New Product Update - Sentiment Analysis: Insights into Influencer Content

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
June 10, 2022
min read
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Deep dive into consumers' perceptions about your product or service using sentiment analysis. 

It is an advanced feature that uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing to scan influencers' comments having multi-lingual texts, emojis or user tags to gauge consumers' emotions. 

Our algorithms scan through all the comments on an influencer post to determine the collective sentiment across these comments. It can be negative, positive or neutral emotions. 

Positive comments show complete appreciation for your product or service, whereas negative comments show total disappointment. Neutral comments indicate neither like nor dislike.  

Accurate and useful, this information explains what went wrong while executing your marketing strategy and determines if the intensity of negative emotion is critical for brand reputation. Rethink the messaging and tweak it timely to see an impact on the marketing strategy.  

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