Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Germany (2022)

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
April 19, 2022
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Unlike other countries, consumers in Germany are more particular about opinions and ratings of a product or service before purchasing it. 

Studies done in the past show that recommendations given by friends and family influence the purchasing decision of German consumers, which is almost 48% higher than the other 11 countries.   

Of late, influencers have also become a part of it. Over 22 percent of German consumers in 2020 have purchased a product based on influencer recommendations. 

Brands in Germany are gradually picking up this new trend - influencer marketing. They collaborate with top creators like Bianca 'BiBi' Classen, Younes Zarou, and Lisa & Lena to connect with their customers.

Influencer marketing agencies are an excellent means to reach out to the local talent. They connect you with your ideal influencers and manage and measure the engagement or sales driven by them. 

Below is a list of the top influencer marketing agencies in Germany. 

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Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Germany 

1. Lookfamed

Founding Year:

Lookfamed has close connections with a network of 20 exclusive influencers, enabling it to run successful campaigns in a short period. Its creator portfolio includes those from fashion, lifestyle, food, family, fitness, and other industries. 

Luana Silva, the company's creative head, also a famous influencer, helps the company run successful campaigns using her expertise. 

Besides creator discovery, the company develops unique strategies, implements them through campaigns, and reports the results. The agency holds national product launches, runs brand awareness campaigns, and extends its services to international regions. 

Clients list: Pampers, Samsung, Pepe Jeans, Dyson, San Disk, KiK


Founding Year:

PURE FACES is an influencer marketing agency in Germany with a network of influencers in the food, family, and beauty niche. The company runs end-to-end campaigns from strategy development to reporting and analysis. It ensures the brands are connected with the right talent to run authentic, engaging, and effective campaigns on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.   

Clients list: Netflix, Uber, Cocacola, Arla, GSK 

3. The Influencer 

Founding Year:

The Influencer connects brands with creators in food, travel, beauty, fitness, pets, and other popular niches. This influencer marketing agency actively works with Germany-based local brands. It focuses on authenticity and matches you with the right creators based on your individual goals and objectives in mind. 

It has a wide range of influencers, from macro to nano, on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Clients list: Sennheizer, Shiseido, Adidas, Salted, Samsung, Clark, Mandy skin

4. Alpha Pool

Founding Year:

Alpha Pool runs campaigns in collaboration with celebrities and mega influencers such as Halle Berry, Franziska Knuppe, and Pamela Anderson. 

The agency uses a self-made algorithm to scan through databases and find suitable influencers for brands. Its creators' network is not limited to Germany but covers parts of the USA, UK, Africa, and Asia.

It also manages events, creates content, and provides digital services, film production, public relations, etc. 

Clients list: Bacardi Germany, Citroen Germany, Deichmann, Premium Exhibitions, Toyota Europe 

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5. CLY Communications

Founding Year:

Berlin-based CLY Communications agency specialises in celebrity relations. It connects brands with top celebrities like Ethan Hawke, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Kate Hudson, David Beckham, and others to hold promotional events. Brands like Samsung, BMW, and Escada have collaborated with them.

The agency also features a network of experienced micro and macro-influencers for those brands who focus on engagement more than reach. 

Clients list: Adobe, Escada, Calvin Klein, Hartmann, Samsonite, Lufthansa, Coca-cola 

6. Audiencly

Founding Year:

Audiencly is a leading influencer marketing agency in Germany specialising in gaming. Acquired by Flexion, a game development and distribution company, the agency has taken its expertise in the gaming industry a notch above others in the market. 

It has a network of 5000 influencers. The company follows a seven-step approach which includes setting up KPIs, understanding the target audience, strategy conception, talent selection, content production, promotion on social media and campaign reporting services.

Clients list: Disney, Wix, Philips, Wondershare, Tencent, NetEase Games 

7. DEPT 

Founding Year: 2016

DEPT combines storytelling with technology-based solutions to help brands run unique campaigns. The approach has helped DEPT become one of the fastest-growing influencer marketing agencies (as per the Adweek report). 

It has conducted an ambassador programme for Samsung and a viral brand awareness campaign for JBL.  

This influencer marketing agency in Germany also provides digital marketing, brand identity, social media, motion design, and other digital services to e-commerce, retail, consumer products and other industries. It recently made headlines by launching its foray into Metaverse. 

Clients List: Philips, Spotify, Canyon, Douglas, Ganni, Adidas 


8. Influry

Founding Year:

Headquartered in Berlin, Influry helps brands find their influencer match. It provides social media, performance marketing, TikTok & Instagram marketing, social advertising, community management, content creation, and ambassador marketing services for eCommerce companies and other consumer products. It runs data-driven campaigns on Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook.

Clients List: Uber, eBay, Nespresso, Amazon, Paul Hewitt, Paula's Choice Skincare

Engage the Right Audience with Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing can help you win the trust of your customers and build brand loyalty. Start by creating a solid strategy to capture the customers' attention and inform them about your product features. See how they react to your product to evaluate the campaign performance. If you wish to hire an agency, make sure that it covers all the services that you need to run a successful campaign. 

Explore how the top influencer agencies are helping brands worldwide. 

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