Mom Influencers: Building Authentic And Relatable Content For Brands Across Industries 

Nidhi Agarwal and Varshitha Kavali
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April 7, 2023
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  • What makes mom influencers an effective choice for non-baby brands?
  • Creative Mother's Day influencer campaigns featuring mommy creators
  • Millennial and Gen X mom influencers: The most influential mothers on social media
  • The ideal market for running mom influencer campaigns
  • Top 10 Mom Instagrammers generating high engagement rates and authentic content
  • Find the right mom influencers for your next Mother's Day campaign

Mom influencers (or Momfluencers) are the power drivers of social media catering to a broader audience beyond mothers. By sharing experience-based content in niches like fashion, lifestyle, pet, home decor, and food and beverages, these mom influencers have gained the attention of these industries, causing a spike of 44.86% in the number of creators in these categories over the last five years, according to data. 

Brands in the non-baby category are actively partnering with mommy bloggers and influencers to get the word about their products, especially around Mother's Day to reach a dedicated audience. influencer marketing platform scanned through 84975 profiles of Instagram moms in USA, India, SEA, and the UAE to understand the top content niches covered by the mom influencers. The platform’s data concluded that fashion and accessories, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, home decor, entertainment, and food and beverages are the most popular content niches discussed by mom influencers, indicating a significant demand for such content among social media mothers. 

Many mom influencers step into the creator economy as models, writers, or fashionistas sharing niche content, but shift their content strategy to fit into the mom community as they become mothers. According to’s findings, Instagram and TikTok are the top social channels preferred by the millennial moms, as there are over 100,784 mommy influencers on the platforms. While the millennial moms are connecting with the new mothers, Gen X moms are emerging as powerful influencers targeting the elder parents. 

With Mother’s Day approaching in May, this is the perfect time to start planning your influencer campaigns. In this article, we have listed the top product categories discussed by mommy creators, their audience demographics, and the ideal market for running mom influencer campaigns to help you strategize a successful Mother’s day influencer campaign! 

Table Of Content:
  • What makes mom influencers an effective choice for non-baby brands?
  • Creative Mother's Day influencer campaigns featuring mommy creators
  • Millennial and Gen X mom influencers: The most influential mothers on social media
  • The ideal market for running mom influencer campaigns
  • Top 10 Mom Instagrammers generating high engagement rates and authentic content
  • Find the right mom influencers for your next Mother's Day campaign

What makes mom influencers an effective choice for non-baby brands?

By collaborating with mom influencers on Mother's Day (and otherwise), brands can promote a range of product categories, appeal to a diverse audience, access mom communities, build credibility, and boost sales. 

1. Mom influencers cover content niches beyond baby products 

Since mothers make 85% of the household purchase decisions, they need advice on finances, work life, relationships, home decor, and more, for which they rely on trusted mommy creators. 

Leading companies like Next, Play, Braun, and Netflix target mommy influencers to promote their brand message. Be it fashion, lifestyle, fitness, or food and beverages; mom influencers enable brands in the non-baby category to reach untapped audiences. 

For example, Aspire Energy Drink, an American beverages company, partnered with popular mom influencers like @catherinegiudici, @babysideburns, and @mommyshorts to target active mothers to drive brand awareness, engagement, and sales on Mother's Day in 2022. 

The content generated by mom influencers in fitness, technology, food, beauty, and pets and animals industries has grown by nearly 200% in the last five years, according to’s analysis. The data suggests that mom influencers are expanding their content coverage beyond baby and mommy products. 

Growth rate of top product categories discussed by mom influencers, measured by the number of posts created from 2018-2022 on Instagram

While content creation in the fitness niche grew by 202%, mom influencers generated the maximum number of posts in the fashion and accessory category, increasing from 4,858 in 2018 to 29,287 in 2022. The lifestyle product category came at a close second as mommy creators published around 24,744 pieces of content in the last year, followed by food and beverages, beauty, and the parenting industry. 

The product categories ranked the top based on the number of posts generated by mom influencers in 2022 on Instagram.

Going through the difficult journey of motherhood, many mothers look for influencers who create content around physical health, parenting, maternal mental health, body positivity, postpartum care, and more to feel good about themselves. Influencers like @brookeweinst, @cynthiaslam, and @hannahwiththelipstick educate their followers about healthy marriages, neuro-sensory-based parenting, single motherhood, financial independence, home birth, and more. 

Many moms follow mommy influencers and bloggers to consume entertaining content like memes and pranks to catch a break while caring for the kids. Other mom influencers are focused on bringing a change in society by creating content around gender stereotypes. The diversity of the content created by mom content creators makes them an excellent choice for your Mother's Day influencer campaigns. 

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2. Mom influencers don't just target mothers 

Mom influencer content appeals to other demographics beyond mothers, including dads, millennials, and even Gen Zs. 

@jadegodbolt, a beauty and mom influencer on Instagram, has 20% male followers, and 43.41% of her followers are aged between 19 and 25 years, which means her content reaches a wide audience. She talks about beauty tips, parenting, and relationships which can be helpful to parents as well as the younger generations. Her makeup tutorial content is a hit among all makeup-loving followers, mothers or not. 

Many mom influencers cater to animal lovers on social media through their family-based content, which includes pets. They often share cute videos and photos of their furry buddies, engaging the Gen Z pet parents and moms in their follower base. Several pet brands approach these mom influencers to promote their pet products. For example, courtneycourtney for pets (@catneydogney) reached out to @mommyshorts, a well-known mom creator, to promote their knitted pet clothing products on Instagram instead of approaching pet influencers

Collaborating with such influencers allows brands to target not only human mommies but also pet moms, fathers, and kids as they look to buy gifts on Mother's Day. 

3. Mom influencers build positive associations with the product

The mom influencers have tight-knit communities built on trust, support, and honest content, which allow them to persuade the audience. Their content speaks of their experience as mothers, enabling other moms to trust their content. 

The communities allow a safe space for the moms to feel supported and understood by fellow mothers since they live the same experiences. Influencers share realistic content within their communities that makes moms feel better about themselves and gives them the courage to talk about the ugly parts of motherhood. Such communities stem closer and personal connections between the influencer and the audience. 

"The mom influencer community is genuinely helpful and supportive of each other. I expected it to be a lot cattier, and it was not. I don't think any of them are bullshitting me when they say, "I started doing this 'cause I was lonely and wanted community. And I have found support in this online community that I haven't found with my own family, friends, or husband," said Jo Piazza, an American journalist, author, and podcaster, in an interview with Marie Claire. 

While mom influencers do need support through motherhood, they also need advice on what products to use. Some mothers often wonder which breast pump is safe, which baby supplement is sugarless, which carpet will brighten up their living room, or which hair product doesn't strip the natural oils. Mom influencers answer these queries by sharing helpful product stories with their communities about how the brand solved a problem for them. The recommendations build positive associations with the product among the audience and encourage them to try it out. 

Creative Mother's Day influencer campaigns featuring mommy creators 

1. Coach New York - I Got It From My Mother

Coach, a luxury fashion brand in America, collaborated with celebrity mom and singer Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Kelly, TikTok mom influencer, to show off their product line on Mother's Day 2022. The "I Got It From My Mother" campaign featured influencers promoting the brand's luxury handbag on social media, bringing back the nostalgia of receiving a gift from mothers while inspiring a style statement in millennial moms. 

“This Mother’s Day, we wanted to recognize all the ways mothers inspire and shape us,” said Sandeep Seth, brand president and chief marketing officer, Coach North America. “We also wanted to celebrate the joy found in the things we pass from one generation to another, and our brand’s role in creating special memories for our customers over the years,” says he. 

Coach's I got it from my mother campaign featuring mom influencers
Source: Coach

2. Bras N Things - Perfectly Imperfect 

Bras N Things, a women's personal care and lingerie brand, encouraged moms to embrace their imperfect motherhood experience on Mother's Day. Since its inception, the brand has been an advocate for women. Whether Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or Mother's Day, Bras N Things has always encouraged women to take charge of themselves and embrace their flaws. 

For the 2022 Mother's Day, the brand launched the "Perfectly Imperfect" campaign in collaboration with mom creators Lauren McMath and Helena Vestergaard, who discussed their reality of motherhood. 

"This Mother's Day, we want to erase any impossible-to-live-up-to stereotypes and instead use the campaign to celebrate the reality that motherhood is a 'perfectly imperfect' real-life rollercoaster ride – unpredictable and often chaotic, yet full of fun, laughter, and love. Many mums strive to be perfect, and sometimes, they just need reminding that motherhood isn't glossy – it's a beautiful, imperfect mess, and we love them for it. We are encouraging mums to own their incredible job, even those bits they think may not be perfect," said Natalie Chalmers, Head of Marketing, Bras N Things. 

3. Mr Price - #mrpfashion #mothersday

Mr Price is a South African fashion company that manufactures clothes for people of all ages. The fashion retail company often collaborates with mom, kid, and dad influencers to promote their clothing line throughout the year. @my.daily.mirror and @jeanri_wernichxx are some mom Instagrammers who frequently collaborate with the brand to talk about their comfortable clothing on social media platforms. 

For their Mother's Day campaign in 2022, the company partnered with a micro mom influencer (10k-50k followers) on Instagram @one.loved.mama to get the word out about their newly launched Mother's Day fashion pieces. The lifestyle, fashion, and parenting content creator, Keratilwe, published a post posing with her kids, wearing the brand's clothes. 

4. Rebel Athletic - #rebelmothersday

The luxury athletic wear company, Rebel, targeted active mommies on TikTok on Mother's Day 2022. The American fashion brand partnered with @katclark, an Australian mom influencer on TikTok, creating content around fitness, lifestyle, and feminism. She posted an exciting video on the platform showing her kids gifting their mother the Rebel gear on Mother's Day. The video received tons of engagement from Tiktok users, positioning the brand's product as an ideal gifting option for Mother's Day while also boosting brand awareness. 

Rebel Athletics TikTok campaign featuring Kat Clark, a mom influencer
Rebel Athletics Mother's Day influencer campaign featuring Kat Clark, a TikTok mom influencer

5. Shapermint - #MakeTheCall

Shapermint, the New York-based personal care brand for plus-size women, launched a socially conscious campaign in 2020 to bring mothers today in the age of Covid-19. The campaign urged mom content creators and celebrities Kira Girard and Tori Spelling to video call their moms on Mother's Day since they couldn't meet them in person. The heartfelt conversation showed the happy faces of the mothers of mom influencers. 

The brand leveraged this call to build a positive sentiment in its target audience and connected it with the product. Without talking about the product, the brand gained tons of recognition and sales during Mother's Day month. 

Shapermint #makethecall campaign featuring mom influencers
Source: Shapermint

Millennial and Gen X mom influencers: The most influential mothers on social media 

The mom influencer industry is dominated by younger mothers, with 22,835 Instagram moms aged 19-32 years, according to Millennial moms spend over 8 hours online daily consuming content and looking for parenting advice. These young mothers are more likely to share their advice and connect with other moms in the community. 

"74% of millennial moms report they are sought out more often than other friends as advisors on a wide range of topics, and have an average of 24 close friends in which to share product recommendations," says Forbes in the article Millennial Moms: The $2.4 Trillion Social Media Influencer. 

Aware of millennial moms' influence over their peers, companies often reach out to these mothers to leverage their credibility in the community to build brand loyalty. 

However, millennial moms are not the only influential group on social media. Many Gen X mothers have also emerged in the industry to share their experiences and give their advice to new mothers. According to's findings, there are 10,610 Gen X mom influencers on Instagram aged 33-46 years. These mothers are mostly bloggers sharing content about financial planning, career changes, home improvement, kids' college admissions, and menopause. 

Gen X mom influencers are excellent for Mother's Day influencer campaigns to reach elderly parents who are otherwise difficult to get through. 

The age demographic of mom influencers on Instagram

The ideal market for running mom influencer campaigns

Although moms have become a prominent influencer category, many brands have yet to realize these creators' potential. While businesses in the USA, India, and SEA actively collaborate with mom influencers, UAE brands fall short in tapping into the mommy influence, according to data. 

The mom creator economy has grown rapidly in the USA, India, and Southeast Asia, with over 50k creators catering to the mommy audience on social media. Mothers in these nations are more likely to share their motherhood experiences across social media, making the region an ideal market for brands to discuss their products with mommy bloggers and creators. 

In the last five years, the USA mom influencers have created the most content pieces on social media, followed by India and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, UAE is witnessing a gradual growth in the mommy creator landscape. In 2018, mom influencers generated a total of 849 posts, which increased to only 1133 in 2022. The data indicates a moderate growth of the mom influencer industry in the region, suggesting that USA, India, and SEA countries are ideal geographies to run Mother’s Day influencer campaigns with mom creators. 

The total number of posts generated by mom influencers in the USA, India, UAE, and SEA nations between 2018 and 2022 on Instagram
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Top 10 Mom Instagrammers generating high engagement rates and authentic content 

1. Linda Fruits (@fruitsof motherhood, 324K followers)

Linda Fruits profile, mom influencer on Instagram

As a mom influencer, Linda is known for her inspiring and empowering content that celebrates the joys of motherhood and for sharing her journey as a mother. She offers advice and tips on various parenting topics, generating over 1.33% engagement rate through her content. Apart from being a mom influencer, she is also an author and an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. According to data, most of her audience is in the US and Brazil, of which 86.6% are females, and 13.33% are males. 

2. Samantha Bowers (, 114K followers) 

Samantha Bowers Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Samantha Bowers is a famous macro mom influencer from Pennsylvania, known for her parenting advice, lifestyle content, and family-focused posts. She often posts photos and videos of her family, showcasing the joys and challenges of parenthood, generating over 0.55% of engagement rate. As an entrepreneur, Bowers is admired for her business understanding and ability to balance her work as a business owner with her responsibilities as a mother. She collaborated with brands such as Erin Rogers, SheShow, and Target. Her content has helped to inspire and empower many of her followers. 

3. Brandi Raines (@brandirainesbeauty, 100k followers) 

Brandi Raines Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Brandi Raines is a mom influencer and entrepreneur who has built a strong following through her inspiring content that celebrates motherhood. In addition to her parenting content, she is a beauty influencer who shares her makeup, skincare, and fashion expertise, generating over a 4.12% of engagement rate. Raines has built a supportive community of like-minded millennial moms and dads through her food, fashion, and beauty content. 94.23% of her audience is aged above 21 years, which means she caters to a mixed audience ranging from Gen Zs to millennials. 

4. Cynthia Slam (@cynthiaslam, 65.8K followers) 

Cynthia Slam Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Cynthia Slam is a popular mom influencer known for her fashion, fitness, and single parenting content. She often posts photos and videos with her daughter, motivating single mothers on Instagram. Her content garners over 3.02% engagement rate. Her audience is male-dominated, as she has 72% men and 27% women followers. 

5. Lauren Perrotto (@happilyeverlcp, 59.3k followers) 

Lauren Perrotto Instagram profile, a mom influencer

As a micro mom influencer (10k-100k followers) on Instagram, Lauren Perrotto creates fun and relatable content to entertain her audience, generating over a 3.38% engagement rate. The high engagement rate indicates her audience enjoys her content and reacts to it. She engages mostly millennials, as 91.67% of her audience falls under 21 years of age. 

6. Chloe Amelle (@chloe_amelle, 51.7K followers) 

Chloe Amelle Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Chloè Amelle is known for her family-focused content and relatable parenting posts on Instagram. Her authentic and honest portrayal of motherhood has gained significant followers on the platform. Amelle shares her experiences as a mother and offers advice from pregnancy to raising children, building a 7.6% engagement rate. In addition to her parenting content, Amelle showcases her interests in fashion, beauty, and travel. She recently collaborated with Mompush, Oogiebear, Lily & River, Mally Beauty, and other brands.  

7. Wajiha (@sonshinemamaa, 18.3k followers) 

Wajiha Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Wajiha documents her motherhood journey for her followers. Through her posts, Wajiha provides a glimpse into her daily life as a mom and creates a high engagement rate of 2.31%. She also offers practical tips and advice on various topics related to parenting, including lifestyle. Based in the UAE, Wajiha has worked with leading brands like Amazon, Cheese Wheel Pasta, Honda, Churros Cafe, Hello Bello, and more.  

8. Gizelle Gail (@gizellegail, 13.6k followers) 

Gizelle Gail Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Gizelle Gail is a micro mom influencer based in Singapore who shares her motherhood experiences alongside beauty, makeup, and skincare content. Her overall content generates a 2.31% engagement rate. Gizelle has collaborated with Partipost Singapore, MyRepublic, Tracyeinny, Deliveroo Singapore, Foodpanda, and many more.  

9. Ana Suhana (@suhanashohairi, 10.8k followers) 

Ana Suhana Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Ana Suhana is a mom influencer from Malaysia offering helpful content that resonates with many parents. Her posts provide a glimpse into her daily life as a mom and generate a 1.5% engagement rate. Another aspect of Ana's content that has resonated with her followers is her focus on creating a balanced and harmonious family life, which caters to 78.05% of females and 21.95% males, of which 44.21% are aged 19-25 years. 

10. Mag McWhorter (@magxmcwhorter, 8.08k followers)

Mag McWhorter Instagram profile, a mom influencer

Mag McWhorter, a mom influencer from Thailand, shares lifestyle and parenting content that builds more than a 5% engagement rate. She recently collaborated with brands such as Evryday Studios, Art Pop Studio and Ksisters, to provide product recommendations to 48.13% of her Gen Z followers. Besides parenting, her followers are interested in fashion, food and beverages. 

Find the right mom influencers for your next Mother's Day campaign 

Working with the right mom influencers is important to convey your message while creating positive associations for your products. Many mom influencers try to be perfect and forget to connect with their audience, which negatively impacts people's mental health. The followers start spewing negative comments or simply unfollowing such mom bloggers as they cannot connect with them. 

Mothers need real-life content from influencers that they can relate to, which is why choosing mom influencers is more than simply looking at the follower count. What is the type of content they create? What is their engagement rate? What does the audience think about their content? What kind of brands have they collaborated with in the past? Do they have fake followers? Questions like these help find relevant influencers, which leads to a successful Mother's day campaign., the fastest-growing influencer marketing platform, helps find answers to all the above queries. Its advanced features give detailed insights into the content, engagement rate, audience sentiment analysis, brand affinity, and fake followers. The platform enables brands and agencies to run end-to-end influencer campaigns by streamlining the process. 

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