Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in London

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
April 11, 2022
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A successful influencer campaign is not just about hiring creators, gifting them the product, and expecting the results. 

It requires creating an effective strategy, establishing clear communication, and building solid relationships. In London, various influencer marketing agencies are helping brands to achieve significantly higher ROI on marketing investments by managing campaigns. 

As a third party, agencies bridge the gaps between your brand and the influencers. In this process, some agencies even use influencer marketing platforms like to run smoother and more efficient campaigns. is a SaaS platform helping brands and agencies streamline their campaign by automating the process. The platform makes finding the right influencers, managing them directly, and measuring performance easier. 

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Now, let's learn about the top influencer marketing agencies in London. 

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in London 

1. Bark Social 

Founded in 2019, Bark Social is a full-fledged agency that drives campaigns for clients by collaborating with social media influencers. It has worked with Official London Theatre, Organico, Instant Brands, Sacet, Firetree, Wharf Distillery, and many other brands. The company focuses on insights and analysis reports to help its clients understand their campaign's performance. 

2. Make Honey

Established in 2018, Make Honey is an influencer marketing agency in London that delivers brand-specific results for clients by collaborating with creators and key opinion leaders. The agency looks after creator discovery, campaign management, and monitoring performance. It also provides consultancy services for brands who want to learn more about influencer marketing and campaign management. Their services include content marketing, PR, writing, social and other digital tactics. Brands like Amazfit, Ranger IQ, Sensate, Wondercise, and more have utilised Make Honey's service. 

3. Komodo

Komodo is a social and influencer marketing agency that provides creator activation, campaign management, talent management, social media management, and content production services. The company also creates travel campaign content and targets a global audience to help brands reach their target. Set up in 2017, this agency has driven campaigns for Boohoo, Crystal Ski, Asos, Shein, Samsonite, Impulse and more well-known brands. It uses in-house software to provide insights on campaign performance. 

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4. Sociably

Sociably is an influencer marketing agency in London targeting luxury and high-ticket brands. Since 2013, it has driven results for Bentley, Jimmy Choo, Overfinch, Ferrari, Blackberry, Mont Blanc, Jaguar, and more renowned luxury businesses. Louis-Nicolas Darbon, one of the partners in the agency, is an influencer for luxury brands and helps the company run effective campaigns for premium brands. The company provides end-to-end influencer services, from finding the right talent to reporting the performance. It also covers activating influencers, planning strategies, creating content, and reporting results. 


CEEK provides complete influencer marketing services for UK clients. The company has built its influencer relationship management (IRM) strategy to partner brands with creators who already follow the brand. Additionally, it provides creator search and activation, tailored strategy development, content amplification, and more services. The company has helped Fiat, Tinder, The Diet Starts Tomorrow, Peter Street Kitchen, and other brands to reach their target audience. Besides this, the agency also provides SEO, web development, social media marketing, paid targeting, and other digital services social services. 

6. SEEN Connects

SEEN Connects, an influencer marketing agency in London, has recently set its foot in NYC to serve the US market. Founded in 2016, this agency drives campaigns intending to reach the audience with authentic content. It works with four categories of creators: celebrity, established, emerging, and entry which defines different types of influencers like mega, macro, micro, and nano. The company has worked with eBay, Panasonic, Mars Wrigley, Tommee Tippee, Bumble, Nike, RedBull, and other leading brands.


7. The FIFTH

The FIFTH is an award-winning creative agency in London that goes beyond the traditional ways of campaign management. The company provides full-fledged influencer services, including strategy planning, creator search, negotiations, contract building, content creation, product shipping, monitoring and reporting. It also amplifies the reach by advertising creator content across multiple channels. Established in 2019, the company uses Kitly, a talent management tool, to deliver results for clients. It also licenses and creates music tracks for creating fascinating reels and videos for Instagram and TikTok.

8. LMG Media  

LMG Media has a network of fashion, tech, travel, and lifestyle influencers from Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It offers a free consultation service for brands wanting to understand the benefits of influencer marketing. It focuses on engagement and data-driven results and collaborates with micro-influencers to reach a more loyal and niche audience. 


Having worked with some of the top brands like The Body Shop, Doritos, Facebook, H&M, Loreal, Schwarzkopf Got2B, and Maybelline, OUTREACH is London's leading influencer marketing agency. It has a network of some of the top influencers in the UK, such as Amelia Olivia, Darcey Angel, Monica Geldart, Megan Bolton, and more. The agency's thrust is upon establishing clear communications and manage partnerships effectively. 

10. Verb Brands

Verb Brands, a digital marketing agency, specialises in performance and influencer marketing. The company is located in New York, Shanghai, London, and Manchester and focuses on strategy building, creator discovery, content creation, and analysis. Besides, they provide SEO, paid search and social, web development & design, social media and more services relating to digital marketing. It has handled campaigns for some leading brands like Bugatti, Jimmy Choo, Creed Fragrances, Boodles, Clive Christian, and more companies.

Summing Up

The campaign management process can be exhaustive and time-consuming for even the experienced ones, so brands and agencies are now turning to influencer marketing platforms to save time and energy on every campaign. 

The platforms help you search, activate, and manage influencers from one place, thereby reducing manual labour and chaos. is one such platform that allows brands and agencies to run effective campaigns in just a few clicks. Request a free trial! 

If you wish to run a campaign targeting the entire United Kingdom, here are the top influencer agencies in the UK to help you do that. 

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