Singapore's top Instagram Influencers to watch out for in 2022

Sanjana Joglekar
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January 3, 2022
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Influencer marketing, an effective marketing strategy, takes advantage of the broad reach of content creators to expand brand visibility in the market. Undoubtedly, Singaporean businesses are not hesitant in reaching out to these influencers to raise awareness about their products.

Data shows that 74% of Singaporeans use social media channels regularly, and 40% of the 16-24-year-olds online believe word-of-mouth from influencers.

In search for the right influencers, manual outreach can be time-consuming, especially when the influencers' audience must be in line with your target market. Also, managing influencers and finally figuring out the ROI can be taxing. 

One can easily avoid these obstacles by using influencer marketing platforms. These platforms make the online marketing process easy and more streamlined for all users. 

Influencer marketing platforms give you a personalised list of influencers based on your target audience. It adds efficiency to your campaign management and provides statistics measuring the impact of the posts by the influencers.

Here is a detailed guide of top Instagram influencers in Singapore in their respective industries. 

Top Fashion Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@mamikoyoko (854k followers)

Weronika Heck is a fashion influencer on Instagram. She does brand promotions for brands like Fashion Nova and Versace. 

@xiaxue ( 591k followers)

Wendy Cheng is a fashion influencer and owner of the Plastic Cosmetics brand. She likes posting pictures of herself in different outfits and sometimes with her family members. 

@limrebecca (417k followers)

Rebecca Lim is an actress and an influencer, posting pictures and videos to promote various clothing and cosmetics’  brands.

@jiaqiwoo (416k followers)

Jayley Woo is an actress and  fashion influencer. Her profile mainly consists of pictures from photoshoots. Jayley also promotes multiple  clothing and accessory brands. 

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Top Beauty Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@ec24m (1.2M followers)

Jaime Chua is a socialite, entrepreneur, YouTuber and influencer. She promotes various clothing, accessory and cosmetics’ brands on her Instagram account.

@joannepeh  (354k followers)

Besides being an actress and entrepreneur, Joanne Peh is a successful influencer on Instagram. Scroll through her feed, and you will find pictures of her promoting cosmetic and skincare products.

@carriewst (347k followers) 

Carrie Wong is an actress and an influencer. She endorses a wide range of cosmetics, accessories and skincare products. 

@sahursart (295k followers)

Sahur Saleim is an award-winning makeup artist and a beauty influencer. Her posts range from trying different makeup looks to promoting and reviewing various beauty products. 

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Top Fitness Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@jamiepang (153k followers)

Jamie Pang is a fitness influencer based in Singapore. Apart from uploading pictures and videos of her working out, Jamie also answers the questions asked by her followers on diet and exercise. (140k followers)

Baihakki Khaizan is a football player and fitness influencer posting about football and other sports events he attends. His Instagram feed also shows her recent visits to new locations with his family.

@jmeteo (118k followers)

Jamie Teo is a fitness influencer and a cycling enthusiast who posts workout content and helpful tips for her followers about healthy eating habits. 

@iamjiaen (117k followers)

‘iamjiaen’ is cycling and pilates trainer who is big on sustainable living. She uploads content on her workout routines.

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Top Parenting Instagram Influencers in Parenting

@marissaln (1.1M followers)

Marissa is an entrepreneur and a parenting influencer.  She uploads pictures and videos of her along with her two kids. Marissa provides tips on maintaining a good balance between work and family life. 

@naomineo (656k followers)

Naomi is a parenting influencer sharing all about her life as a mum of two children. She also posts pictures and videos of her outings with her family.

@bongqiuqiu (280k followers) 

Qiu Ting shares her life with her family on Instagram. She uploads content related to all the things she and her children get up to in their day to day lives. 

@starleytan (137k followers)

The Instagram account run by JianhaoTan and Debbie S shares the fun and heartwarming memories of their daughter, Starley. 

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Top Food Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@ieatishootipost (150k followers)

 ‘Ieatishootipost’, a food influencer based in Singapore, showcases his culinary skills by uploading pictures of all the different cuisines and dishes he prepares. 

@sethluicious (129k followers), a media company,  connects gastronomes with ideas. They display delicious treats from all over Singapore, mentioning tagging places for their followers to go and try the food served at those locations.

@withlovemelodylow (125k followers)

An Instagram influencer, Melody Low is also a model and YouTuber. She posts pictures and videos of all the different types of food and cuisines she has tried during her travels. 

@lennardy (85k followers)

Lennard Wong is an engineer turned chef and food influencer. He shares the dishes he makes for himself and at his workplace. 

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Top Luxury Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@xcalikins (309k  followers)

Xcalikins, a YouTube personality and an influencer, promotes luxury brands through her posts. 

@mongabong (289k followers) 

Mongchin Yeoh is a blogger and influencer promoting brands like L'oreal Paris and many others. She ensures to have exciting gifts as giveaways for her followers. 

@willamazing (269k followers)

Willaballe Ong is a digital creator and luxury influencer. She has promoted Vacheron Constantin, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, and Louboutin.

@marxmae (127k followers)

Mae Tan is an influencer who promotes luxury products like Givenchy, Prada, Nike, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co. 

Top Travel Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@yk (1.1M followers)

Yik Keat is a photographer, travel enthusiast and influencer. He uploads breathtaking shots of picturesque locations. 

@fionafussi (159k followers)

Fiona is a model, actress and travel influencer based in Singapore. She shares all her travel experiences. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, she shared the experience of travelling to France and all the safety protocols she followed. 

@jonxplore (120k followers)

Jon Liew is a travel influencer who believes traveling is the biggest healer. He shares feel-good anecdotes and thoughtful insights to help anyone going through a tough time.

@heyrozz(110k followers)

Rozz is a blogger and a travel influencer, reviewing exotic locations and giving historical references of places she visits. 

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Top Gaming Instagram Influencers in United Kingdom

@julietan_cxq (274k followers)

Julie Tan is an actress, entrepreneur, YouTuber and influencer. She uploads gaming pictures and videos, and products. 

@danialron (125k followers)

Danial Ron is a gamer and an Instagram influencer. He posts content about his gaming activities and other sponsored and promotional content.

@itsvincentsin (100k followers)

Vincent Sin is a content creator, gamer and influencer. His Instagram account consists of short videos of him playing games and promotional content related to gaming equipment and accessories.  

@jollinepop (98.9k followers)

‘jollinepop’ is a lifestyle and gaming influencer from Singapore. Her content on Instagram centres around gaming equipment like keyboards, headphones, etc. 

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Top Technology Instagram Influencers in Singapore (349k followers)

Tung Sheng is an entrepreneur who reviews and promotes various gaming equipment through his Instagram account. 

@kaaashvi (183k followers)

Kaashvi is a gamer, YouTuber and technology influencer. Her content revolves around gaming and other promotional posts.

@ryanxgo (84.6k followers)

Ryan Tan is a video creator and technology influencer. He reviews and promotes different games and electronic equipment for his followers. 

@dianabakar_ (59.3k followers)

Diana Bakar is an entrepreneur and gaming influencer. She posts promotional content on gaming equipment and behind the scenes of her gaming.

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Top Skincare Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@ohohlawrence (351k followers)

Lawrence Wong is an actor, singer, and founder of the skincare line, Grail. He talks about his skincare routine and addresses questions posed by his followers. 

@melissackoh (266k followers)

Melissa Koh is a blogger who posts promotional content of skincare products  and provides a few skincare tips to her followers. 

@bellywellyjelly (262k followers)

Christa Bell is a YouTube content creator. She posts pictures and videos promoting skincare and beauty products. She has worked with brands like Gucci, Laura Mercier, etc.

@xinlinnn (159k followers) 

XinLin Khaw is a skincare influencer who reviews beauty and skincare products of various brands. She also gives helpful skincare tips to her followers. 

Top Wellness Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@phuongkhanh_official  (152k followers)

Phuong Khanh is a blogger. She posts pictures and videos with thoughtful and insightful captions on self-care and healthy eating habits to help her audience.

@jacelyn_tay (140k followers) 

‘jacelyn_tay ’ is a health and wellness influencer. She posts pictures and videos talking about the importance of self-love. She is also big on healthy eating habits and shares them with her followers.

@andiechen (117k followers)

Chen Bangjun is an actor, nutritionist and wellness enthusiast. He shares his self-care journey with followers through his posts. 

@prisceliachan  (104k followers)

Priscelia Chan is an actress. She posts content regarding self-care and promotes skincare brands. 

Top Pet Instagram Influencers in Singapore

@zoetay10 (239k followers) 

Zoe Tay is an actress who occasionally shares pictures of her dog and posts heartwarming videos.

@thedesmondtan (234k followers)

Desmond Tan is an actor. He posts pictures and videos of his two dogs, Hoshi and Udon.

@nathanhartono  (119k followers)

Nathan Hartono is a musician. He shares a generous amount of pictures and videos with his dog. 

@panlinglingg (93.3k followers)

Pan LingLing is an artist. She shares pictures and videos of heartfelt moments with her dog. Also, she talks about her general love for animals and nature. 

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