Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2022

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February 6, 2023
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For Instagram, 2022 was the year to chase TikTok and YouTube for their growing popularity. After all, the two diverted a certain share of Instagram's audience to their platforms. It ultimately led to a drop in the volume of influencer posts on Instagram in the USA, seven Southeast Asian nations, and the UAE. 

According to data, the USA saw a maximum dip of 30.80% in influencer content between 2021 and 2022. In the SEA region, Malaysia noticed a decline of 16.83%, followed by a 14.28% and 11.15% downfall in Thailand and Singapore, respectively. In India, however, the volume stood steady, with a minuscule drop of 0.40%. For Instagram and its parent company Meta, India continues to be the strongest market globally. 

India has the highest number of male users ( 67.62%), while Vietnam has the highest number of female users (60.11%). The platform is widely used by Gen Zers (45.11%) in Thailand, followed by Vietnam (44.19%) and the USA (40.11%). Among millennials, the maximum users (37.43%) are in India and Indonesia (33.25%).

The data shows that the number of nano-influencers is the highest in Indonesia (12,490), followed by India (9395). Vietnam has a minimum of 1132 nano influencers than the other 6 SEA nations. The percentage of micro-influencers is also higher in all nations compared to different influencer categories. In Indonesia, it is about 33,335, while India holds the second position with 24,459 micro-influencers. 

In India, micro-influencers are almost 89% higher than nano-influencers. They accounted for at least 6989 individuals. Interestingly, India has the highest number of at least 2038 celebrity influencers in the SEA region. In comparison, Singapore has a minimum of 11 celebrity influencers.  

Nano-influencers (5k-10k followers) and micro-influencers (10k-50k) drove the maximum engagement rate across SEA. Among nano-influencers, the engagement rate stood at 5.09%, with 4.43% in Malaysia and 4.16% in Indonesia. 

Combining the engagement rate driven by influencers across all categories, from mid-tier to celebrities, Singapore reported a maximum engagement of 4.97%. India's figure stood at 4.85%, while the Philippines reported a lowest of 3.33%. 

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