Popular Instagram influencers of Malaysia in 2022

Archana Mishra
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January 3, 2022
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Tapping into the potential of the growing influencer marketing sector, brands are today looking for easy ways to rope in the right content creators. They need influencers who resonate better with the target audience and sway followers by effective messaging.  

But for identifying, recruiting and communicating with brand advocates who have accrued a large following is crucial. Even if the brand opts for a manual approach in reaching out to the right influencer, it can be a task to evaluate the influencer’s campaign performance and learn about the competitors.

In optimizing these marketing efforts, influencer marketing platforms like affable.ai helps in connecting with the right influencer by using filters like audience demographics and fraud risk. It also manages the communication and measures the output.

For Malaysia, our influencer marketing platform has a list of the best Instagram influencers to watch out for in 2022. 

Top Outdoor Instagram Influencers in Malaysia

@sesat_in_malaysia (16.9k followers)

Leon Kuan is into adventure sports and explores hidden destinations in Malaysia. Active on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Kuan shares videos of his hiking, trekking and river rafting experiences. 

@sarayamia (17.8k followers)

For beach lover Saraya Mia, Instagram is a platform for reminiscing her childhood memories. Like living in a wooden house by the beach and swimming with the turtles.

@annie_mosha (212k followers)

Annie Mosha frequently hikes in the vicinity of Malaysia. A TV actress, host and announcer, Mosha’s Instagram feed is about her excursion experiences and relishing local cuisine.

@theidriskhan (541k followers)

Idris Khan is a known television and film actor and an occasional model. He frequently posts pictures of his outdoors and recent visits to new locations.

For more outdoor influencers in Malaysia

Top Fitness Instagram Influencers in Malaysia  

@i.am.baihakki (141k followers)

Baihakki Khaizan is a professional football player of the Singapore national team. He posts pictures of his tours, short videos of matches, routine exercises, cycling and family time with kids and wife. 

@phoebeyap1102 (58.7k followers)

It won’t be wrong to say Phoebe Yap has stood out as a multi-talented influencer besides being a singer, producer and radio DJ. Yap, however, is a fitness freak with expertise in aerial yoga. She actively posts vlogs on giving her expertise in aerial yoga. 

@karenkh0 (169k followers)

Karen Kho calls herself a fitness addict as she is a certified instructor. She strives to be a better version of herself by focusing on health, family and overall well-being. Kho gives a glimpse of it through photos and videos.

@pashini_ (258k followers)

Pashini is a certified yoga instructor and an actor. She runs online yoga classes for beginners. Also, she gives guidance on weight training. 

For more fitness influencers in Malaysia

Top Fashion Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@ct_ray (75.8k followers)

Content creator Ct Ray has a line of dramatic artificial eyelashes for a voluminous look. She recently collaborated with Alaia Cosmetics to promote the brand. Ray actively posts makeup tutorials on YouTube. 

@ftnshc (174k followers)

Fatin Noraishah endorses big fashion brands like Prada, Chanel, Puma and Dior through her Instagram posts. She conducts tutorials on fashion brands and gives reviews on the products. 

@jessicachaw (74.4k followers)

Jessica Chaw started as a multi-styled blogger from the age of 14. Her enthusiasm finds its first love in fashion. Her blog and Instagram posts stretch beyond the boundaries of fashion as she shares about food, beauty, travel and her daily life.

@yvonnechua (553k followers)

Famous for lifestyle vlogging on YouTube, Yvonne Chua likes to endorse beauty and fashion products. She runs her social media agency to promote influencers and brands. 

For more fashion influencers in Malaysia 

Top Parenting Instagram influencers in Malaysia

@datopadukakaiser (276k followers)

Dato Paduka Kaiser is the husband of Malaysian actress Eina Azman. He likes to document quality time spent with the family by posting pictures and videos on social media. Scroll through the feed, and Kaiser kids can be seen baking or celebrating with family. 

@arifjiwaasyraf (813k followers)

Arif Jiwa Asyraf’s account encapsulates the daily life of a happy baby. He promotes Malaysia-based nutritional tonic for kids that helps to build the immune system. 

@shahidasupian (154k followers)

Shida is a proactive Instagram influencer posting nitty-gritty of her toddler’s daily routine in reels or videos. 

@bellalunafky (26.7k followers)

For Bellalunafky giving free consultation on health and beauty supplements is the professional role. But she ensures to share every little moment and time spent with her daughter on Instagram. 

For more parenting influencers in Malaysia 

Top Architecture Instagram Influencers in Malaysi

@kimihamzah (21.6k followers)

Kimi Hamzah is an architect and ensures his posts reflect the aesthetics of urban landscapes.

@_awissuhaidi (2,777 followers)

Awis Suhaidi is passionate about 3D architectural designs and interior visualization. He frequently posts videos on YouTube on architecture and sketches of old buildings.

@fahmieabubakar (8,171 followers)

Fahmie Abu Bakar captures skyscrapers and urban city designs through his posts. He actively goes to cycling events to gain perspectives on the city's design. 

@theniknabil (7,195 followers)

Nik Nabil likes to view the world through his lens and captures architectural designs of buildings by travelling to different countries like New York, Hong Kong, Boston, Seoul, Madrid and many more. 

For more architecture influencers in Malaysia 

Top Arts Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@syahdaud (38.3k followers)

Syahmi Daud is a young artist keenly focusing on architecture-related artworks of building and urban sketching. He auctions his artwork on sale at different digital platforms.

@casseygan (7,998 followers)

Cassey Run, a fashion designer, runs her label by the same name. She has an acute focus on details and functional design, evident through the innovative mix in fabrics and non-form fitting silhouettes.

@elliholi (16.6k followers)

Eleanor Lim is a freelance designer, illustrator and calligrapher based in Malaysia. She likes to make artsy stuff. She frequently posts videos like painting dull flower pots using acrylics, gouache, and modelling paste.

@c.gua (16k followers)

C Gua is an illustrator from Malaysia who is currently staying in Taiwan. His sketches and illustrations draw inspiration from daily life. Gua designs stickers and bookmarks and promotes them through social media platforms.

For more arts influencers in Malaysia 

Top Technology Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@xiiaocong4896 (32k followers)

Xiiao Cong is a gaming video creator who actively endorses gaming equipment like an optical-mechanical gaming keyboard, mouse and headphones. Cong also runs online gaming championships for influencers like him. 

@ke.ennnn_ (52.8k followers)

Kate is an active video creator who reviews various gadgets and posts videos on YouTube.   

@shawnzod (83.1k followers)

Shawn Zod has worked with big brands UNIQLO, H&M, Giordano, Calvin Klein and many more. Shawn also acted for lots of TV commercials worldwide. 

@elizabethtan (1.9m followers)

Elizabeth Tan is a known Malaysian singer endorsing multiple brands, from technology to food.

For more technology influencers in Malaysia 

Top Beauty Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@kellytham (17.9k followers)

Kelly Tham is a beauty and lifestyle influencer, using Instagram as the medium to promote various brands from watches to nail paints, beauty creams and colourful eye lenses.

@keensalleh (25.3k followers)

Nurul Asikin is a certified beauty consultant having her beauty line - Clear Skin with Keen. The USA-based Mary Kay cosmetics Limited promotes the brand.

@juweiteoh (420k followers)

Name any luxury brand, Juwei Teoh has partnered with almost all of them for endorsement. From Fendi to Louis Vitton, Teoh promotes beauty and lifestyle products like a professional model. 

@mfmirafilzah (7.3m followers)

Mira Filzah has her beauty line - Luna - beauty and health brand for men and women to achieve their beauty and wellness goals. She believes in simplifying beauty by introducing easy-to-use and purposeful beauty products.

For more beauty influencers in Malaysia 

Top Travel Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@izaabolivar (30.7k followers)

Iza Bolivar merges travelling with fashion trends beautifully. Her Instagram account is like a travel diary having glimpses of Bolivar’s time in Sydney, Beijing, Paris, Perth and many more countries.

@jiehui_ho (13k followers)

Travel, lifestyle and food vlogger Jiehui Ho has been to Italy, Taiwan, and Seoul. She keeps her followers updated on her travelling destinations and fashion trends to go along with it. 

@alieft_ (15.7k followers)

Muhammad Alif likes documenting his excursions done with his friends. From camping to river rafting, Alif shares snippets of his vacation to nearby places around Malaysia. 

@pojiegraphy (19.9k followers)

Pojie is a hardcore traveller and photographer who has visited places like Iceland, Finland, London, Mecca, Central America and many more to generate insightful stories. 

For more travel influencers in Malaysia 

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@nrfana_ (19k followers)

Farhana Azhari promotes lifestyle products affiliating with multiple brands on Shopee. It includes stuff like eyeliner, shawls, cardigans, sandals, tables and bedsheets. In the past, she has promoted Ikea products. 

@ashleylimjinq (146k followers)

Ashley, a lifestyle influencer, endorses multiple brands in skincare, fashion, food, and workouts. She ensures to share moments with her boyfriend by doing videos together. 

@eika_azam (54.7k followers)

Eika Azam is the founder and creative director of Inrea, a ready to wear clothing brand having aesthetics of classy, vintage, resort and casual wear. But as an influencer, she endorses products from Rayban and Charles and Keith. 

@seeya_m_n (27.6k followers)

Seeya promotes plus-size fashion with ease to brush off body shaming. She actively shares pictures of her being dressed in outfits by Shein, an e-commerce fashion store. 

For more lifestyle influencers in Malaysia

Top Gaming Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@masterramen (191k followers)

Firdaus Hashim, who calls himself Master Ramen, is a gaming video creator. He owns the Malaysian PUBG mobile team Bapak Ah Esports and is the team manager for SMG Malaysia, an esports organisation. 

@missrose_gaming (155k followers)

The Missrose account, run by a gaming video creator, frequently interacts with her followers on PUBG by conducting online gaming challenges. 

@sereneecsf (56.3k followers)

Serene Cheng is a proactive gamer conducting a live stream on Twitch frequently. She promotes gaming chairs, keyboards and other lifestyle and wellness products. 

@fattahzack (178k followers)

Fattah Zie is a gaming video creator and owns an online gadget store. His fondness for gaming has made him the brand ambassador of an esports company, Evos. 

For more gaming influencers in Malaysia

Top Food Instagram Influencers in Malaysia 

@sifu_dino (15.8k followers)

Sifu Dino likes to travel and likes to explore the local cuisines. He connects with his followers by sharing food videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.

@sheenacookingpassion (52.6k followers)

Sheena Haikal is a known food blogger in Malaysia, with at least three cooking books to her credit. She posts quick and easy pictorial and video tutorials on Indian cuisine. Haikal started the social media page as a hobby but received a good response from the audience, motivating her to share more recipes.

@foodcuddles (13.6k followers)

Food Cuddles is a known food influencer in Malaysia, giving recipes of popular South Asian cuisines like Yakitori Don, salmon rice, Hokkien Mee soup and many more. 

@parammaries (38.8k followers)

Prammaries reviews some of the new and popular restaurants in Malaysia. It suggests places for the best patisserie and coffee. It also gives snippets of English breakfast and Japanese western fusion food. 

For more food influencers in Malaysia 

Top Pet Instagram Influencers in Malaysia

@hieefee (10.7k followers)

The account ‘hieefee’ encapsulates every mood of two felines, from their morning yawns to purring. 

@iman_catdaddy (26.1k followers)

From pet supplies to cat printed t-shirts, the account ‘iman_catdaddy’ promotes cat toys on Shopee and holds live sessions on social media to address pet-related queries. 

@fluffyempire69 (23.6k followers)

A feel-good account, fluffyempire69, captures beautiful pictures of a cat. It also reviews hotels and restaurants that allow entry of pet cats. 

@johanandhiscats (288k followers)

Johan’s fondness for cats led him to open a cat study in Malaysia, where he has toys and pet supplies to feed them nutritious food. 

For more pet influencers in Malaysia 

Micro Instagram Influencers in Malaysia

@dodo_ler (49.7k followers)

Dodo is an active vlogger on lifestyle and fashion, where she reviews the latest fad on YouTube. 

@carra0xn (50k followers)

Carra Ong runs an enterprise to trade, buy or sell luxury watches.

@hijjaz_official (49.6k followers)

Hijjaz is the wholesale dealer of clothes and masks in Malaysia and proactively promotes his  products on Instagram.  

@syaf.othman_ (49.7k followers)

Muhammad Shafaruddin Othman shares his visits to new travel destinations like Thailand and areas around Malaysia. 

For more micro-influencers in Malaysia

In 2022, partner with the best influencers to drive a successful marketing campaign. If you are interested to learn more about how affable.ai can help you find, manage and measure influencers across different social media platforms, request a free demo today. 

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