ūüó£ Rethinking D2C Customer Acquisition Post COVID: Conversation with Aman Advani from Ministry of Supply

Nisarg Shah
CEO & Co-Founder
September 2, 2021
min read
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Are you experimenting with various customer acquisition channels for your D2C store? Not sure how to acquire customers in the new world post-COVID?

‚ÄčJoin our workshop to hear from Aman Advani, CEO of Ministry Of Supply¬į who will talk you through his experiences of opening up 6 stores before COVID and then shutting down the stores to focus on eCommerce. Hear how they overhauled the business around remote work - repurposed fabric, rephotographed all items on their website & rewrote descriptions to make them appealing to remote workers.

‚Äč‚ÄčIt's an open discussion and attendees are more than welcome to participate in the conversation via Zoom.

Want to know more about Affable and how we are helping D2C brands manage Influencer Marketing? Check us out!

When: Wednesday 22nd September at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET

Where: Zoom


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