9 Top-Ranking Social Media Agencies in India [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
June 1, 2022
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With social media becoming an indispensable part of people's life in India, various brands and marketers have already raised their game in executing social media campaigns.

They see it as a channel where their potential customers spend time learning about the product and consider buying it. Knowing its scope, many small scale businesses and eCommerce brands opt for customised social media marketing strategies by reaching out to agencies.

Social media marketing companies in India help brands overcome challenges such as finding the right platform, creating relevant content, reaching the right audience, managing healthy relationships, and measuring progress

As a part of their strategy, some agencies have introduced influencer marketing. They use influencer outreach tools like affable.ai to reach authentic talent and recruit them for campaigns.

Affable.ai is a simple and easy to use tool that helps you scale your influencer campaigns. Sugar Cosmetics, a top Indian beauty brand, used the platform to find the right influencers and managed the campaign end-to-end. 

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Let's do a deep dive into the top agencies in India.

Known Social Media Marketing Companies in India

1. WeBeeSocial 

Founding Year:

Headquartered in New Delhi, WeBeeSocial has run several successful social media campaigns in the last six years. The agency combines technology and creativity to develop strategies that target the right audience and get them to take action. 

It pays attention to every aspect of campaign management, from awareness to consideration and conversion. To boost the impact, WeBee runs ad campaigns on social media channels. It uses insights, analytical data, and metrics to determine the success of campaigns.

Clients: AMYR, YouthBol, OK Play, Mahindra, Solo Expenses, ACMA, FERO, Genesis Finance 

Other Services: Performance marketing, web analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO), website design and development

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2. Sun Media Marketing

Founding Year:

Sun Media Marketing is a leading social media agency in India, having at least eight years of experience working with brands in education, finance, food and beverage, home and repair, medical, real estate etc. 

Its primary aim is to boost brand visibility and improve your ROI by developing strategies that align with your short and long-term objectives to increase sales, attract more traffic, or build connections. As a part of it,  Sun Media provides Linkedin, Facebook (Meta), and Instagram advertising services. 

Also, for a more competent decision-making process, the agency derives essential insights by deep diving into analytics. 

Clients: Mynyx Consulting, North West Design Studios, Bestar, Affordable Leaflets, Codezeros 

Other Services: SEO, digital marketing, content development, pay-per-click advertising

3. Socialee

Founding Year:

As one of India's leading social media marketing companies, Socialee bridges the gap between you and your customers. 

Having worked with companies in education, real estate, tourism, fashion, hotels, entertainment, etc., the agency knows how to position your brand among the right target audience. The agency manages your accounts across platforms and interacts with the audience on your behalf. It creates personalised content that helps you stand apart from the competition.  

In addition to this, the agency also handles social advertising on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and more platforms. 

Clients: Vyom, B4U, Swarn Shilp, Shringar, Sterling Accuris, F9 Furnichair, Tea Post

Other Services: NA

4. Yellophant Digital

Founding Year:

As a part of the Merge Infinity group, a parent growth consultancy firm, Yellophant Digital is a sister agency to Chimp&Z Inc and Griffin Pictures. The agency provides 360-degree marketing solutions for clients.

Under its social media marketing efforts, the agency provides content curation, social analysis, conversation analysis, influencer outreach, and campaign execution. They enhance communication between you and your customers by posting content frequently on different social media channels. They focus on growing your business with purpose-driven campaigns aligned with your brand values. 

Clients: RBL Bank, Dreamery, Cadini, Wokexpress, Musafir.com, Pizza By The Bay, Siyaram's 

Other Services: SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, media planning, public relations (PR), branding, web design, photography, media buying, website development, app development, object-relational mapping (ORM) 

5. Social Cubicle

Founding Year:

Social Cubicle is a full-service social media agency in India running end-to-end campaigns to make you a trusted brand in a respective industry. The agency optimises accounts, creates content, and manages communities to establish constant communication. 

They provide influencer management and advertising to expand the reach of the campaigns. Focused on a quality-based approach, it gives a detailed report of the campaigns to understand their performance. They also conduct a deep analysis of the social platforms you want to market on and their audience reach. 

Their team simplifies the strategy and keeps you involved at the execution level.

Clients: Monark Golf, Baked in the South, The Renewable Energy Hub, Royez, Smart Agro

Other Services: NA

6. Whisskers Marketing

Founding Year:

Whisskers, being a top social media agency in India, aims to enhance your connection with the audience. Founded by two ex-Googlers, the agency caters to clients ranging from small businesses to Multinational companies (MNCs) in FMCG, healthcare, education, fashion, commerce, and lifestyle sectors. 

The team first deciphers your brand story by researching your target audience's buying behaviour. After that, it creates content to establish a personal and emotional connection. 

They use KPIs like audience reach, impressions, shares, followers, leads, and more to understand the level of engagement progress of their strategies. It has offices in Chicago and Dubai. 

Clients: Fresh Gravity, Opera, Meena Bazaar, Cement Manufacturers Association, Organic Harvest 

Other Services: Mobile optimisation, email marketing, reputation management, digital marketing, tracking and analysis

7. ColorWhistle

Founding Year:

ColorWhistle helps brands increase their online presence and solid identity through social media management and marketing. In this process, it creates and designs content that can easily resonate with your brand's market segment.   

Being a full-service social media agency in India, ColorWhistle works with brands in real estate, travel, healthcare, education etc. The agency has four pricing models based on the requirement of its clients.

Clients: HTC, Nitara, Crane R&D, Berkeley 

Other Services: SEO, PPC, SEM, content marketing, ads, marketing automation, YouTube marketing

8. Social Beat

Founding Year:

Social Beat has helped top brands in India become a known name in the market. They identify the right platform for your business and then use social media techniques to grow a following for you. 

To enhance a brand's social media content, they hire influencers from their database of 7M creators. It helps them expand your brand's presence to a more targeted audience that is loyal and interested in the niche. 

The agency caters to brands in healthcare, education, real estate, eCommerce and D2C, growth startups, banking and financial industries. 

Clients: Khatabook, Himalayas, Boat, TATA Mutual Funds, Jaguar, Naturals

Other Services: Content and SEO, multilingual marketing, video creation, digital transformation, marketing automation, market research, digital media planning and buying, programmatic solutions 

9. Envigo

Founding Year:

Working with both B2C and B2B firms, Envigo is one of India and London's leading social media marketing companies. The agency also serves global brands in UAE, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, etc. 

Their services include campaign strategising, advertising, calendar planning, performance tracking, and personalised creatives. 

The team at Envigo analyses data from all the major platforms to ensure the content is performing well. They generate monthly or weekly reports to keep you informed about your campaigns. 

Clients: ebookers, Biba, MakeMyTrip, Unacademy, Henkel, Indusind Bank, GSK, Randstad, Hertz

Other Services: Web analytics, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, user experience design, creative design, development 

Summing Up

While managing a social media campaign, you may have encountered challenges like dipping engagement and reach, rising ads cost, understanding the target audience, etc. These roadblocks affect your engagement with the target audience. Here, influencer marketing can help you achieve the desired objective as an influencer's followers can be your ideal audience. 

Read more about influencer marketing and why it is a top strategy. 

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