Top Holiday Influencers for Stellar Marketing Campaigns

Varshitha Kavali
Content Marketing Analyst
August 10, 2023
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  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in USA
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Singapore
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Malaysia
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Philippines
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Indonesia
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Thailand
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Vietnam
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in India
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in UAE

Whether you're in the final stages of locking down your influencer marketing campaign for the 2023 holiday shopping season or still in the contemplation phase, one thing is clear — choosing the right holiday influencers to amplify your enticing Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and even Diwali deals stands as the pivotal task. But worry not, as we're here to ease your journey.

We sifted through 2.3 million Instagram influencer profiles to identify holiday influencers who partnered with brands in  2022 to promote holiday sales deals. Interestingly, last year many  brands approached mom influencers for their authentic and relatable storytelling, besides reaching out to influencers in fashion, lifestyle, health and wellness  and  other product categories.

Find out more in this blog as we explore the top five holiday influencers from the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and Indonesia.

Let’s dive in!

Table Of Content:
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in USA
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Singapore
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Malaysia
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Philippines
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Indonesia
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Thailand
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in Vietnam
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in India
  • Top 5 Holiday Influencers in UAE

United States

1. Mirela Blitzstein (@mystaerie84, 212k followers)

Lifestyle, Beauty

Mirela, a prominent macro-influencer from the United States, is best known for her captivating content centered around skincare, haircare, beauty, and lifestyle. Last year, during the holiday season and specifically for the new year, Mirela collaborated with Adore Me as part of their Adore Me creators campaign. The collaboration featured Adore Me's collections, allowing her followers to browse and shop their trendy and diverse offerings.

Going by the data, Mirela has an estimated reach of 42.53k followers, generating an engagement rate of 6.17%. Brands such as Charlotte Tilbury Skincare, Pixi Beauty, Hempz, Olaplex, and others have collaborated with her in the past, recognizing her influence.

2. Hannah Denison (@hannahmarieden, 15.2k followers)

Lifestyle, Beauty, Food

A mid-tier mom influencer based in the United States, Hannah Denison posts actively on parenting, beauty, food, and lifestyle. Considering her social media influence, renowned natural food brand Bob's Red Mill collaborated with her in 2022 to promote their almond flour.  Denison looked at creating authentic content by using the product in one of her family recipes for  Christmas and Thanksgiving.  

In the past, she has collaborated with other brands. With over 85% of her audience base being women, especially Gen Z and millennials,  Denison has an engagement rate of 4.51%.  

3. Rufus (@rufus_chappell4, 2,968 followers)

Lifestyle, Education, Fashion

Last Christmas, Rufus, a nano influencer, collaborated with Conquer with Milk, a dairy company. Since a large chunk of Rufus' content revolves around lifestyle and education, he showcased how Conquer with Milk has become essential to holiday gatherings with family and friends. Rufus shared videos featuring enjoyable moments with loved ones while promoting the product.

Even as Rufus has less than 10k followers, he has an impressive engagement rate of 3.75%. Over 17% of his content features branded promotions, and he has collaborated with notable brands such as iDance Ministry, Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea, and more.  

4. Madison Freeman (@mbbfreeman, 28.3k followers)

Lifestyle, Education, Fashion

A  micro mom influencer, Madison Freeman,  proactively posts on fashion and parenting. In 2022, she and her husband  partnered with Duluth Trading Company, showcasing an extensive workwear collection for both men and women. She also partnered with Palmer's, promoting their stretch mark lotion and skin therapy oil while candidly sharing her experiences as a mom.

Freeman also collaborated with Mayfield Dairy and the Once Upon app to add to the holiday excitement.  Her  follower base, particularly in the United States, Russia, and Spain, makes her an ideal choice for most brands. Since 93.3% of  Freeman’s followers are aged 21 years, it indicates her appeal to Gen Z and millennials. Both collaborative and organic content takes her engagement rate to 3.19%.  

5. Micheal Lindsay and Matthew Schueller (@michealandmatt, 299k followers)

 Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle

Micheal Lindsay and Matthew are popular social media influencers specializing in lifestyle, fashion and entertainment content. For the fact they could reach almost 59.41k audience with 89.12k impressions and generate an engagement rate of 2.05%.  Knowing their market value as prominent dad influencers, Tyson, a renowned food company, teamed up with them to promote Halloween-themed spooky chicken nuggets, appealing to kids and adults alike. 

And as Christmas approached in 2022, Lindsay and Schueller partnered with McDonald's to promote the holiday special Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Besides, the duo collaborated with Zicam, a healthcare company, to build content on winter care.


1. Tircia (@tr.ivia, 46k followers)

Fashion, Lifestyle

Tricia, a fashion-forward micro-influencer from Singapore, boasts an impressive 9.93% engagement rate. Last year, for Black Friday and Thanksgiving, Tricia teamed up with Fion Asia, a renowned luxury bag designer. She beautifully showcased their new minion bag collections, offering her audience valuable guides and exclusive discount codes for those shopping under her name.

She has fostered a devoted following, with 62.16% of her audience being male. Estimates suggest that Tricia's content reaches approximately 9.20k users. Tricia's expertise and influence have attracted collaborations with renowned brands like Pomelo, Shien, Shopee, Mulawear, and many more, leading to nearly 47% of her content as branded.

2. Bryan Ong YY (@bryanongyy, 30.8k followers)

Parenting, Fitness, Food

Bryan Ong  prefers to call himself  a foodie. So in 2022, he partnered with Morganfield Singapore, a growing American restaurant and bar chain, to promote the Christmas deal. He highlighted the delight of hosting festive celebrations at home by showcasing their food recipes. Not just that, Bryan  tied up with Wok Hey Singapore, sharing delightful recipes and tips to make Christmas special for hosting guests.

Besides being one of the popular holiday influencers, Bryan posts  on fashion, lifestyle, and travel throughout the year. His current engagement rate is 4.55%, estimated reach is 6.17k, and overall impressions are 9.26k.  His follower base in the United States, India, and Indonesia makes him an ideal choice for brands planning campaigns in America and the SEA.

3. Edwina (@winaz88, 10k followers)

Family, Beauty, Lifestyle

For the Christmas season last year, Edwina collaborated with the esteemed To Be Calm group, recommending their  Christmas candle collection, like the Happiness Luxury Large Soy Candle as a perfect gift. And that too, with personalized greeting cards for anyone buying the candles. She also partnered with local brands to endorse Christmas decorations.

Edwina is  a prominent mom micro influencer and a Christmas influencer from Singapore. She drives an  engagement rate of at least 7% by sharing her content with followers in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States. Edwina’s primary audience are females.

4. Ichigo Ichie (@ulricaaa_, 10.9k followers)

 Fashion, Beauty

Ichigo, a nano influencer, has collaborated with brands such as Guardian Singapore, laCabine, and Oh’s Farm Catering. But during the 2022 holiday season, she collaborated with Lustre Beauty, a health and beauty company. Ichigo built the content around the seasonal collection gifted by the brand —  the specially designed all-in-one gift box collection for the holiday festivities.

Despite being a nano influencer, her engagement rate  stands at 3.22%. Her overall post reach is 2.20k, leaving a lasting impression of 3.29k impressions.

5. Hailey Teo Xian Wen (@xianwenpoops, 10.9k followers)

 Fashion, Beauty, Health and wellness

Hailey, the renowned beauty, health, and wellness influencer, is a prominent figure in Singapore's creator community. Her content, which revolves around fashion, GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos, skincare routines, beauty product reviews, and healthcare tips, has earned her engagement rate of 2.35%.

During last year's holiday season, Hailey partnered with Himalaya Herbals Singapore, creating heartwarming videos of gifting skincare products to her loved ones. She shared her personal experiences and insights on using their Neem Face Wash with her audience, largely males above 21 years.

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1. Shuba (@shuba.g, 17.1k followers)

Fashion, Lifestyle

Shuba specializes in fashion and lifestyle content. While her primary following is from Malaysia, she has also garnered a substantial audience from the USA, UK, and India. At least 61.58% of her followers are females. During the holiday season of 2022, Shuba teamed up with Daniel Wellington, known for its exquisite timepieces and accessories. She elegantly displayed their festive collections, adding a touch of fashion and sophistication to her post.

In a compelling partnership, she encouraged her followers who hadn't yet purchased holiday presents to  reward themselves with goods from Daniel Wellington. In the past,  she has collaborated with Burger King, Kakatoo Malaysia Restaurant, The lash Loft and many more brands, which makes up 66% of the total branded content posted by her.

2. Yvonne (@yvonnechua, 547k followers)

 Fashion, Lifestyle, parenting

Yvonne, a prominent mega influencer from Malaysia, has fashion and lifestyle expertise. During the 2022 holiday season, Yvonne's collaboration journey took an exciting turn as she partnered with Dyson to experience and endorse their Dyson Airwrap in the Vinca Blue and Rosé shades. Her genuine enthusiasm for the product and its benefits struck a chord with her audience, inspiring them to view the Dyson Airwrap as a considerate holiday gift option. Yvonne's previous collaborations have contributed to an engagement rate of 2.26%. It can be attributed to her popularity among male audiences, making up 60.14% of her follower space. Her audiences are predominantly from the Gen Z demographic.

3. Sharon (@sharon.iim, 240k followers)

Fashion, Lifestyle

Taking the initiative to share about fashion and lifestyle, Sharon transformed into one of the holiday influencers throughout the previous year's festive season. Collaborating with Instea Coffee Bar in Malaysia, she took the lead in showcasing their freshest creations, Cherry Boom beverage, as a part of the Christmas specials. The statistics show that more than 83% of Sharon's posts are organic, demonstrating an engagement rate of 3.54%. Her content has reached approximately 48.09k individuals, amassing an impressive 72.14k impressions.

4. Jowei (@joweitng_, 42.3k followers)

 Fashion, Lifestyle

Jowei, a Malaysian micro influencer, creates content related to lifestyle and fashion. Her engaging posts have generated an impressive engagement rate of 6.14%.  Jowei  has a diverse following with a 33.33% female and 66.67% male audience, mainly from Malaysia,  Singapore, and Taiwan.  In the 2022 holiday season, Jowei collaborated with Walls Malaysia, a renowned ice cream brand. She  prepared desserts using Walls Malaysia's Carte d'Or ice creams and engaged her followers by sharing the recipe.

5. Najlaa (@strugirl, 3,830 followers)

 Fashion, Lifestyle

A fashion and lifestyle social media influencer, Najlaa’s teamed up with Zalora, an online fashion store, to promote holiday sales in 2022. She showcased stylish and trendy ensembles as a part of Christmas deals and other holiday sales deals by Zalora.  The 23-year-old has carved a niche in influencer marketing by generating at least a 4.27% engagement rate. Najlaa’s estimated reach is  759k, and her posts create over 1.14k impressions.


1. Avril Manlavi (@mommy_avril, 14k followers)

Parenting, Lifestyle

Avril excels in lifestyle, motherhood, and parenting content. For this reason, Uni-Love, a trusted baby products brand in the Philippines, approached her in 2022 to promote their Uni-Love Baby Wipes Christmas Edition. Having a strong bond with her audience, Avril reached over 4.26k social media followers. Besides the holiday shopping season, she has partnered with Nutri Asia, Pigeon Baby, Ellana Cosmetics, and others to promote their products. Brands reach out to Avril for her engagement rate of 5.53%.

2. Maan Briones (@maanmae, 17.1K followers)

Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty

In 2022, Vaseline launched its #ShowYourBrightGlow campaign for the holiday season. It hired Maan Briones as one of its holiday influencers. Briones promoted Vaseline's deals and offers, highlighting their skincare products' benefits for achieving a radiant glow during the festive season.  The talented micro-influencer from the Philippines has a command over lifestyle and fashion content as she has collaborated with Ponds, Unilever Philippines, and Head and Shoulders. It can be seen from her  engagement rate of 2.27% that her posts generally generate. Also, she has an estimated reach of 3.43k and over 5.15k impressions on her content. Of the total content, branded and non-branded posts share a 50-50 ratio.

3. Rei (@reigermar, 1.3M followers)

 Fashion, Beauty

Rei, the renowned Filipino celebrity influencer, has garnered followers in millions on Instagram with her engaging lifestyle and daily life content. Mobile brand Oppo Philippines partnered with her in 2022  to  promote its  holiday sales. The mega social media influencer created videos to showcase the impressive Ultra Night Portraits feature of the Oppo Reno8 smartphone. Plus, a collage of static posts capturing the holiday atmosphere.  Currently, Rei’s posts generate a 2.5% engagement rate. Her content has an estimated reach of 266.69k and 400.4k impressions.


4. Belle Mariano (@belle_mariano, 2.5M followers)

Fashion, Beauty

Belle, a mega influencer from the Philippines, is known for her fashion and lifestyle content expertise. While she has a significant following in her home country, she has also managed to attract a substantial audience from Malaysia, the United States, and Indonesia. An exciting aspect of Belle's following is that 71.43% of her followers are female. Among the total posts, at least 72% fall under paid partnerships. In the spirit of the holiday shopping season 2022, Belle promoted the Maybelline sale. Belle encouraged her audience to seize the Big Beauty Comeback Sale by Maybelline. Like an affiliate, she promoted 50% off on the products to increase the conversion rate for the brand.

5.Karina (@karinatellsyou, 22k followers)

 Home Decor, Lifestyle, Entertainment

Interior designer Karina likes creating content on home decor, lifestyle, and entertainment. So when  Extra Home Design approached her to style a Christmas Tree, she did it. But as a part of the brand-influencer Christmas deal, she posted a video of her creative expertise in styling a client’s Christmas tree to engage the audience for the holiday season offering of Extra Home Design. Her content  mainly reached out to females comprising 81.75% of her total follower base in the Philippines, Japan, and South Africa. Her current engagement rate is 2.15%.  

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1. Priscilla (@priscillayp, 20.5k followers)

 Fashion, Beauty, Food

A micro-influencer,  Priscilla knows how to captivate her audience through engaging content. Be it beauty, food, or fashion, her content resonates with her audience, which takes her engagement rate to 4.69%. In 2022, Priscilla collaborated with Shine’s Creation Food, known for their delectable desserts.  As a part of her partnership, she reviewed their Thai butter cakes in the red velvet variant and introduced her  followers to the holiday  discounts  offered by the brand. In the past also, she has worked for Grab Indonesia,, Lulu, and many others. Currently, her posts have an estimated reach of 4.10k and 6.15k impressions.

2. Kimi Ryu (@anandameita, 21k followers)

 Lifestyle, Food, Parenting, Beauty

Kimi, a skilled micro mom influencer from Indonesia, has gained recognition online by sharing captivating content about fashion, parenting, and lifestyle. Her posts engage her audience well, with an impressive 3.8% engagement rate. The majority of her followers belong to Gen Z and millennials. Additionally, 96% of them are from Indonesia and  resonate well with her regional audience. During the last year’s holiday season, Kimi partnered with Trevo, a car rental company in Indonesia, to promote holiday sales. As part of this collaboration, Kimi provided her followers exclusive discounts through referral codes, making it an enticing offer for those planning to purchase cars.

3. Minicil  (@itsminicil, 1,943 followers)

 Lifestyle, Fashion

Recognizing that the holiday season is about flaunting new attires, Jastip Korea Po & Ready, a warehouse specializing in exporting goods from Korea, teamed up with Mincil in 2022. Being a fashion and lifestyle social media influencer, Mincil, through her partnership, shared videos and static posts on easy ways to buy Korean products. Since her posts generally generate an engagement rate of 7.01%, she could captivate her followers, mainly from Indonesia.

4. Ebeth Fielder (@ebethfielder, 10.8k followers)

 Home and Garden, Parenting, Lifestyle

Ebeth directs her content toward celebrating motherhood, parenting, and lifestyle. Roughly 48% of Ebeth's content is affiliated with brands, which has resonated with an estimated audience of 2.17k and garnered around 3.26k impressions. At the Christmas of 2022, Ebeth teamed up with ABC Fine Wine to infuse the holiday spirit into her platform via an imaginative DIY endeavor. In her sponsored content, she presented a charming candy cane Christmas tree centerpiece, ingeniously fashioned using a non-alcoholic beverage from ABC.  

5. Wijaya kusuma (@wijayakusuma, 60.8k followers)

Fashion, Lifestyle

Wijaya Kusuma loves donning the latest fashion. For this mid-tier holiday influencer from Indonesia, partnership with different fashion and lifestyle brands has given him a 3.04% engagement rate. When Tenue de Attire, a renowned fashion brand, worked with him for their holiday marketing campaign,  Kusuma created videos on Holiday outfit ideas. Data shows, his overall content has an estimated reach of 12.17k and 18.25k impressions, indicating the impact of his posts on social media.


1. Hailey Teo Xian Wen (@t.rinluck, 104k followers)

 Beauty, Makeup

With content focusing on makeup tutorials, skincare, and beauty products,  Jenny, a  Thai macro influencer, was approached by ColourPop in 2022 to promote holiday sales. Putting a spotlight on ColourPop's comprehensive collection of beauty products, Jenny created posts on Halloween and Thanksgiving themes using the brand's customized and themed Instagram filters.  She has earlier partnered with other cosmetics brands, including Lamel Thailand, Benefit Cosmetics, and EverPink. Almost 75% of her content falls under the branded category, generating a 3.2% of engagement rate.

2. Kim Thai (@kkimthai, 387k followers)

Fashion, Beauty, Health and wellness

Kim, the well-known Thai macro influencer, focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and food content. But because her followers are mainly from the USA, Thailand, and Indonesia, Amazon approached her for holiday marketing. During the 2022 holiday season, Kim collaborated with Amazon to promote their Amazon Echo Show 15, a smart display with Alexa and Fire TV built-in. She tried out a traditional recipe with Echo Show 15 support, highlighting how it could be a perfect gift for the holiday season. Currently, her posts churn out an engagement rate of almost 3%.

3. Fernn (@fernnpc, 54.3k followers)

 Fashion, Beauty

Last Christmas, TrueCoffee, Thailand’s coffee chain, launched a delightful new Berry Bliss-themed menu to celebrate the festive spirit of Christmas and the holidays. The menu featured a variety of drinks, including Hot/Iced Pink Salted Caramel Latte, Raspberry Shaken Espresso, and Raspberry Sparkling Pearl Tea.Fernn, a well-known beauty influencer from Thailand, showcased each of these drinks through her vibrant posts, captivating her audiences. Since she knows how to strike a chord with her followers, her content’s estimated reach is 10.87k, with a 2.8% engagement rate.

4. Jingjing (@jingjn_, 55k followers)

 Fashion, Beauty

Holding expertise in fashion and beauty content, Jingjing collaborated with MAC Cosmetics  to promote its holiday sales deals. She encouraged her female fan base to embrace the festive spirit through her posts by applying MAC's Bubbles Bows Holiday Color & Kits.  Jingjing promoted a gift set designed especially for the holiday shopping season. She has partnered earlier with Bobbi Brown and Muse as she has a 13.85% engagement rate, about 10.88k estimated reach, and 16.32k impressions. Her feed showcases 81% of branded content.

5. Caramel (@crmmel, 105k followers)

 Art, Fashion, Beauty

Caramel, a well-known macro-influencer excelling in art, fashion, and beauty, has garnered his audience's attention through a 3.68% engagement rate. During the 2022 holiday season, Caramel's influence soared as he became a part of L'Occitane's biggest campaign, the L'Occitane x Lazada Holiday Limited Edition 2022 gift set. In her sponsored post, she unveiled their limited edition products through gift set unboxing. Her current reach is 21.05k, with posts creating almost 31.57k impressions.


1. Ryang Bae (@Ryangbae1997, 9832 followers)

 Food and Beverages

What happens when a Soju brand partners with a food influencer to promote their product? You have a high chance of reaching a larger audience, especially when everyone is in a festive mood. Jinro took advantage of this opportunity in 2022 by collaborating with Ryang as one of its holiday influencers to promote Christmas deals . Ryang showcased her versatility by incorporating the popular soju brand into her festival posts. Ryang has gained popularity today as her content has a 3.05% engagement rate, 1.96k estimated reach, and 2.94k impressions.

2. Geena Martinez (@golgergirl_gmoney, 94k followers)

Sports, Fitness

Geena Martinez, a 42-year-old influencer from Vietnam, collaborated with Fitbit to promote staying active and healthy during this festive time. Since she mainly produces sports and fitness content, which has an estimated reach of 18.80k and an estimated impressions of 28.20k, Fitbit approached her to endorse its products. By participating in several activity rounds, she showed her achievement of 3,716 steps, approximately 1.76 miles.

3. Hientiny (@hientiny__, 26k followers)

 Beauty, Lifestyle

The lifestyle and fashion content creator, Tina, has a strong female following, comprising 80.75% of her loyal fan base. She holds a significant impact with an estimated reach of around 5.21k and  7.82k impressions. Therefore, brands like Daniel Wellington teamed up with her for the Black Friday Sale campaign in 2022. By being a part of the Daniel Wellington campaign, Tina offered her followers exclusive access to stylish timepieces and accessories at attractive discounts.

4. Patrick Ta (@patrickta, 3.3M followers)


Patrick, the celebrated makeup artist from Vietnam, has quite an appeal among Gen Z, constituting almost 89.86% of his loyal fan base aged 21 and above. In 2022, he put together a special holiday edit highlighting his favorite products from Patrick Ta Beauty. For this, he partnered with Rakuten, which offers cashback, deals, and shopping rewards on online shopping. As a #RakutenPartner Patrick invited his followers to head over to Rakuten to explore his holiday edit and discover fantastic deals for the greatest savings.

5.  Ivan (@meet.ivan, 3.3M followers)

 Fashion and Accessory, Lifestyle

A Vietnamese micro influencer, Ivan frequently posts on fashion and. So much so that about 69% of his content is branded, highlighting his successful collaborations with renowned brands such as Beuter, Loewe, Blvck clothing, and more. Avoskin, a beauty, is also among them. Recruited as one of the holiday influencers, Ivan educated his followers to find the perfect retinol product that suits Vietnamese skin. To do so, he directed them to Avoskin products by informing them about the holiday sales deals.

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1. Devansh Kamboj (@devanshkamboj, 126k followers)

 Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle

Devansh Kamboj, a mid-tier content creator, has successfully partnered with several renowned brands. What truly distinguishes Devansh as one of the holiday influencers is his knack for deeply engaging his audience in a country where Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are relatively nascent. Devansh joined forces with Amazon India for the Black Friday deal in 2022. He has worked with Myntra, Oakpinion PR, and Zara, which makes 43% of his overall content branded.

2. Vipul Juneja (@vipul_juneja, 649k followers)

 Fashion, Lifestyle

Vipul, a mega influencer, has built an impressive following focusing on fashion and lifestyle. In 2022, when H&M introduced their Black Friday deal  in India, Vipul was one of the influencers who effectively showcased their winter collection. Through his previous partnership with Flipkart, Myntra, Celio, Guess, Zara, Ray Ban, Mango, and Prada, Vipul generated a 5.43% engagement rate. It shows his skills to captivate followers from India, Venezuela, Turkey, and the Philippines.

3. Nadia Singh (@twinstars_meera_gaura, 108k followers)

Fashion, Lifestyle, Parenting, Food

With content centered around parenting, fitness, food, and beauty topics, Nadia Singh could generate an engagement rate of 9.34%. It made her an ideal choice for several brands to recruit her as one of the holiday influencers. Amazon is one of them that reached out to her to promote its #FoundItOnAmazon campaign. Through her Instagram posts, she endorsed various Amazon products and a diverse range of kid collections. Other brands like Foxtale and Dermaco India also featured their sales on her feed, allowing her audience to access exclusive discounts and offers.

4. Tavishi Yeptho (@tavveey, 47.1k followers)

Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty

Taavishi Yeptho collaborated with Daniel Wellington in 2022 to promote its Black Friday deals. Being a  fashion and lifestyle influencer with a 4.53% engagement rate, she was the apt choice for the holiday marketing campaign. Yeptho provided her followers with a discount code for watches and jewelry. Besides promoting holiday sales, she has teamed up with various brands, which takes her branded content to almost 22%.

5. Vinha Sharma (@vibhasharma23, 6,160 followers)

Fitness, Fashion

After micro-influencers, nano-influencers have become one of the most sought-after categories for collaborations. Reflecting this trend, Bummer, an innerwear company, partnered with Vibha Sharma to endorse their products last Christmas. This strategic collaboration with Vibha, an Indian nano-influencer, demonstrates the brand's recognition of the authenticity and engagement these influencers can bring. In line with her impressive engagement rate of 5.93%, Vibha excels in producing captivating content that centers around fitness and fashion. Her estimated reach and impressions are 1.23k and 1.85k, respectively.

United Arab Emirates

1. Miled & Melissa (@the.rahal, 490k followers)

Entertainment, Parenting, Fashion

Miled and Melissa, the influential couple known for their captivating parenting, fashion, and entertainment content, boast an impressive engagement rate of 4.41%. Most of their audience includes Gen Z and millennials from Lebanon, UAE, and Indonesia. Lefties, a clothing brand for women, men, and kids, partnered with the couple to present the brand's winter and lounge collections. The couple shared exclusive discount codes with their followers to promote the Christmas deals.

2. Arooj Kaashif (@aroojkaashif, 104k followers)

Fashion, Beauty

During the Christmas season of 2022, Arooj partnered with Justlife, UAE's reputable home services brand. Together, they created captivating promotions and shared exciting news about the brand's offerings, enriching the holiday experience for her followers. In addition, Arooj delighted her audience with compelling videos in collaboration with MOFT, a new fashion line launched by Shein. In these videos, she showcased MOFT's sale campaigns and winter collections. Primarily, 85% of her female audience engages with content.

3. Sara (@saratalksbeauty, 21.5k followers)


Sara's Instagram feed is a treasure trove for beauty enthusiasts, as she expertly navigates the beauty industry with her in-depth product reviews and valuable recommendations. Sara collaborated with Dossier Perfumes during the holiday season last year, where she showcased their new fragrance  collection. Furthermore, Kopari Beauty also had its fair share of visibility on Sara's feed during the last holiday season. Recently, she partnered with Huda Beauty, IPSY, Verb Haircare, and more, creating engaging content that resonated with her followers.

4. Rebecca and Megan (@justtwomums, 20.9k followers)

Lifestyle, Parenting

Rebecca and Megan, a micro-influencer mom couple, have successfully captured the hearts of their audience through their engaging parenting and lifestyle-focused content. Their primary dedicated fanbase hails from the UAE. They've also attracted sizable followings from countries like the USA, UK, and India, underscoring their global appeal. During the last holiday season, the couple collaborated with Marks and Spencers to showcase the delightful twinning PJ limited collection for Christmas. Notably, 84% of their content is branded, and their collaborations extend beyond the holiday season, including renowned brands like Timeout and Asics.

5. Lynne (@lifewithlynne, 13.4k followers)

Home and garden, food and beverages, Fashion

Lynne, a micro-influencer, curates content spanning home and garden, food, and fashion. Yet, during the holiday season 2022, she demonstrated her versatility by venturing into the pet industry. Lynne collaborated with Four Pretty Paws, a brand known for crafting handmade pet accessories, especially during the festive period of Christmas. In a heartwarming display of love for her pet, she showcased Four Pretty Paws' new collections, captivating her followers with delightful content featuring her furry friend. Till now, with an impressive engagement rate of 3.47%, she has managed to build a devoted following, primarily comprising followers from the UK, where her appeal is most prominent.

Wrapping Up

The 2022 holiday sale season saw a dynamic collaboration between influencers and brands to bring  exciting deals and festive offerings. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, influencers shared their personal experiences and recommendations with authenticity, while brands launched innovative products and collections that resonated with their dedicated followers. In 2023, promote your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas deals by recruiting these holiday influencers. To find more such influencers. Try Get a free trial.

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