Optimize Your Influencer Search With affable.ai’s Save and Load Feature

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
October 31, 2022
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Finding influencers manually can take a lot of work. But it can be even more challenging if you run multiple campaigns simultaneously with internal teams in various regions seeking an efficient way to conduct repeated searches. What if the influencer marketing platform included a built-in option that enabled you to save the search and run it later?

If you are looking for a similar category of influencers for the nth time, you don't have to start over with the filters. You can avoid the tedious procedure by using the Save and Load feature within the affable.ai influencer marketing platform, which lets you restore the filters you most recently used to locate the ideal influencers for your campaigns.

Learn more about this feature and how it can facilitate your influencer search by enabling you to store the influencer searches in-depth. You will be able to use a collection of filters that are already in place and meet their requirements by using this functionality.

You can find this feature within the Influencer Discovery adjacent to the filters tab. The feature helps you: 

a)  Save the search details as a category of influencers by making them private or sharing them with the rest of the team. 

b) You can load these searches later based on the use case/requirements.

You can find the Save and Load feature on the Influencer Discovery page.

Capabilities of Save and Load Feature 

When running multiple campaigns, you can create and save different categories of influencers based on various specifications, such as country, interests, engagement ratio, etc. 

For all future influencer discoveries, you can make these searches default searches. These saved searches can be kept private by anyone running the campaign or shared with the other team members to lessen the workload and reduce the work hours spent identifying the influencers. 

Saved searches can be kept private or shared with team members in different regions. 

Also, you can fine-tune the saved searches, which can be rewritten to update a few details according to the needs. You can also load previously defined searches and reset them for a different use case. 

Optimizing Save and Load Feature 

‘Save Search’ functionality saves the search criteria you frequently use to search influencers. Give your saved search a name you and your team members can easily understand when they load it. For ex: Travel microinfluencers in Singapore. 

Based on the campaign requirement, you can name your saved search.  

Make it a default setting, as it helps in saving time and effort in discovering the relevant influencers. Every time you log in, you don’t have to start from scratch or don’t have to rely on your memory to recall which filters you used previously. You can also save multiple search criteria based on your requirements.

You’ll see the “Shared” button within the saved search pop-up. It allows you and your team members to load and reuse your saved search, save them time, and allow you to be on the same page.

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