Palais des Thés Collaborates With To Increase Sales For The Holiday Season

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November 17, 2022
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This holiday season, Palais des Thés uses the influencer management platform to increase awareness for their hero products and boost sales. The company is looking to collaborate with influencers who can engage the audience for the holiday season and drive sales for the brand’s holiday products. 

The brand now has access to’s advanced features like a database of 6M+ influencers, an influencer relationship management tool, and rich insights to measure their holiday influencer marketing campaigns. In addition, Palais des Thés will leverage’s Magento integration to carry out hassle-free product deliveries. 

About Palais Des Thés:

Palais des Thés is a tea brand based in Paris with 45 specialty tea stores in Germany, Norway, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, and Japan. 

“Palais des Thés wanted to bridge the gap between tea producer and tea consumer, an approach that revolutionized people’s habits. Founder and tea researcher Francois-Xavier Delmas wanted Palais des Thés to be open towards customers, offering a space to share knowledge about the world of tea and to give people the tools they needed to learn about tea and appreciate it in their own way.

At its core, Palais des Thés seeks to create a virtuous cycle of prosperity through ethical business practices with artisans and producers so that tea lovers may truly savor the best of tea.” from Palais des Thés website. 

About is one of the fastest-growing influencer management platforms helping brands and agencies to scale campaigns and achieve their creator marketing goals. 

The platform offers multiple features like:

  • Search tool for finding influencers through 20+ filters 
  • Influencer relationship management tool for managing campaigns 
  • Access to 6M+ influencer profile 
  • Performance data like engagement rate, audience insights, fake followers, brand affinity, and more
  • Shopify and Magento integration for product delivery 

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