NewAir Partners With For Influencer Outreach And Campaign Tracking 

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March 9, 2023
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USA-based compact appliances company, NewAir has collaborated with to reach out to relevant influencers and affiliates for their campaigns and track the performance.’s advanced features like the influencer search engine, creator portal campaign, and campaign reports will enable NewAir to run end-to-end campaigns with talented creators in their roster. 

“I went with Influencer Marketing Platform for a number of reasons. I could list them all off including but not limited to top of the line discovery technology. The thing that made me most confident in them though: customer service. Never underestimate excellent #customerservice - they have worked hard to get us every answer we need, even getting a rep who speaks Spanish to train my amazing Mexicali team. If you are looking for an #influencermarketing tool i cannot recommend them enough,” said Jessalynn Henry, Head of Ecommerce and Brand Management. 

About NewAir:

NewAir is an online store for getting quality home appliances delivered right to your doorstep. based in the usa, this compact appliance store includes a variety of products that their customers need in their homes. 

“When we first started NewAir, we knew it would be important to focus on quality products that meet our customer’s needs. We also know that great customer service is the backbone of any reputable company. Today, our product categories have something for nearly every part of the home. Our website now offers a wide range of compact appliances, from heating and cooling, to wine and beverage coolers.” - Luke Peters. CEO and Founder, NewAir. 

About is the fastest-growing influencer marketing platform that uses AI and machine learning to help businesses run data-backed campaigns. With a database of 6M+ influencers from 5 social media platforms, helps 100+ brands and agencies reach out to professional creators, manage the campaign, and measure the results. And all this happens on one platform, so you don’t have to jump from tab to tab or spreadsheet to spreadsheet to run a single campaign. 

Struggling to find high-engagement influencers for your brand? Access’s 6M+ influencer profiles to analyze performance metrics and select the best creators.
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