Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Chicago (2022)

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
April 21, 2022
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With influencer marketing spending in the USA likely to reach USD 4.14 billion in 2022, cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami are becoming a hub of influencers. Chicago, too is not left untouched by this new trend. 

From big influencers like Helen Berkun and Kyle Hocking to micro-influencers like Rebecca Peroulas and Lauren Carey, you can see how social media talents are establishing themselves as experts with credibility to endorse a product or service in the region. 

To run an influencer marketing campaign in Chicago, you can hire creators having highly engaged communities of your target audiences. The task can be challenging if done manually. But influencer marketing agencies can help you in streamlining the entire campaign. 

Influencer marketing agencies
have a network of experienced creators, and they match you with the right talent while simultaneously managing and measuring the campaigns. 

The article suggests a list of top influencer marketing agencies in Chicago.

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Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Chicago 

1. WhoSay 

WhoSay offers a 360 influencer marketing solution for brands in technology, food & beverage, beauty & skincare, and other sectors. This influencer marketing agency has connections with local creators and celebrities in Chicago, and it uses proprietary tools to gather insights and measure accurate ROI. 

The company was founded in 2010 in Los Angeles and later set up its offices in Chicago, NYC, and Rogers to target a US client base. 

The company has run over 400 campaigns for 100+ brands, including Pepsi, Pantene, Loreal, P&G, Dr Pepper, Sprite, and more top brands in the US. 

2. Social Media 55

Social Media 55, a digital marketing agency, runs operations in Chicago and 31 other cities across America and Canada. Established in 2011, the company provides every service required to enhance your online presence, including influencer marketing. It has a network of celebrities, KOLs, content creators, and micro-influencers. 

The company has worked with some known names like Mr Puffs, Two Bears, Croogloo, Westmount Square, Top Maui Hotels, and more top brands. It also offers a consultation service for brands who want to know more about the creator economy.

3. Laughlin 

Laughlin, an influencer marketing agency in Chicago, has years of experience in enhancing the digital experience of brands. The company does all the management work on your behalf, including market research, strategy planning, relationship management, performance reporting and content repurposing. 

Founded in 1974, the agency helps brands run persuasive campaigns from start to end. Master Lock, Travel Wisconsin, Jewelers Mutual, and Hoosier Lottery are some brands that trust Laughlin's services. 

4. L3 Agency (formerly L3 Eventeurs)

Founded in 2000, L3 Agency is a women-led marketing and communications company. It works with brands targeting women, millennials, and the Gen Z audience to help them shape an impactful and positive image in the market. 

With over 20 years of experience, this influencer marketing agency in Chicago specialises in creating data-driven content to connect some of the top US brands, including Bacardi, CVS Pharmacy, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Lexus, etc., with their target audiences. 

5. Talent Resources

Talent Resources, a communications and influencer marketing agency, has a network of Chicago-based content creators and celebrities to provide integrated influencer services. It includes influencer discovery, content curation, campaign management, and social engagement. 

The company also provides brand strategy services in the US. It works with premium brands like DIFF, Fabletics, Dunkin', Payless, Teami, and other well-known companies. 

6. Social Media 312

Social Media 312 is a full-service social media and digital marketing agency. The company specialises in email marketing, content design, social advertising, branding, web design, and influencer marketing. 

It supports clients in finding suitable and talented content creators for brand campaigns, and it does so by understanding the brand goals and the target audience. Raven Intel, Avery Austin, Speed Pro Canada, and The Snow Mag are some companies to avail agency's digital services. 

7. Reilly Connect  

Reilly connect is a leading influencer marketing and PR agency providing data-driven solutions to brands. The company focuses on analytics and performance measurement based on real-time insights to ensure better results. Its database consists of vetted creators experienced in promoting brands in the health & wellness, fintech, legal, biotech, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

The company manages the entire campaigns like negotiations, content creation, and more. It also provides strategic communications planning, brand activation, events organisation, and media mastery services.

8. Bettie Bomb

Bettie Bomb, an influencer marketing agency in Chicago, is a women-owned boutique agency. It specialises in campaign management, PR, branding, marketing, and design. The company follows an end-to-end process, focusing on market research, KPI and target audiences, strategy development, content creation, social amplification, and more activities. Established in 2005, the company creates personalised campaigns for brands in the food, lifestyle, retail, medical, and other sectors. 

Wrapping Up

The key to successful campaigns is hiring someone who believes in your brand. Agencies leverage their influencer connections to pair you with a creator who is best suited for you. They help in building solid relationships with influencers for long-term campaigns.  

Check out our list of top influencer marketing agencies in Los Angeles. 

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