Mental Health Influencers: Part 2) Top Yoga Influencers To Follow

Uyen Le
Digital Marketing Exec
May 12, 2021
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Together with body-positive influencers, Yoga influencers are among the most inspiring influencers to follow on the internet! With motivational stories, healthy lifestyles and a strong passion for yoga, they are able to build a close connection with their followers, thus fostering high engagement. As audiences are looking for ways to adopt self-love and happier life, partnering with Yoga influencers is a great way to draw attention to your brands!

Looking for famous Yoga influencers to deliver unforgettable influencer marketing campaigns for your brand? Here are the Top Yoga Influencers of 2021 that you’d want to reach out to!

Yoga Influencers

Amina Taha (@aminahtaha)Amina is a Yoga enthusiast, so yoga and the yoga lifestyle are all she shares. Her brilliant yoga skills can be seen through her charming poses and beautiful how-to video content, all taken indoors in her living room! If you’re looking to practice Yoga, she is a must-follow influencer!

Having more than 400k followers all over the world, Amina garners for herself an amazing engagement rate of more than 3%!

Jimmy (@jimmyhwheeler)Based in California, Jimmy Wheeler is another stunning Yoga male influencer! From a wooden house to a beautiful beach or a snowy mountain, the synergy between his poses and breathtaking landscape will certainly blow you away! Not to mention, he often showcases cute couple yoga poses with his girlfriend!

With such amazing content, he has a high engagement rate of more than 4%.

Lamise (@lamise) Lamise is an engaging yoga influencer, a photographer, and on top of that, a sweet mom influencer. Scrolling through her IG feed, you can’t help feeling peaceful as her striking poses often blend beautifully into nature scenes or soft pastel backgrounds. Every yoga pose is also enriched with her deep thoughts about self-love and gratitude.

Yoga teachers

Magda (@magdasyoga)If you’re intimidated by the thought of practicing yoga, you definitely need to check out @magdasyoga. Magda is a famous Yoga teacher based in Bali. Her Instagram feed is rich with yoga poses, video tutorials and yoga tips. She has a high engagement rate of 4% over 36k followers and a young audience base mainly from 19 to 25 years old.

Chelsea Williams (@chelseasyoga)Chelsea is a world-traveling yoga teacher who practices Yoga as a way to bring a sense of quiet and calm into her life. Her content is filled with engaging how-to videos where she practices mostly from home. Chelsea also documents her travels where she hosts training and yoga retreats and updates her followers about her inner strength and life journey!

Yoga & Meditation influencers

Odette Hughes (@odette__hughes)Odette is more than just one of those yoga influencers with a large online following! She is a mindful wellness influencer with enough words to provoke your mind to be a better you. Soothing Yoga poses, healing quotes, meditation, self-love advice, her content will take you through your week with gratitude and inspire you to live better!

Briohny Smyth (@yogawithbriohny) Briohny is a yoga teacher who also has a huge passion for meditation. Her content is very well presented with lovely short videos about Yoga and meditation. Apart from that, her content also focuses on inner strength, positive thinking and life-improving insights. Based in Thailand, Briohny has over 340k followers mainly based in Thailand and the US.

Yoga influencers are usually trusted for high authenticity as they guide their lives by spiritual values and inspire others to pursue a happy & healthy life. Collaborating with the right yoga influencers can help your brands to grab the audience’s attention, earn new followers and build trust with your customers! Affable provides in-depth influencer analytics across multiple platforms (including TikTok) so you can always find the ideal influencer for your needs! If you would like to find out more engaging influencers in your region, feel free to contact us or request a free demo on our website.

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