Top 8 Social Media Agencies In South Africa [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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May 19, 2022
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With the rapid growth of e-commerce sales in South Africa in the last few years, multiple brands are taking up social media marketing and advertising to expand their businesses and reach potential customers. 

According to a study, social media channels are vital because more than 70% of South Africans shop online at least once a month. Gen z and millennials engage with a brand through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter. 

Estimates show that more than 40 million social media users will be in South Africa by 2026. It means the market will be way more challenging in gaining the audience's attention. You will require expertise and tools to build a solid social presence. 

Nearly 60% of local marketers rely on marketing, PR, and social media marketing agencies in South Africa. 

These agencies use social media techniques to help brands engage their target audience, and some even use influencers to outreach an audience segment interested in the industry. 

They help brands identify talented creators with influencer marketing platforms like It is a tool that automates the campaigns and enables you to manage and measure campaigns more effectively. 

So let's learn about the top agencies in South Africa! 

Known Social Media Marketing Agencies in South Africa 

Pretty Social

Founding Year:

Pretty Social enhances the online presence of B2B and lifestyle brands by managing social media marketing campaigns and advertising for them. 

The agency does it all through its five-step process, starting from consultations to maintaining profiles and ending with performance measurement.  It publishes content and boosts engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ as part of management services.  

Whereas its team of creative experts for copywriting and designing support in advertising. 

Clients: Harck and Heart, Anella Wedding Shoes, Dear Deer, Chameleon Creatives, Daikin, LK Fitness

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2. Juicy Designs

Founding Year: 2008 

Juicy Designs is an award-winning social media agency in South Africa offering advertising, marketing, management, content creation and design services. Be it defining the audience persona, building strategies or spreading the brand message, the agency takes care of everything. 

The agency uses its influencer network to enhance its social media strategies to reach out to the ideal target audience. Currently, it has a network of 100,000 influencers who create branded content on social media. 

Clients: Engen, Mazda, Steel Worx, Lazarus Motor Company, Juanita, Ginger Berrie, Jaguar 

3. Digital Cloud

Founding Year:

Going with its result-oriented approach, Digital Cloud develops simple solutions to challenging problems. It provides 360-degree digital marketing services with expertise in running social media campaigns on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and other major channels. 

This social media agency in South Africa focuses on unique storytelling to engage the audience. It follows a comprehensive six-step process including market and brand research, planning, idea conception, execution, measuring and optimising. 

It uses other digital practices such as SEO, design, video and animation, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, influencer marketing etc., to generate maximum ROI. 

Clients: 4Sight, Dynamics 365, UNICEF, 365 People, Fleek Smart 

4. Black Snow 

Founding Year:

Black Snow runs successful digital marketing campaigns by combining strategy, design, and technology to drive results for brands. For B2B and consumer brands, it focuses on problem-solving strategies. Paid marketing, SEO, PR, creative, performance marketing, etc., are also a part of it. 

Their approach helps convert audiences into loyal customers with authentic content and community management. 

Clients: FedEx, John Deere, Securitas, DaVinci, Douglas Green, Goldwell, Land Rover 

5. Black Wolf Agency 

Founding Year:

Black Wolf Agency is a social media agency in South Africa providing brand marketing, digital media production, full-service digital marketing, and web development services. 

The agency conducts social listening for each client to understand how the audience feels about the brand. It includes collecting relevant data. The insights drawn from campaigns help them build a community of followers for their respective clients.  

Clients: Pearson, Adidas, PRIMI, Engen SA, Dalcha, SAWEA

6. Sauce Advertising

Founding Year:

Sauce Advertising was founded in the 1980s as an advertising agency, back when traditional media was effective. But as social media gained popularity, the agency shifted its focus and included social media marketing in its portfolio. 

This social media agency in South Africa now focuses on organic strategies instead of advertising to gain the audience's trust. They use facts and data to understand people's emotions and determine what they need. Subsequently, they build strategies around the buyers' sentiments. 

It also uses paid advertising, search engine optimisation, website development, and local store marketing to help brands run campaigns. 

Clients: Debonairs Pizza, Lupa, Fishaways, Mugg & Bean, Milky Lane & Co, Wimpy SA, Net Cafe, Salsa Mexican Grill 

7. BlueMagnet

Founding Year:

Understanding the importance of engaging the audience, BlueMagnet focuses on enhancing your digital presence by incorporating the latest social media trends in a campaign. But before running a campaign, it follows a four-step process – discovery, research, audit, and strategy. 

This process helps them understand what type of content and positioning the brand needs. The team prepares editorial calendars, engagement plans, paid advertisements, and remarketing campaigns to boost reach based on the insights. 

The agency also provides consulting and training in social media. 

Clients: Avbob, Bantex, Bonitas, Click Maven, Dimension Data, Supergroup, Syspro, Longevity 

8. Pink Power Co 

Founding Year:

Pink Power Co is an eCommerce marketing agency having experience working with health and fitness, luxury fashion and interiors, sports, gifting, jewellery and baby care sectors. 

The agency defines its services under PINK PROCESS, whereby it handles positioning, creates strategies, nurtures customers, and conducts advertising campaigns. They offer services in three packages – Brand Awareness, Grow Your AOV & LTV, 3.5X + ROAS. These packages contain different services that target your individual needs as brands.

Under social media services, it builds and manages social media profiles, creates engaging content, and handles scheduling and publishing. The agency uses Martech solutions to enhance strategies and manage the campaigns better. 

Clients: HRONE, Little Leap, Design Shop 

Summing Up

Brands today focus more on building long-term relationships with the audience to build brand ambassadors who can build trust around the brand. They rely on influencers as they are more connected to their audience. And the audience trusts them. Various brands have already adopted influencer marketing techniques to fulfil their clients' expectations.

Check out our list of the leading influencer marketing agencies in South Africa. 

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