How Sound in Marketing Can Help You Run Compelling Influencer Campaigns

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July 10, 2023
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Sound in marketing is not a new concept. Brands have been utilizing music to build emotional connections with the audience. Earlier they did it with jingles, now they collaborate with music influencers to create music videos. It can be mashups, song parodies, or more. 

Creating a music video is a hot trend you can follow to leverage sound marketing in your influencer campaigns. Sound marketing helps you:

  • Evoke emotions in customers 
  • Set the mood for the content 
  • Increase engagement
  • Build excitement around your content 
  • Connect personally with audience 
  • Convey brand messaging 
  • Enhance brand recall
  • Create a memorable brand identity 

Our Influencer Marketing Spring 2023 Report
talks about the trend in detail highlighting top brands that experimented with the trend and gained massive success. 

Take Bar-S, the food products company, for example. The brand released an 80s inspired music video in collaboration with Grillin’ Maidens. The video highlights the all-women music band singing a parody of Cherry Pie by Warrant,  stirring up nostalgia in customers. 

Bar-S leveraged sound in marketing by releasing a music video with Grillin' Maiden amassing over 25k views.
Bar-S released a music video with Grillin' Maiden amassing over 25k views.

This was not the first time a brand leveraged sound in marketing. Budweiser released a music video to stir up a positive buzz around the 4th of July. The beer brand partnered with Anderson Paak, the famous rapper to launch a video. Moreover, they collaborated with seven popular influencers to showcase their success stories in the videos. 

But it is not just about releasing a music video or partnering with music influencers. The content must be able to evoke a feeling in customers. Like Bar-S specifically chose the song Cherry Pie to evoke a nostalgic feeling in viewers. 

Nostalgia is a captivating and immersive experience, leading to better retention and interaction with the brand. Once the sound is recognizable, it reinforces brand identity and makes it easy to recall the brand among the audience. Bar-S played around with this form of influencer marketing to strengthen its emotional connection with the audience. 

Plus, creating your own music is a sure-fire way to avoid licensing issues. 

The sound-on influencer marketing technique can be used to gain traction for:

  • Holiday season, including Black Friday, Christmas, Independence Day 
  • Product launch or re-launch 
  • Upcoming event 

Using sound in marketing can make you go viral on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, or other video platforms. For this effectiveness of sound in capturing and holding the target audience’s attention, the year has also seen a constant demand for ASMR influencers.  

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