Instagram Feature Updates to Revive Creativity in Influencers

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July 13, 2023
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From a photo-sharing app, Instagram has evolved into a content creation platform. All because of its new and exciting updates. Instagram has successfully transformed itself into an app that allows creators to create and share creative content and earn by engaging their audience. 

After discontinuing live shopping in Q1 2023, Instagram has now released exciting new updates to facilitate content creation. Updates such as Broadcast Channels, Reel editing tools, Gifts, and more streamline conversation among influencers and their followers. 

Let’s learn about each Instagram update launched in Q2 2033. 

1. Broadcast Channels global expansion 

Launched February 16, the Broadcast Channel is a way for creators to send mass messages and updates to followers, enabling them to build deeper connections with the audience. Previously, the feature was introduced with only a handful of US creators, but this June, they have expanded it to influencers worldwide. 

2. Collaborate in Broadcast Channels 

Like Instagram posts, creators can now collaborate with each other or fans in Broadcast Channels to send collaborative messages to their followers. 

3. 5 links in the Instagram bio 

Instagram now allows users to add up to 5 links in its bio. It is an essential feature for creators as they can link multiple social media platforms, their websites, and more all at once in the bio. 

5. Improved content creation with Reel updates 

A. Trends

The new trends dashboard enables creators to see trending Reels for inspiration. With a designated dashboard, creators can see trending music, save it and use it for content creation. Creators can also discover trending topics and hashtags for their next content piece. 

Instagram's professional dashboard includes Reel's trends to inspire creativity!
Instagram's professional dashboard includes Reel's trends to inspire creativity! Source: Instagram 

B. Gifts 

Meta is expanding its Gifts feature to Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK, apart from the USA. The feature was first made available to only USA-based creators, but now it is expanding to more creators in more countries. The feature allows creators to receive gifts in terms of money from their fans and followers, which can be withdrawn later. 

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