Instagram pages like @shelfcooking, @budgetbootcamp, and more, where she creates content about meal planning, productivity tips, budget planning, and more. She also mentions brands on her channel like Align Probiotics, KIAVA, Fetch Rewards, Sobe Eats, etc.

8. Anna Saccone @annasaccone – 1.3m followers 

Anna Saccone promoting Vitabiotics with her family
Image Source: Instagram

Anna Saccone is a popular mom influencer who talks about her kids, eating disorders, body positivity, healthy eating, and more. She supports health and wellness for adults as well as kids. Some of her collaborations include toy brands, gifting companies, and vitamin for toddlers and women like L.O.L Surprise! U, Aquabeadsuk, Vitabiotics, and more. She also talks about skincare and food companies in her posts. 

9. Jennifer Anderson @kids.eat.in.color – 1.8m followers 

Image Source: Instagram

Jennifer Anderson is passionate about human nutrition as she has a masters in Public Health. Her Instagram page is dedicated to parents who have picky eaters in their homes. Her content includes posts like what to feed toddlers and kids, vitamin deficiencies, healthy meal packing, fruit snacking, and more under one hashtag, #kidseatincolor. Her brand partnerships include MadeGood and the likes. 

10. Tara Clark @modernmomprobs – 790k followers 

Image Source: Instagram

Tara Clark is the author of Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers. She is also a podcaster and founder of Modern Mom Style Box, creating educational content regarding parenting. Her brand mentions include mommy cocktail, Little Spoon, Netflix, Forever 21, Evereden, etc. 

To Summarize  

Running a successful influencer marketing campaign can be challenging for vitamin supplement brands. Influencer marketing platforms can be an effective solution to attain useful campaign data. They help run data-driven influencer campaigns, helping you maximize your returns by choosing talented creators and implementing better strategies. 

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