Top 13 Influencer Marketing Agencies In Australia [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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May 4, 2022
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Influencer marketing has become a competitive landscape in Australia. Recognising that 40% of consumers in Australia buy products based on influencer recommendations, brands and marketers are quick to make word of mouth an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

Various businesses have partnered with top influencers like Dacre Montgomery, David Warner, Phoebe Tonkin, Tammy Hembrow, Kayla Itsines, and Matty J. to scale their campaigns. 

Since the market is constantly evolving, multiple industries formed the Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCo) in 2019 to promote best practices, ensuring brands run campaigns with transparency and responsibility. 

Many brands run the campaign in-house, investing endless manhours, while some collaborate with influencer marketing agencies. These agencies have an expert team and years of experience, which helps them run world-class campaigns.  

In doing so, some even use influencer marketing platforms like to streamline their work. is an influencer marketing tool for brands & agencies seeking well-managed, measurable, and effective campaigns. The technology-driven platform has a database of 6M+ influencers and 20+ filters to help you reach the right talent. It also helps in managing campaigns from start to finish from one place. 

Now, let's see the top influencer marketing agencies in Australia. 

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Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Australia 

1. Saxton

Founding Year:

Saxton is an Australian-based speaker's bureau that has connections with more than 1600 speakers. To provide complete services for clients, the company has also included 1700+ influencers and brand ambassadors in its network. 

It includes some of the top Australian creators like Naomi Simson, Lane Beachley, David Thodey, Curtis McGrath, Nyadol Nyuon and others in sports, lifestyle, fitness, and mental health niche.

Being in the communications business for almost 50 years now, the agency knows how to engage the right audiences and increase a brand's visibility. 

Clients List: Thrive PR, Amway Japan, Origin Energy, Shell Australia, Montague, Bauer Media

Other Services: Voiceover, content creation, distribution for film, print media, social media, television, and podcasts

2. Free Folk 

Founding Year:

Free Folk specialises in PR, communications, and influencer marketing. Based in Australia, this agency manages end to end campaigns for clients, including strategy building events management and ambassador programs. 

Its influencer services include vetting and audience analysis, content briefing and contracts, product gifting, campaign tracking, talent reporting, and more related services. The agency covers platforms like Facebook (Meta), Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram to boost campaigns. 

Clients List: Playbook, Born Bred Talent, Lavezzi, Denim Co, Queensland Ballet, Rebel, Paw Prints

Other Services: PR & media relations, content creation, social media management, paid and social advertising

3. We Are Social

Founding Year:

With offices spread out in four continents, We Are Social operates globally to execute campaigns in countries like France, Italy, China, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

This influencer marketing agency in Australia provides end to end campaigns, including strategy building, content creation, partnerships, and measuring performance. The agency has a roster of influencers of all types ranging from nano to mega and celebrity influencers, to enhance the client's reach.

Its list of clients includes those from fashion, non-profit, retail, sports, and entertainment, among others. To ensure brands do not face any fraudulent activities, the agency operates as per the AIMCo rules.  

Clients List: Acer, Adidas, Audi, Guinness, Lavazza, Uber Eats, Samsung, Netflix, LEGO

Other Services: Creatives, production, media & distribution, and social gaming 


Founding Year:

Tide. pr, one of Australia's leading influencer marketing agencies, is a part of a top marketing agency Hardie Grant Media. This boutique agency, having offices in Melbourne and Sydney, specialises in PR and influencer services. 

It includes content briefing, creator outreach, strategy development, negotiations and agreements.  

The agency's client portfolio covers numerous industries like food, lifestyle, books, insurance, wine, etc. The agency knows how to attract the target audience's attention and gain their trust.  

Clients List: RACV, Coravin, Rawson Homes, HoMie, Halliday, Scent Australia, Bar None

Other Services: PR services, social media, and events 

5. Contagious Agency

Founding Year: 2008

The Contagious agency covers a network ranging from nano to macro-influencers. For the success of a campaign, it uses the psychographic technique - a way to profile the creator's behaviour and values, to include only the suitable ones in the network. 

The company follows a simple step by step process, including strategy development, influencer identification, interactions and relationship building, campaign execution, and measurement of results. 

The process ensures that clients in parenting, lifestyle, food, travel, design, music, and other sectors achieve their business objectives.  

Clients List: Bacardi Lion, Hyundai, Colgate, Visa, Vodafone, Pizza Hut, Clearasil 

Other Services: Content creation, long term advocacy programmes, and influencer events

6. Adaptify

Founding Year
: 2016

Headquartered in Melbourne, Adaptify is a digital marketing agency specialising in influencer marketing and other digital services. The agency manages campaigns from start to end to support its clients. 

The company's influencer services include finding niche-specific creators with the right audience, developing creative strategies and content, distributing content on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social channels, measuring performance and calculating ROI. 

To execute these services successfully, the agency uses online tools and apps to analyse goals and objectives, create buyer personas, evaluate creator profiles, check engagement levels, and plan a strategy. 

Clients List: Goldline, Coffex, Carter Grange, Guardian National Mortgage, Mars Campers

Other Services: SEO, web solutions, social media, mobile apps, content marketing, branding and design, and inbound marketing 

7. Two Palms

Founding Year:

Headquartered in Sydney, Two Palms is a leading influencer agency that provides end to end services for Australian brands. The agency has also set up an office in Queenstown to reach New Zealand based brands. 

It runs complete campaigns, from finding creators to reporting results while keeping clients in the loop. Since every platform has a different audience, the agency creates a different strategy for every social media channel to reach newer and more diverse audiences. 

The agency's network includes some of the top Australian influencers like Sarah Stevenson, Caroline Buchanan, Liz Clay, Sam Evans, etc. 

Clients List: Tourism Australia, Amazon Prime Video, GoPro, Prime video support, Amazon Alexa

Other Services: Talent management, digital and social media management, content production, and public relations 

8. Hello Social

Founding Year: 2011

Hello Social is a full-service social media agency working as an influencer marketing firm. The agency runs campaigns for brands to ensure they can gain the trust of their audience. 

The company has experience in enhancing brands' social media presence. It covers almost every sector like food, travel, family, fashion, lifestyle, etc. 

The agency also invites influencers to join its network and work with top brands in the industry.

Clients List: Uber, Amazon Prime, Paramount, NSW Government, Fujitsu, KitchenAid

Other Services: PR, performance, creative, media, and community building  

9. Magnum & Co. 

Founding Year:

Magnum & Co. is a marketing agency running integrated influencer campaigns in Australia. Founded in 2005, it has been Australia's leading independent marketing agency. The agency aims to bring an impactful change through its services and works for the brands. 

It provides services as a six-step process - brand and market research, influencer discovery and partnerships, content development, content amplification, performance analysis, and campaign optimisation - to help brands achieve their set goals.  

Clients List: Adobe, Spotify, Godaddy, RedBull, Converse, Stayz, Arcadian, The Fork 

Other Services: Creatives, digital and social media, experiential marketing, and public relations.

10. Agent99 PR

Founding Year:

Agent99 provides traditional and digital practices to take clients' brands to the next level and reach the masses. It specialises as a public relations agency based in Sydney and provides influencer marketing to ensure clients get a high ROI from campaigns.

The agency works with social media influencers and celebrities to run campaigns. This process includes building strategies, conducting market research, negotiations, campaign execution, and reporting ROI and performance. 

Clients List: Hunter Valley, Bimbadgen, Studiosity, Capify, Mtv, Tribe Breweries

Other Services: Product placement, media relations, crisis management, media training, content marketing, and product launches 

11. Neuralle

Founding Year:

Neuralle is a full-service influencer marketing agency in Australia, helping brands increase their reach, boost brand awareness and grow traffic. The company's in-house talent management team has access to experienced influencers and creators, including Will Gibb, Tom Ford, Luke & Meg, Frenchy, etc. 

Its services include ads, content creation, and campaign marketing. The company has run awareness, sales, and customer acquisition programmes for multiple brands. It also amplifies and creates ads to reach newer and mass audiences.   

Clients List: Casetify, Universal Music Australia, The Oodie, Heron Beverages, Levi's, Logitech, Ocean Week 

Other Services: Talent management, social, podcasts, consulting, paid media, and video production

12. Day Management

Founding Year:

Day Management is a leading talent agency in Australia that manages influencer marketing campaigns for clients. With 17 years of experience and access to top talent, the company connects clients with suitable influencers and ambassadors. Its network includes creators like Brooke Mcauley, Rachel Watts, Nick Davidson, Kath Ebbs, etc., who have years of experience working with brands. 

The company aims to stand out from the crowd and follow the same approach for its clients. Founded by Genevieve Day, one of the founding members of AIMCo, the agency has run campaigns for some big-name businesses in Australia.

Clients List: The Body Shop. Hive HQ, Forever New, Hoozu, Bondi Boost, PHD Media

Other Services: Talent management 

13. #AsSeenOn

Founding Year:

#AsSeenOn is a sister agency of InsideOut PR specialising in beauty, fashion, food, and parenting. The agency claims to be the first micro-influencer marketing agency in Australia. But it has also built connections with macro and celebrity influencers. 

Its services include a four-step process - communications and strategy building, social media channel selection and audience research, outreach and content production, and monitoring performance.  

The company also assigns an account manager to its clients, helping them run the campaign smoothly.  

Clients List: Salt Luxury Retreats, Justick, Redbelly, Zomato, Firefly, Colgate, Dyson, Randem

Other Services: Digital PR, media relations, marketing and communications, and PR consultancy 

Wrapping Up

It is important to remember that one-time influencer campaigns do not generate the desired results. To rope in your target audience, you need to build long-term relationships with the influencers so that they trust your product. Because if they believe your brand, they'll convince your audience too. 

To discover more agencies established in Australia and globally, head over to our Top Influencer Marketing Agencies Worldwide list. 

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