New Product Update - Saved Searches, a Feature to Store Criteria for Influencer Shortlisting

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
June 10, 2022
min read
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Get rid of typing the same criteria multiple times while using the filters to find the relevant influencers. The Save Search feature allows you to store all the search criteria used frequently for influencer discovery.

Leverage the feature to share a combination of result-driving criteria with your teams across different continents. It will enable you to save time and resources when performing the exact search later.

Saving a Search 

Begin with entering your search criteria under various filter options. Once you have entered all your desired criteria, click the save button on the right to filters. In the popup, enter a name for your search and select how you want to save your search – private or shared. 

Opening a Saved Search 

To open the saved criteria, click on Load on the left of the Save button. In the popup, click on the name of the saved search you would like to open, and the respective criteria will automatically apply to your filters. 

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