Top 7 Instagram Crypto Influencers in the UAE

Sanjana Joglekar
Content Marketing Intern
November 29, 2021
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Top 7 Instagram Crypto Influencers in the UAE

At least one in four United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents view cryptocurrencies as exciting investment opportunities, according to a 2021 YouGov survey by Holborn Assets. Among 1000 respondents, the younger population from 18 to 45 years are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies.

By adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain within the regulatory landscape, the Middle East financial market has established itself as a global hub in digital assets. It has opened avenues for start-ups innovating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. These are into automated crypto trading or work as digital asset exchange platforms. 

The progressive approach by start-ups has led to the emergence of tech and financial experts promoting cryptocurrency. They are content creators or influencers guiding the masses on digital assets.

To identify these influencers, AI-driven platforms like come into the picture. The platform helps find top-ranked cryptocurrency influencers across all social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, manages campaigns and measures the ROI. 

Here are a few top crypto influencers on Instagram from the UAE to follow in 2022.  

@officialshyboss (363k followers)

Adeshile Oniwonlu is a musician, producer, builder as well as a successful Forex Trader and crypto influencer. Being a passionate trader who has earned a fortune by trading for a long time, Oniwonlu encourages his followers to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

@mende (219k followers)

Matthias Mende is one of the big names when it comes to cryptocurrency trading in the UAE. He engages with his followers by short videos of trading. He often gives educational tips about trading and advises and encourages all his followers to study the market  before foraying into digital assets exchange platforms.

@aviv.aldo (73.4k followers)

Aldo Aviv is an entrepreneur specializing in cryptocurrency trading. Based in Dubai, Aldo is also a crypto influencer on Instagram in the investment sector and has a crypto community on Telegram, having over one million members. Aldo recently launched RODY,a social trading network that caters to the eCommerce industry's payment demands.

@spencer.lodge ( 29.2k followers)

Spencer is a crypto influencer who motivates his followers on Instagram towards investment and business expansion. He spreads awareness and educates his followers about the various uses of crypto currency and other trading methodologies. Lodge frequently conducts QnA sessions on his Instagram stories, where he answers the doubtsand answers trading doubts raised by his followers.

@crisnajera__ (16.4k followers)

@crisnajera__  Is a mentor and investor. She is also a crypto influencer on Instagram who educates her audience about the world of trading, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. She gives them tips about investments through her Instagram stories and saves them as highlights so that her followers can view them whenever they want. 

@farhan_younas (16.2k followers)

Mian Farhan is an entrepreneur and an Instagram crypto influencer. He is passionate about trading cryptocurrencies and has a repeatable following on Instagram, where he updates his audience about his crypto trading journey

@alexander_erber (7.1k followers)

Alexander is a Bitcoin investor and crypto currency influencer on Instagram. He provides his followers with useful insights about bitcoin and crypto trading. He shares his experiences with his followers so that they can learn from them. He also provides inspirational advice through his posts on Instagram.

UAE has become the hub of digital trading and cryptocurrencies. As more citizens become aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency, UAE will see a rise in the number of its crypto influencers. To find, manage and measure such influencers, check out Leading Influencer Marketing Software for brands and agencies

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