Top 15 Influencer Marketing Agencies, Platforms in Dubai -2022

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
March 8, 2022
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Running an influencer marketing campaign can be a challenge for various companies worldwide. It is no different in Dubai, a global city and a hub of businesses. 

Especially when studies show that 46.5% of UAE young adults buy products based on influencers’ recommendations, whereby identifying and managing the right influencers directly linked to your target audience becomes critical. 

If you are a brand or an agency in Dubai, still finding a way to understand the know-how of executing an influencer marketing strategy, you have a choice here!  

Go for a SaaS-based platform that completely automates the process of searching and managing influencers and gives in-depth data measuring the success of your campaign. You can also hire a marketing agency that conducts the task manually or take support of platforms or tools to perform the tasks. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

Here, let’s look at some of the influencer marketing platforms and agencies in Dubai and the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region. 

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms in Dubai 

1), founded in 2017, is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform with a database of 6M+ influencers. It has advanced features like image analysis; exclusions search among 20+ filters to discover the right influencers. 

It also integrates with e-commerce stores like Shopify, manages campaigns and gauges the overall campaign impact. The platform is easy to use and affordable. 

Various Dubai-based brands run their influencer marketing campaign using Besides UAE, the USA and Southeast Asia-based companies have been using the platform.

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2) has a database of 12,000 influencers in the Gulf region. They compare influencers across social media channels to find those who fit the brand requirement. Being into the identification of influencers only, they offer services like contacting influencers directly and negotiating with them. It has worked with brands like Gillette, L’oreal, Ikea and others. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Dubai

1) Ykone

Ykone, founded in 2014,  works with travel, beauty and luxury brands in Dubai. For the last seven years, the agency has been handling campaigns in Dubai for some of the renowned brands and local companies like L’oreal, Estee Lauder, Coty, KERING etc. 

Their in-house team takes responsibility for all the content production, works with influencers, and supports them with creatives. Ykone uses an influencer marketing tool that has a database of nine million influencers to identify the right fit for brands. The agency is active in other countries like Hong Kong and European countries.

2) GryNow

Having a network of 50,000 influencers across multiple countries, GryNow agency curates content strategy, campaign creation and execution and conducts real-time campaign tracking for its brands. It has worked with brands like MoneyTap, ShareChat, Roposo and others. 

The agency takes the service of an influencer marketing platform to reach its client's target audience. Also, they offer other services like celebrity influencer marketing, Twitch influencer marketing. 

3) Starfish Agency

Starfish is a micro-influencer agency in Dubai with a database of 3500 influencers from  Gulf countries. The agency gets involved with your brand by designing creative strategies, ideating content that gels with campaign structure and giving campaign reports. It has worked with brands like Foreo, Burger King, Subway etc. 

4) Global Media Insight

It is a digital marketing company headquartered in Dubai, which recently started working on influencer marketing. Most of its work is around content production, supporting brands to conceptualise and execute campaigns. Global Media Insight has 16 years of digital experience and provides services like website design and development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, online advertising and many more. 

5) The Media Lab

It is a video production agency, also providing a micro, macro and celebrity influencer management service for Louzon Group, Korean International Trade Association and others. It has a network of influencers for different niches. 

Also, they use influencer marketing platforms to figure out content creators from Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. The Media Lab has maintained its terms with celebrities to help its clients gain visibility.  It also provides social media marketing, web design and maintenance services and others. 

6) Wow Social:

A social media agency - Wow Social - strategies ways to get the most from social platforms by strategising what and how to communicate with content creators. In the past, the agency worked with e-commerce websites and brands like Infiniti, YAS Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Canon, Renault etc. Its strategy is to create relationships with bloggers to promote its clients, identify influencers and analyse best-performing posts. 

7) Rewind Production

A UAE-based digital marketing agency - Rewind Production - handles corporate branding, website design and development, influencer marketing and other tasks. But their expertise lies in android and iOS app development. 

They are into creating influencer strategies and finding content creators either manually or take services of the platform to execute the campaign on your behalf. 


Headquartered in Dubai, Nexa is a digital marketing company set up in 2005. Providing services like website design and development, mobile application development, social media and e-mail marketing,  Nexa recently introduced influencer marketing. The agency has connections with influencers only in gulf countries. But it has over 50 in-house digital marketing specialists to execute campaigns in other regions like the USA.

9. POP Communications

A public relations and influencer marketing agency, POP Communications has a database of regional influencers. The agency arranges influencer contracts; manages gifting and community outreach. It has worked with brands like Lynor, The Smash Room, Biodrema, Little Wren and others.

10. HelloPixels

HelloPixels is a digital agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Set up in 2013, it offers marketing solutions, mobile app development, branding, brochure design, web design and digital marketing. Under their influencer marketing service, HelloPixels creates plans and goals for influencer marketing campaigns; manages program workflow and automation. 


Launched in 2017,  ITP Live is an influencer marketing agency in  the MENA region. The agency has offices in London, Los Angeles, and India. Having its pool of influencers and celebrities, the agency has  created influencer marketing campaigns for brands like Sony, MDLBeast, Oppo, Samsung and other local brands. 

12. Third Eye Blind Productions

Third Eye Blind Productions manages influencer relationships for its clients. It has a network of 2000 influencers in Dubai and globally. Set up in 2016 with a production and a film making project, the agency now works with brands across 16 countries. From curating content to influencer analytics, the agency does real-time monitoring of the campaign.  

13. Amplify

Having 25 years of marketing expertise,  UK-based Amplify launched its office in 2008. It outreaches and negotiates with its network of influencers on behalf of the brand. They claim to have relationships with influential content creators across Europe and the Middle East.  From checking influencers’ credibility to monitoring their post, it also helps brands establish affiliate links. 

Executing an influencer marketing strategy requires identifying real people in real settings. connects you with the right influencers and helps to grow your business. To learn more about us, book a demo.

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