MI Group Joins Hands With affable.ai To Scale Influencer Campaigns

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October 18, 2022
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Media Intelligence Group, an advertising agency based in Bangkok, now uses affable.ai to power its influencer marketing campaigns! 

The MI Group will use the affable.ai influencer management platform to find influencers at scale and automate their campaigns. 

About Media Intelligence Group:

Media Intelligence Group is a global advertising agency that provides a ton of services for its clients, including influencer marketing. 

As an influencer marketing agency, they need to find, manage, and engage a bunch of content creators on behalf of their clients. Wanting to save their time and the team’s energy on manual processes, the MI Group has chosen affable.ai for vetting and collaborating with influencers. 

“More than 20 years of pride, from analog to digital, from normal to new normal, it has been our strong passion to navigate the change of consumer over time, shaped by technology and social trend, to inspire and grow business together with our clients.

We grow our business on excellence in creating consumer experience for brand building, those derived from collecting massive loads of data-driven actionable insights and performed by experienced and engaged people.

We value the constant development of people intelligence to create an intelligent experience for consumers towards brands.” from the Media Intelligence Group website

About affable.ai:

affable.ai is one of the top influencer management platforms that allows brands and agencies to find influencers, manage conversations, and measure analytics at scale. 

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