Most Inspiring Mother's Day Campaigns For Your Brand

Lassarina Ho
Content Marketing
May 12, 2021
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Taking place on Sunday, May 9, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This is a great opportunity for brands to share inspiring campaigns celebrating mother’s love and generate new sales. This year, because of the global pandemic, brands need to stay relevant yet mindful about their content strategy, taking into consideration the implications of quarantine. For anyone looking for inspiration for an unforgettable influencer marketing campaign, below are some campaigns that successfully spread love and happiness on Mother’s Day!

Pandora’s The Unique Connection

Pandora, one of the world’s largest jewelry brands, is famous for its amazing campaigns celebrating mother’s love every year. One of the campaigns that really tugged on the audience's heartstrings is “The Unique Connection”, which portrayed the unique bond shared between a mother and her child.

They gathered 6 mothers, had them lined up, and put a blindfold on the children. The test was to see if a child, without being able to see, could identify their mother amongst a row of women. As all the children realized their mothers, the video suggests that the bond between children and their mothers is something that can be felt as much as it can be seen! Pandora also did a wonderful job by highlighting their jewels in an ingenious way!

Teleflora’s Love Makes a Mom

Teleflora is among the world’s largest flower delivery services. Every year, this brand partnered with a number of parent influencers to execute meaningful campaigns celebrating mothers. Last year, the brand collaborated with a cast of 7 IG micro-influencers in the “Love Makes A Mom” campaign. The campaign spread the classic but effective message about what motherhood looks like, encouraging the audiences to send the best flower bouquets as a gift to their moms on this special day!

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Running Mini-games or Giveaway is a popular tactic to boost social media engagement and grow your following on special occasions, including Mother's Day. Marketers can also consider collaborating with social media influencers in a compatible niche to reach a wider audience. You may want to check out Top Parent Macro-influencers and Micro-Influencers to partner with in Southeast Asia!

Facebook Portal – Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day campaign is not necessarily emotional. It can be fun, entertaining yet still relevant like Facebook’s ad for Portal! Facebook casts the moms of several famous celebrities, including Odell Beckham Jr., Snoop Dogg, Dwayne Johnson, Jonah Hill, and Neil Patrick Harris. All of them are chatting with each other when Harris video calls his mother on his Portal. The spot reminds us of calling our mamas regardless of how famous/busy we are, while promoting the benefits of Portal in a smart and funny way!

Aveda - The Original Influencer

Earlier this month, to celebrate Mother’s Day, American cosmetics brand Aveda blew its audiences with a 10s video on Instagram. The message was short but strong: “Before Beyoncé, before Kylie and before Paris there was one original influencer: Your Mother.” While many brands out there are running gimmicky promotions and campaigns, Aveda decided just to send a simple, thoughtful message. This is a prime example of how a low-cost marketing effort can create a big impact if done right!

Having quality time with family!

Agree or not, one of the best things to do on Mother’s Day is to spend quality time with family! There is a wide range of activities that parents can do with their children on this special day, from cooking, watching movies together or playing outdoor activities. And if brands want to embrace the social distancing in your ad, there are plenty of ways to stay virtually connected and have a special time with mamas. For example, calling to say Happy Mother’s Day (like Facebook Portal ad), or preparing beautiful presents for mothers. By shining a spotlight on parent influencers and featuring warmhearted family moments, brands can stay relevant and create an emotional connection to a product or service they promote.

Although Mother’s Day won’t be the same this year, this is still a great opportunity for brands to connect with their online customers and boosts their sales on this occasion.

If you would like to find out more about parent influencers in your region or build a successful influencer marketing campaign, contact us today or request a free demo on our website!

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