Prioritizing Authenticity Over Polished Content with TikTok GRWM Videos 

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July 12, 2023
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Who thought applying makeup or wearing branded clothes on camera could be a popular trend? Influencers are making it happen with TikTok GRWM (get ready with me) videos.

GRWM videos feature influencers getting ready on screen while talking about their anxiety and personal stories. It is like they are chit-chatting with you like a real friend over a video call. Influencers connect with their audience on a deeper level by sharing personal stories, experiences, and challenges. These stories often include moments of imperfection, making them more compelling and relatable.

Considering how the audiences prefer influencers who talk about real stuff, the TikTok GRWM trend is a perfect way to reach out to these customers to build brand credibility and trust. Not just TikTok, the trend has also become popular on Instagram and YouTube. 

"I'd say brands are a lot more hyper-aware and focused on finding creators that closely align with their brand aesthetic and values more than they used to. I've noticed brands have especially started focusing on creators who organically use their products so that the creators' follower base knows that the ads are authentic. Even a lot of the creators we work with will turn down high-paying brand deals if they know their followers will find the product inauthentic to them," says Sam Koehler, the USA-based influencer, who has endorsed Princess Polly, Skims, Prada Beauty, and Armani Beauty among others.

The get ready with me videos also allow influencers to be more realistic and vulnerable with followers, which earns them extra points when promoting branded content. The followers see the branded ads as more genuine, increasing their likelihood of buying your product. 

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