Product Updates: Direct Payments and Content Discovery

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
September 1, 2022
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Wrapping up August with highlights of our recent product updates. Stay up to date on what's new with, to help you scale your influencer campaigns.

1. Direct Payments 

Monetary incentives for Influencers

Brand users can simplify the process of influencer compensation by using the Fixed Pay feature. Enlisted under the edit creator portal section, it explains influencers' compensation preferences and executes accurate payouts at scale. 

You can directly add an influencer as a beneficiary eligible for direct payments. It enables the ability to pay influencers directly in exchange for the content they create. 

Product exchange, affiliate commissions, and direct influencers are all available. Brands can set a fixed price for all influencers or allow influencers to propose their content, indicating approval or rejection based on their assessment.

Fixed pay settings within the creator profile helps in influencer compensation.


2. Filter Content Discovery by Followers 

Discovering the right influencers 

This feature allows brand users to filter search results based on influencers' follower count in the "Content Discovery" function.

It helps save time in finding the right influencers or content. Plus, improve search relevance by enabling brands to segment the content posted by influencers belonging to different categories, such as micro, macro, mega, etc. 

Find the right influencer follower count filter in the "Content Discovery" function.

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