Top 9 Social Media Agencies In Miami [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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May 30, 2022
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When it comes to social media marketing and management, various brands in Miami use it to carve a niche for themselves. Because being a part of Florida state, the fourth-biggest economy in the United States, these brands thrive in a competitive space. 

The right mix of digital and social media is their solution to beat the competition. 

Often brands take the services of social media agencies in Miami to strategise and run the marketing campaigns. These agencies use their experience and expertise to reach the target audience and build the brand's online presence. 

Some agencies even use influencer marketing as part of their strategies to build lasting relationships with the audience. They rely on influencer outreach tools like to connect with the right talent. has a database of 6M+ creators from which you can choose the right one using 20+ filters. Besides this, it also helps you manage and measure campaigns to connect with your audience the right way. 

Let's learn about the top agencies in Miami and their services. 

Leading Social Media Marketing Agencies in Miami 

1. Krafted Digital

Founding Year: 2011

Krafted Digital caters to businesses of all sizes ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small scale businesses in 60+ industries. It runs ROI-focused social media campaigns by focusing on unique content that can resonate with the audience.

Through advertising techniques and influencer marketing, the agency magnifies the reach of each content. This social media agency in Miami also provides web design, content marketing, SEO, eCommerce marketing, paid search, and branding. 

Tennis Point, Nema Boston, Bonsai, Anatomy Fitness, Zod Charger, Raw Generation, All Modern Furniture, Lufthansa 

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2. Volume Nine 

Founding Year:

Volume Nine, a social media agency in Miami, helps brands in health and fitness, manufacturing, hotels, B2B software, and other industries to reach their target audience through personalised strategies and data-driven campaigns. 

It integrates with your work process to provide efficient results. For this, the in-house team of designers and social media experts follow an established content creation process. They create content calendars for regular posting and evaluate strategies to run effective campaigns. 

Clients: Live Nation, Vitamin World, Aspen Snowmass, Fiji Water, Obermeyer, Helen Of Troy

3. Modofi 

Founding Year:

Modofi is a top social media agency in Miami that follows a three-step process -  analysis and consultation, strategy and deployment, reporting and optimisation - to help brands grow their online presence.  

It evaluates your existing strategies, analyses your market segment and develops content accordingly to achieve better results. To track the campaign's progress, it uses analytical tools. 

The agency provides other digital marketing services such as web design, SEO, video production, and eCommerce marketing. 

Clients: Axum Gear, Flight Tribe Apparel, Heria, ThenX, Noir Luire, Blu Scarpa 

4. Mochee 

Founding Year:

As a full-service social media agency in Miami, Mochee handles everything from strategy building to content creation and advertising. Its client base consists of companies in D2C, fashion, publications, real estate etc. 

The agency focuses on non-paid marketing strategies. As a part of it,  Mochee recruits influencers to create authentic content and engage the target audiences. It also provides email marketing, web design, and TikTok content creation services to drive the conversion. 

Clients: Lavazza, Ryder, Holman Automotive, Books & Books, Sotheby's International Beauty, Bluehouse Salmon, Hilton 

5. Froztech

Founding Year:

As one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Miami, Froztech aims to enhance your social presence with content development, community management, reporting, and influencer marketing.

The agency researches your target audience first to determine what type of content will engage them. After that, it creates specific social media posts for targeting specific objectives like lead generation, awareness, and authority building. 

Froztech also provides web development, software development, app development, cloud services, and SEO. 

Clients: Pacta Relations, RMG Staffing, Moneyede Martin, Equinox, First Step, Taquilla Live

6. iScream Social

Founding Year:

iScream Social handles social media marketing and management to increase the target audience's engagement with your brand. It conducts audience analysis to understand their buying behaviour and determine which platforms are fruitful for your business.  

Their creative team creates original text and visual content and maintains a regular posting schedule. It carries out pay-per-click advertising on your social channels to enhance the content reach. The agency also provides a social media manager to support its clients in running marketing campaigns. 

Clients: Maine Plastic Surgery, Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery, Princeton 

7. Neuelane

Founding Year:

Neuelane, one of the top social media marketing agencies in Miami, has expertise in content creation, advertising campaigns, and brand positioning. It serves businesses ranging from startups to established brands. 

The agency uses audience insights to build meaningful relationships. Its social media services include account management, strategy development, content creation, community management, paid advertising, analytics and reporting. 

Clients: Pincho, &Pizza, Sergio’s, ToroToro, Terra, Intercontinental Miami, Loud, Iberia 

8. Roar Media

Founding Year:

With nearly 17 years of experience, Roar Media knows how to use a marketing mix for its clients. It balances traditional and digital media to grow brands at every touchpoint. 

Gain and Locowise are popular digital marketing tools Roar Media uses to simplify collaboration and performance measurement. 

The agency builds strategies, develops content, manages relationships, reports results, and conducts social advertising for brands in the travel, lifestyle, food and beverage, hospitality and other industries. 

Clients: Tampico, Diageo, Cemex, Lennar, Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Latam Airlines

9. DEGOM Marketing

Founding Year:

DEGOM Marketing, a top-rated social media agency in Miami, aims to help its clients in insurance, eCommerce, health, retail, and other niches to stand out from the competition. They provide 360-degree digital marketing services to enhance the online presence of brands.

With a speciality in running social media campaigns, the agency first understands your existing customers' persona. It then formulates its strategies to increase reach and grow sales. 

The agency offers other services such as cold calling, web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) to achieve the desired marketing objective.

Clients: Airbnb, Physiologists, Monica Campos 

Summing Up

With a perfect social media strategy, you can build a community of people liking your product. They can act like a trusted source to talk about your brand and spread word of mouth. 

You need to identify these social media talents or influencers who can drive conversation, connects you with your target audience, convey your brand message and increase awareness. Many agencies recognise the importance of influencer marketing while chalking out the social media strategy and therefore have added it to their portfolio to win more clients. 

Next, check out the top influencer marketing agencies worldwide. 

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