Top 7 Social Media Marketing Agencies in San Diego [2022]

Archana Mishra
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May 17, 2022
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Over the last decade, San Diego has seen tremendous growth in social media users. From 57% in 2012, the user count jumped to 82% in 2021. Delve deep into the social media landscape — you will find how a city with a population of 1.5 million, mainly below the age of 60, opts for social media as a go-to place for buying a product.

Brands and marketers in San Diego are keeping up with this ongoing trend. They target the ideal audience on social media through their best marketing tactic. But according to experts, many brands still struggle with clearly defined tools to test the progress and reporting of a campaign.

If you are among them, reaching out to a social media agency in San Diego can be an option. They customise your marketing plan according to the derived insights on buyers' persona. The flourishing agencies even help you find social media talents to run influencer marketing campaigns.

Some use a tool like to identify the influencers or content creators to promote your product among their followers. Undoubtedly, an influencer's followers can be your ideal customers. The tool gives you access to a database of 6M+ influencers, while it also manages your campaign and measures its effectiveness.

Let us look at some well-known social media agencies to help you carry out a successful campaign. 

Leading Social Media Marketing Agencies in San Diego 

1. Rossman Media

Founding Year:

Working mainly with B2B brands, Rossman Media strategies social media concepts that can attract targeted audiences through paid and unpaid channels. Its data scientists based out of Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego offices use various tools to churn out detailed insights into consumer behaviour. 

Brands like Airbnb, Orangetheory Fitness, Kelly's Croutons, GoodRx, Beehive, etc., have benefited from Rossman Media's services such as social media advertising and management, creatives and designs, and video production, e-mail marketing, SEO and influencer marketing. 

2. Ignite Visibility

Founding Year:

A full-service performance marketing agency, Ignite Visibility specialises in multichannel digital strategy, social media, SEO, paid media, and e-mail marketing. This social media agency in San Diego has built itself upon three pillars - relationships, responsiveness and results. 

With its team of 55 in-house experts, it executes interactive campaigns and decides upon the apt social media platform for a brand. In the past, they have created strategies for Lancer Skincare, Accuride International, Tony Robbins, Madison Avenue Couture etc. The agency integrates social media with Pay Per Click, SEO, content marketing and public relations.

3.  RevLocal 

Founding Year:

RevLocal claims to have expertise in local search marketing. Its approach lies in creating personalised digital marketing solutions for local businesses and brands across the U.S. Kitchen Tune-Up, Red Oak Pub, Troy Grooming, Einstein Law, and LLC are some of the brands that have benefitted from the agency's services.

As a part of its social media marketing plan, the in-house team creates content or graphics and publishes three new posts each week. It also optimises social profiles and boosts posts on Facebook and Instagram. Their objective is to keep target audiences engaged and build trust for lead generation and conversion. 

 4. Casual Fridays 

Founding Year:

Helping brands to find, connect, convert and keep customers, San Diego-based social media agency Casual Fridays is into building strategy, promotions, content publishing, and community management. The agency does its research to know the brand, value proposition of its products and competitors. 

The process helps map out target audiences' persona and different stages of their buying journey. Content marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing and production are other services to help brands execute a powerful campaign. Currently, the agency caters to hotels, restaurants and consumer brands in North America. 

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5. Thrive 

Founding Year:

With offices spread across ten different countries, Thrive aims to work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to big consumer brands. Under social media, it leverages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok to boost engagement. 

This social media marketing agency in San Diego offers a plethora of social media marketing services such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, website design and development, video production, e-mail marketing, and content writing. It has worked with Petersen Games, HomeFirst, Guided Choice, Northline Express etc. 

6. L7 Creative 

Founding Year:

L7 Creative believes in narrowing the gap between a brand and the socially interconnected world. Under the social media management, the agency offers organic and paid social media strategy, content creation and content calendar. Other services include paid advertising, paid search and paid social, e-mail Campaigns etc. 

It has conducted campaigns for brands such as Kannabooch, Property Masters, Triaj, E3 Housing, Wedgewood Weddings etc., by doing research and analysis, understanding their vision, business goals and competitive landscape. 

7. Jumper Media 

Founding Year
: 2016

Jumper Media wants to establish itself as an Instagram marketing agency for small businesses. The social media agency in San Diego assigns you an assistant to work on your Instagram page. Its team signs into a brand's account and engages with the people relevant to a business. They have created almost 100k Instagram pages. 

The agency finds communities more likely to become their client's customers. According to the agency, it takes eight impressions before a consumer decides to buy a product and visit a store. Therefore, it focuses on great photos and videos to attract customers.

Wrapping Up 

Using the right tools and strategic messaging on social media through catchy designs and graphics can do wonders. An experienced social media marketing agency in San Diego can help you in this process. 

But one cannot ignore the fact that influencers have taken the entire social media marketing to the next level with their unique content and loyal followers base. You can join the league by onboarding influencers that can boost sales and conversions. 

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