Melissa Kai Anticipates AI and Data Analytics to Dominate Influencer Campaigns in Dubai

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
August 30, 2023
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The influencer market game in Dubai has really leveled up, giving rise to cool niche influencers and a whole new vibe of genuine content creation. It's not just about flashy stuff anymore. It's all about keeping it real. That’s how Melissa Kai, Head of Community, Mumzworld, the leading e-commerce marketplace in the Middle East catering to maternal, infant, and child needs, looks at influencer marketing in Dubai.

She is not just going for the big shots but also tapping into micro and macro influencers from all sorts of fields, making sure influencers have a vibe with both luxury items and everyday must-haves. This lets her brand hit all kinds of audiences in one go.  While thinking of the bigger picture, Kai believes in building long-term friendships, AI and data magic to pick the right influencers and figure out how well things are working.

Let us explore more!

What role does influencer marketing play in Dubai's shopping scene, which is dominated by numerous international brands? How has the evolution of influencer marketing unfolded in Dubai over the years?

Influencer marketing in Dubai has undergone significant evolution. From its initial stages of using local celebrities and key opinion leaders, it has transformed into a more sophisticated strategy involving micro and macro influencers across various industries.  Brands are no longer solely focused on follower counts. In my role as the head of community at Mumzworld, I consistently prioritize content creators and mothers who are actively making a meaningful impact, even if they are nano influencers.  

Our primary objective revolves around fostering a community of mothers who openly share their journeys of motherhood and women who mutually uplift one another.The market has become more competitive, leading to the rise of niche influencers and a shift towards authentic content creation. You can also notice that regulations and guidelines have been introduced to ensure transparency and ethical practices. You cant ignore the fact that influencer marketing has become a major industry by itself.

While influencer marketing has become an essential strategy, how are brands navigating the challenges posed by inflation, which has impacted people's spending ability? In the past year, UAE consumers shifted their focus to essential items rather than luxury products. In this context, how does influencer marketing play a role in fostering the growth of both luxury and necessity markets concurrently?

Despite the economic circumstances, it remains evident that influencer marketing significantly influences the ongoing shifts in consumer behavior. During our luxury brands campaigns, we make sure to choose the right influencer that speaks to the right audience to craft aspirational content that resonates with a particular lifestyle, thereby sustaining demand even in the face of economic adversities.  

However, when it comes to necessity products, influencers serve as educators, bringing awareness to consumers about the benefits and advantages of using these products. Our strategy is the alignment of influencers with both luxury and necessities, offering  brands the opportunity to strategically target diverse market segments. It is important for brands to understand their target audience and their ability to harness influencers who cater precisely to this audience's preferences and needs.

What are brands' common influencer marketing challenges when running campaigns in Dubai?

I believe the most challenges that I face in my role is finding the right influencers that resonate with my target audience. Finding good content creators, negotiating fair compensation, and the fluctuations of card rates among influencers versus their deliverables are also key difficulties.

Research indicates that influencer marketing is effective across both TikTok and Instagram platforms. What strategies can marketers employ to make the most out of these platforms?

Marketers can tailor their strategies for each platform. TikTok's short-form video format is ideal for creative, engaging, and trend-focused content, appealing to a younger audience.  Instagram offers a variety of formats like Stories, Reels, and traditional posts, allowing for a broader content approach. By understanding the unique characteristics of each platform, marketers can craft content that resonates effectively.

In the UAE, there is a demand for personalized shopping experience. Companies doing so tend to attract customers. How does influencer marketing empower brands to meet this demand for customized purchasing journeys?

Influencers can offer personalized experiences by showcasing how products fit into their own lives. By showing real-life usage and benefits, they help consumers visualize the product's relevance to their own needs. Influencers' relatable content creates an emotional connection, enhancing the feeling of a customized experience.

How are influencers in Dubai maintaining trust and authenticity?

Influencers in Dubai are focusing on transparent communication, showcasing genuine experiences with products, and disclosing paid partnerships. They often share personal stories and insights, to create a sense of connection with their audience. By consistently delivering value and interacting authentically, influencers build trust and credibility over time.

What does the future of influencer marketing in Dubai look like to you?

The future of influencer marketing in the UAE will likely involve increased collaboration between brands and influencers, focusing on long-term partnerships rather than one-off campaigns. AI and data analytics will play a larger role in influencer selection and campaign evaluation. There will be a continued emphasis on authenticity, with micro and nano influencers gaining prominence due to their niche expertise and genuine connections with followers.

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