Malaysia YouTube Trend Report 2022

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January 28, 2023
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YouTube is soaring worldwide since the platform’s launch of YouTube ‘Shorts’ in 2021. It is the same for Malaysia. Brands in the region collaborate with mega and mid-tier influencers, the top creator verticals in Malaysia, to engage the Millennials. While mega-influencers help brands reach millions of audiences, mid-tier influencers enable them to build real relations. 

At the same time, the data shows a rise in the popularity of nano and micro-influencers on the platform, indicating that brands realize the potential of these creators. 

This trend report further dives into the state of YouTube influencer marketing in Malaysia, the top influencer categories, audience demographics, and more. 

Table of Content: 

  1. Influencer Demographics 
  2. Number of influencers by Followers Count 
  3. Influencers Engagement Rates 
  4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022 

1. Influencer Demographics 

YouTube in Malaysia is mainly used by a male audience, comprising 57.9% of the user base. In comparison, females make up only 42.11% of the audience. Out of the entire user base on YouTube, Millennials (aged 26-39 years) are the highest in number. According to’s data, over 44.16% of Millennials were on the platform in 2022, followed by 43.16% of Gen Zers (aged <19-25). 

2. Number of influencers by Followers Count 

Micro-influencers with 10k-50k followers are the most popular on YouTube, counting up to 4.53k. Subsequently, there are 2.35k nano-influencers on the platform. The number decreases further as we increase the follower count, with only 111 celebrity influencers on the channel. The data showcases Malaysian brands prefer micro and nano-influencers over celebrities for better engagement and reach. 

3. Influencers Engagement Rates 

Mega and mid-tier influencers are among the top influencer categories on YouTube in Malaysia, creating the highest engagement rate (average views). In 2022, mega-influencers with followers above one million created 687612.79% average views on the platform, followed by macro-influencers (100k-250k followers) generating 519951.61% average views. 

The nano-influencers (5k-10k followers) generated the lowest average views—62536.00%. However, nano and micro influencers’ ability to develop real connections with the audience is why most brands collaborate with them. 

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4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022 

In 2022, the popularity of YouTube influencer marketing in Malaysia increased with at least a 4.86% rise in influencer posts. While there were 78,2401 influencer posts in 2021, the number peaked in the following year, indicating that brands are increasingly collaborating with YouTube content creators to enhance their marketing efforts. 

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