Top 5 Feature Updates from Affable You Should Know About!

Uyen Le
Digital Marketing Exec
April 7, 2021
May 12, 2021
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Affable is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms that help brands run impactful data-driven influencer marketing campaigns. The AI algorithms that power Affable were built from the ground up by our team of software development talent, who is working constantly to update the platform with more useful and powerful features.

Here are some of the biggest feature updates from Affable that can help brands achieve the best results when running influencer campaigns!

1. Searching for Multi-channel Influencers 

Customers now don’t live on one social media channel alone. That's why brands have been partnering with multi-channel influencers, which allows them to reach a much wider audience and ace their cross-channel marketing campaigns!

Although searching for multi-channel influencers is a complex feature to integrate, our tech team managed to pull it off! Marketers can now identify creators who are active on different channels and see their social media profiles with just one click!

2. Calculating Unique Reach

Audience overlap is a common issue that occurs when the total campaign’s reach accounts for duplicates across audiences. This issue hinders a brand’s ability to reach more audiences and drive up its costs.

So how to identify audience overlap in your campaign? At Affable, we help brands calculate and report the unique reach, not the total. For example, If influencer A has 100 followers and influencer B has 100, but they share 50 of them, the real reach will be 150, not 200 followers!

By doing this, our tool helps marketers to value the influencers they are working with, as a group and individually.

3. Exclusion Search

Exclusion search a minor feature update but can create a big impact!

Brands can use Negative Search to avoid working with influencers who had mentioned or been sponsored by your competitor in the past. What’s more, you can also exclude certain interests and locations for greater precision. For example, you can search for influencers that mentioned Shopee but not Lazada, having followers in MY but not based in MY.

This exclusion search, combined with other filters, makes Affable’s Influencer Discovery tool a cut above many of its competitors!

4. Integration of Trackable links

Including links in influencer’s content is a popular tactic used to track influencer’s performance. This helps brands not only measure the campaign's impact but also optimize the budget by working with influencers bringing the best values for them.

By using Affable, marketers can create Trackable links for influencers and track clicks on those unique links! Instead of switching between Affable and other link tracking tools, brands can now measure their ROI in one platform.

5. TikTok integration

Video marketing has witnessed the fastest growth in 2020 with the explosion of TikTok. While integrating a new social media platform to Affable is truly challenging, we tried our best to help brands manage and run successful campaigns on TikTok.

Marketers can now search for TikTok influencers, vet audience quality, look for content inspiration and measure the effectiveness of your TikTok campaign on Affable!

Updated: Shopify Integration

Are you looking for a Shopify integration solution to drive and track sales generated by influencers? Our latest update Shopify Integration allows clients to create Shopify campaigns, assign codes for influencers, and measure Sales Generated Per Influencer as well as Total Sales!

Affable is a leading AI influencer marketing platform that helps brands discover authentic influencers, manage conversations, track campaigns and measure the ROI of their influencer campaigns - all in one place.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our features or request for a free demo today!

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