[Report] Top Parent Influencers To Partner With in Southeast Asia

Uyen Le
Digital Marketing Exec
June 7, 2021
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Purpose of the report

Parent influencers have exploded in recent years! With the closure of schools and self-quarantine measures due to Covid-19, social media users are now following parent influencers on social media as they look for advice on nourishing children and taking care of their families during these unprecedented times.

If you’re looking for a collaboration with top parent influencers or targeting families in your next influencer marketing campaign, this report would be a valuable resource for you!


Using advanced machine learning and big data analytics, Affable was able to track and analyze thousands of influencers in the parenting niche in Southeast Asia.

All the influencers featured in this report are highly authentic, having a high engagement rate with at least 10k followers.

Benefits of Partnering With Parent Influencers

1.Their content is highly authentic

From sharing personal experience to giving helpful advice, many parent influencers amassed a huge social media following as they always add authenticity to their content.

2.They have influence in numerous fields

Parent influencers often cover a wide range of topics in the content regarding their family’s health and well-being. By collaborating with parent influencers, brands can stay relevant while reaching out to a large and diverse follower base.

3.Their recommendations are trustworthy

Parent influencers have become a primary source for reliable guidance and parental advice. That’s why having parent influencers review your products can help to increase customer trust in your brand.

To Discover Top Engaging Parent Influencers To Partner With in 2021, Read our full report here.

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