Threads: Why Brands Should Add This To Their Marketing Strategy

Mayank Choudhary
Social Media Specialist
July 13, 2023
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Unless you’ve been away from the internet for the past few days, Meta just launched a Twitter rival on the 5th of July called Threads. It’s a brand new social media platform that in my opinion, is Twitter rebooted with a clean UI. An astonishing fact? Threads has amassed over 100 million users within five days of launch, making it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

Brands, of course, have taken note. Given that it’s being called Threads, an Instagram app, one of the key features of this app is that it helps anyone who signs up with their Instagram account a headstart, with all of their Instagram followers, who also have a Threads account, the option to follow. Brands are trying their best to ensure they have ‘early adopter’ status and can carve a niche for themselves.

According to LBB Online, “Meta has stressed that what we’re enjoying getting to know this week is an ‘Initial version’. That it intends to become part of the decentralized social web and is talking about the Fediverse - a network of independent servers…”. Another bit of news earlier on the 11th of July stated that Meta is planning to launch branded content tools, allowing marketers to run paid promotions on the app although advertising is still not in their immediate plans.

So, does this mean your brand should wait before adding Threads to your marketing strategy, or should you take the step? I think yes. A big, fat yes. The main reason is that, as per findings by Website Planet, Twitter is witnessing a mass exodus by brands and users alike, and is thus seeing a rise in engagement on Threads. That’s already a great reason for your brand to make its presence known and go where your audience is. Here is a chart, courtesy of Quartz, with some comparable statistics:

Instagram's Threads to become the fastest growing Twitter rival.
Instagram's Threads to become the fastest growing Twitter rival. Source: Quartz

Brands have moved in quickly and have already started to create great posts (or threads?) that have garnered a lot of engagement.

Zomato's first Threads' post.
Zomato's first Threads' post.

A food-delivery app with a great first post, no? Also, extra brownie points to anyone who recognizes this sweet Indian dessert!

July's giveaway post on Threads, an excellent way to garner audience engagement.
July's giveaway post on Threads, an excellent way to garner audience engagement.

Starting off your Threads journey with a giveaway post? It’s definitely a good idea, considering it’s already garnered over 600 replies and 400 ‘likes’!

So, will Threads continue to rise at its given rate, or will it see a decline in the near future, we don’t know. No one knows for sure. However, what I am very sure of is that you definitely need to jump on this fast-moving bandwagon. No clear indication of what’s right and wrong, how the algorithm works, etc., but maybe this is exactly what makes it so attractive to me right now.

If you’re on Threads, find us here!

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