Why Nano Influencers Will Continue To Dominate The Creator Economy 

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December 23, 2022
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Brands have increased collaborations with nano influencers to drive authentic and meaningful engagement. 

Nano influencers are ordinary people with a few thousand followers (100 - 10k). These influencers can be your friends, family, and acquaintances, having an engaging presence on social media. They connect with their followers on DMs and the comment section, creating a level of trust that other high follower count influencers cannot promise. 

Such influencers only recommend products they use in daily life and are passionate about, which makes their voice more authentic and relatable. 

“The world as a whole is changing, and consumers and social media audiences want to feel supported and like they have figures they can relate to. Micro and nano influencers provide that relatability that we all crave,” says Neve Fear-Smith, the UK-based journalist.

Even prominent industry names like Clinique, La Croix, Amazon, IKEA, and more collaborate with these tiny influencers to make real connections with their audiences. 

Drafted with first-hand data and expert opinions, our latest 2023 influencer marketing trends report presents clear evidence of why the nano influencers will continue to rise across major social media platforms. 

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