Popular Instagram Influencers of the Philippines in 2022

Sanjana Joglekar
Content Marketing Intern
January 13, 2022
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In 2016, there were 50.77 million Internet users in the Philippines. This number is likely to increase to 57.84 million by 2022. Data shows that people in the Philippines spend an average of 4 hours on social media platforms every day. 

As a result, many brands and marketers prefer promoting content on social media over typical advertising. They reach out to influencers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube with relevant and authentic followers to endorse their products.

As influencers play an important role in marketing, brands need to create effective and easy hiring methods. Manually searching for them may be a good option at first, but it has its limitations. 

It does not guarantee that the desired influencer will meet the brand requirements. If the brand fails to find the right content creators, the entire process becomes futile. Subsequently, it affects brands with the delay in the marketing campaign.

To avoid all this hassle, influencer marketing platforms like Affable.ai assist in running campaigns smoothly. The platform has a database of over 6 million content creators, gives access to a custom list of influencers based on your target market, manages campaigns and tracks competitors' activities. 

Here’s the list of top influencers in the Philippines across various genres. 

@maymay (6.7m followers)

MayMay Entrata is a well-known musician with a large fan following on Instagram. She uploads pictures posing in various outfits, some being stage outfits. 

@camilleptrinidad (5.4m followers)

Camille Trinidad is a well known YouTuber and an Instagram personality. She uploads her pictures on Instagram sporting the outfit she wears on a particular day.

@rabiyamateo (2m followers)

Rabiya is an actress and a licensed physical therapist. Crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Rabiya shares snaps from various photoshoots and other projects. 

@laureen (1m followers)

Having more than one million followers, Laureen posts captivating videos of various fun style challenges. She shares pictures with aesthetic outfits with equally photogenic backgrounds. 

@king.dreii (601k followers)

Andre is passionate about travelling, fashion and fitness. He posts from all the locations he has visited. Sometimes also promoting various brands by wearing their outfits.

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Top Beauty Influencers in the Philippines

@senorita_jessy (7.4m followers)

Jessy is a famous actress, YouTube creator and Instagram personality. On Instagram, her uploads consist of her daily life updates while promoting various beauty products and cosmetics. 

@beauty_g0nzalez (3.3m followers)

Christine is an actress and model with a large following on Instagram. Besides self-care updates, she also posts behind the scenes of her ongoing projects.

@kbrosas (1.3m followers)

Maria Carmela Brosas a.k.a K Brosas is a known actress,singer and comedian. She talks about self-care and about how she enjoys her alone time.

@biancamanalo (1.2m followers)

Bianca Manalo is an actress and crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2009. Her Instagram uploads consist of brand endorsements, events attended by her, and short videos on fitness and self-care.

@maxine_medina (854k followers)

Maria Mika Medina, crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2016, posts about all tourist destinations visited by her and shares promotional posts for beauty products and cosmetics.

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Top Fitness Influencers in the Philippines

@milesaubrey (1.1 followers)

Aubrey Miles is a fitness influencer who posts video clips from her workout sessions. She inspires her followers to lead a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and healthy eating habits in their daily lives.

@derrickmonasterio (924k followers)

Derrick is an up and coming athlete and fitness influencer on Instagram with a good number of followers. He posts pictures and videos of him working out at the gym and doing other sports activities. 

@marlinecapones (353k followers)

Marline is a fitness enthusiast. She uploads clips from her workout sessions and motivates her followers to lead a mindful life. Of late, she started sharing the journey of being a new mum through social media.

@iamjammanalo (143k followers)

Jay Manalo is a fitness, lifestyle and travel influencer. He posts pictures and video clips of his gym sessions and motivates his followers to be the best version of themselves.

@edmswln (101k followers)

Sawalan is a fitness enthusiast and influencer. He uploads pictures and videos from his gym sessions and endorses brands he collaborates with to promote a product. 

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Top Parenting Influencers in the Philippines

@sampinto_ (2.3m followers)

Sam Pinto - Semerad shares her journey of motherhood by posting pictures of her with the baby and narrates her experiences of being a mum with the followers.

@mrandmrsfrancisco (1.8m followers)

Melai Cantiveros - Francisco’s likes to share fun moments with her family. She frequently posts a few promotional posts of brands. 

@kryzzzie (1m followers)

‘kryzzzie ‘ is a well recognised digital creator who is also a parenting influencer on Instagram. She has been sharing her journey of motherhood with her followers. She posts pictures with her child and heartwarming moments with the family.

@andimanzo (688k followers) 

Andi is a recognised parenting influencer who posts pictures and videos of candid moments with her daughters. She shares photos of them having fun, and some of them also include promotional posts. 

@piaguanio_mago (597k followers)

Pia is a notable artist. Her content is mainly about her family and friends. She also posts about the brands she is working with and events attended by her in recent times.

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Top Food Influencers in the Philippines

@thefoodietakesfilght (645k followers)

Jeeca is an established food influencer on Instagram. She creates and shares recipes from her childhood. Jeeca is also the author of the cookbook, Vegan Asian. And as the name suggests, she has shared recipes of vegan delicacies with her readers in the book.

@panlasangpinoy (455k followers)

Vanjo Merano is a Filipino food Influencer and a food blogger. He shares recipes and tips for making authentic Filipino food. On Instagram, he gives details about all the recipes he attempts to make.

@chefjayps (217k followers)

JP Anglo is a renowned chef and food influencer. He posts about the dishes that he makes. Also, he does food reviews of different restaurants and gives feedback to his followers for them to try. 

@clydensanpedro (123k followers) 

Clyden San Pedro is a pastry chef and food stylist. He shares pictures of fancy cakes and patisserie.

@conciouschris (122k followers)

Chris is a chef and photographer. He shows off his culinary skills on his Instagram profiles by trying his hands on different recipes and sharing them with his followers. 

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Top Luxury Influencers in the Philippines

@wilsonmaggie (715k followers)

Maggie Wilson posts include the places she has visited and events attended by her. She also uploads promotional posts of brands and establishments that she has worked with in the past.  

@verniecenciso (507k followers)

Cherin is a renowned actress who flaunts her looks by sharing snippets of her photoshoots. She has collaborated with brands like Dior, Jacquemus and Rolex. 

@maruji.cheri (214k followers)

Roxie Baeyens, crowned Miss Earth Philippines 2020, has worked with well-known brands like Pantene, L’oreal and Garnier. 

@roxieebae (131k followers)

Crowned Miss Earth Philippines 2020, Roxie Baeyens, has worked with well-known brands like Pantene, L’oreal and Garnier. 

@zachhoning (120k followers)

Zach is a luxury travel and lifestyle influencer on Instagram. He merges travelling with lifestyle to endorse a perfect staycation look. Zach also reviews places and hotels he has visited and encourages his followers to see those beautiful places.

@drewarellano (1.8m followers)

Drew Arellano uploads pictures and videos from all the places he has visited with his family. He also shares candid moments of him with his kids. 

@thetravelpro (551k followers)

Mikki a.k.a ‘thetravelpro’  is a luxury travel and adventure enthusiast. He posts pictures from all the picturesque locations and sometimes collaborates with the resorts for promotion on social media. 

 @iamlarbs (369k followers)

‘iamlarbs’ is a travel influencer who shares pictures of him at various beautiful locations. 

@missriasantos (238k followers) 

Ria is a travel, lifestyle and fashion influencer. She posts artistic and aesthetic pictures from different locations around the Philippines.

@lauraanika (230k followers)

Laura is a travel and lifestyle influencer. She likes to be one with nature and motivates her followers to live and travel sustainably. 

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Top Gaming Influencers in the Philippines

@alodia (1.6 followers)

Alodia is a gamer who streams on Facebook. She is also the co-founder of Tier One Entertainment and co-owner of the esports team, Blacklist International and Alodia Beauty and Alodia Art. 

@annbmateo (1.4m followers)

Ann is a gamer and a cosplayer. She has collaborated with gaming brands or equipment to promote them. 

@dexienity (819k followers)

Dexie Diaz is a streamer, model and cosplayer. Through Instagram, she promotes gaming equipment brands and updates her followers about the events or collaborations she has been part of or is likely to attend.

@rojean_viel (359k followers)

Rojean Delos Reyes is a gamer and streamer on Twitch. And, plays most games on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Reyes is a fan of manga and Japanese snacks.

@eruption23 (325k followers)

Eric Tai a.k.a ‘Eruption’ is a gamer, streamer and fitness influencer. Through his Instagram, he updates his followers about his streams and collaborations. 

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Top Entertainment Influencers in the Philippines

@johnprats (2.3m followers)

John Prats is a renowned actor, director and producer. He shares behind the scenes from various shoots and events. Scroll through his feed to find photos of Prats' fun and heartwarming moments with his children. 

@missizacalazdo (1.6m followers)

Iza Calzado Wintle is a well known actress. She is the co-founder of She Talks Asia and a dance enthusiast. She posts pictures from various photoshoots and events that she attends.

@amypcastillo (1.1m followers) 

Amy is a TV and radio host. She is a YouTube creator with a huge fan following. Amy updates her followers with the latest happenings and motivates her followers by posting thoughtful messages on Instagram.

@fifthsolomon (537k followers)

Fifth Solomon is an established director, writer and actor. He posts about the travelling locations, events he has attended and behind the scenes of various commercial shoots.

@sam_conception (496k followers)

‘sam_conception’ is an actor and musician. He updates his followers about the events and highlights snippets of behind the scenes shots from the projects. 

Top Skincare Influencers in the Philippines

@viycortez (2.2m followers)

Viy Cortez has her line of cosmetics and skincare products. She provides updates on the new products launched by her brand. 

@mauwrob(1.4m followers)

Maureen Wroblewitz is the first runner up for Miss Universe Philippines 2021. She has worked with renowned skincare brands Olay and St. Ives and collaborates with local brands.  

@gellidebelen (739k followers)

Gelli de Belen-Rivera promotes self-care and posts skincare tips to help  her followers.

@noeminikita (508k followers)

Noemi reviews a large variety of skincare products and gives her honest reviews to her followers. 

@sheillyncheng ( 241k followers)

Sheillyn is a well established Instagram influencer in the skincare community. She has worked with a variety of skincare brands like Olay. She is particular about self-care and personal well being. 

Top Pet Influencers in the Philippines

@iamandalioloisa (9.9m followers)

Loisa is an established actress and an animal lover. She uploads a lot of fun antics that her cute animal friends get to. Other than that, she is also fond of sharing skincare rituals. 

@meganbata (2.9m followers)

Megan Young is a famous public figure, crowned Miss World 2013. Besides frequent updates about her daily life, Megan posts pictures and videos of the time spent with her adorable dog, Soba.

@draivee (279k followers)

Dr Aivee uploads all the fun and joyous moments she spends with her family along with their cute little pets. 

@joeymeadking (245k followers) 

Joeymeadking is a custodian of shared farmland as well as an animal caretaker. She posts pictures of all the fun she encounters while looking after her animal friends on the farm and otherwise. She also uploads pictures from all the locations she has visited. 

@kayeshachua (105k followers)

Kayesha is an animal lover. She has one dog and four cats and refers to herself as their fur mom. She uploads all the fun antics that her pets get to and encourages her followers to adopt pets instead of buying them. 

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Top Wellness Influencers in the Philippines

@bianca_king (967k followers)

Bianca encourages her followers to live mindfully through her content on social media. She motivates them to take care of themselves and their surroundings. Bianca also shares various recipes through her YouTube channel. 

@troymontero (528k followers)

Troy Montero is a well-known athlete. His posts inspire his followers to live a healthy lifestyle by working out and developing healthy eating habits. 

@iamenzovirtucio (176k followers) 

Florence Peter D. Virtucio is a wellness travel and lifestyle influencer. He promotes various brands and motivates his followers to lead a mindful lifestyle.

@culverpadilla (164k followers)

Culver is a fitness coach and trainer. He posts videos and pictures of his workout and encourages his followers to lead a sustainable, fit and healthy lifestyle.


@crysmd (126k followers) 

Crystal is a dermatologist and a famous Instagram personality. She encourages her followers to focus on their mental and physical health and shares personal experiences through her posts to help motivate them. 

This digital era has seen a continuous increase in the popularity of social media marketing. It makes influencers a necessary part of branding and social media marketing strategies. If you struggle to find the best influencers or manage influencer marketing campaigns, check out affable.ai for a free demo today.

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