Top 9 Influencer Marketing Agencies In Manchester [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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April 28, 2022
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The thriving business environment in Manchester has opened gateways for influencers. From sports to beauty and music, you can find every type of influencer winning the audience's trust on social media. 

Molly-Mae Hague, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Sara Wison, Luke & Tyler, and Libby Faulkner are some creators who have built a name for themselves in the city. 

According to the small-scale surveys, people in the region have increased their reliability on influencer recommendations before any purchase.  

Going by the Google search data from 2016 to 2021, the UK's search for influencer marketing grew by almost 400% from 2016 to 2021. Knowing the market growth, many agencies in Manchester have incorporated influencer marketing as an additional service to support clients. 

If you're a brand looking to run influencer campaigns in Manchester, collaborating with local influencer agencies will take you to the right creators and let you reach the target audience. 

You will discover in this article the top influencer agencies in Manchester boosting visibility for UK brands. 

Let's dive in!

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Manchester 

1. Fayrli

Founding Year:

Fayrli offers three-level influencer marketing services, including:  

  • Campaign management for clients who want end-to-end services 
  • Strategy development for clients who wish to access unique campaign strategies 
  • Consulting for those who want to learn more about influencer campaigns 

It carries out influencer search, strategy development, relationship management, and performance analysis for brands seeking end-to-end services to execute campaigns. 

With expertise in the B2B and B2C sector, the agency's primary focus is to create data-driven campaigns for clients, which is why it uses an AI tool to find new and relevant creators for every campaign. It covers Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Twitter, and almost every social media platform. 

Clients List: Casetify, Wild, Superdry, David M Robinson, Blok, Grub Club, Dopsu

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2. BluCactus

Founding Year:

Headquartered in London, BluCactus is a digital marketing agency specialising in influencer marketing for UK-based B2C and B2B companies in fashion, banking, restaurant, insurance, hotel and automotive industry. Its influencer connections are not limited to the UK but also to Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, New York, and Latin America.

To run campaigns from beginning to end, the company starts by identifying brand needs, creating a strategy, picking authentic creators, executing the campaign, and ultimately evaluating the results to track the performance. It connects with bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers on TikTok and Instagram. 

In addition to this, it also handles SEO, social media marketing, web design, email marketing, branding, and more digital marketing services. 

Clients List: Tillman Style, Rebel writing  

3. Flourish MGMT 

Founding Year:

Flourish MGMT is a female-owned influencer marketing agency in Manchester with a network of over 2K creators, including lifestyle bloggers, models, fashion and beauty social stars. The company has run successful influencer campaigns, reaching more than 48M audiences. 

To run smoother campaigns for clients, the agency handles everything from managing campaigns to product gifting and tracking content.  

The agency company functions as a creative production agency too. It provides a series of other services such as creative mailers, paid partnerships, influencer activation & events, talent management, creator partnerships, campaign shoots, and content creation. 

Clients List: Boohoo, H&M, Amazon, Estee Lauder, Farfetch, Charlotte Tilbury, ASOS 

4. Influx Digital

Founding Year:

Influx Digital, an influencer agency in Manchester, connects brands with micro and macro-influencers. The agency manages the campaigns from start to end, including negotiations, content approval, relationship building, and results analysis. The company offers a 'three pillar' service consisting of development, design, and digital marketing. 

In addition to this, it provides website development, digital PR, social media marketing, SEO, google ads, and more digital services for global and UK-based brands. 

Clients List: CSM, Emergence, Zing, LMG, Monica Harrington, Hitherbest, Sharelogic, Urban Fortress

5. Soapmedia

Founding Year:

Soapmedia is a full-service digital marketing agency specialising in running end-to-end influencer campaigns. 

The company has 17 years of experience in: 

  • Creating strategies to ensure brands achieve desired business results
  • Analysing competitors so that brands are one step ahead of them
  • Crafting an audience persona to run campaigns reaching the right people
  • Finding influencers based on relevance, audience engagement, and reach
  • Reaching out and communicating with influencers regarding content
  • Implementing the final campaign and measuring the results 

The company also offers a free consultation call for brands to help them learn more about influencer marketing. Besides this, it provides SEO, social media management, branding & creative design, content marketing, email marketing, and other digital services to enhance the brand's digital experience. 

Clients List: Socialbakers, Crimson Hexagon, Tubular, Julius, Iconosquare, GlobalWebIndex

6. Purpleriot

Founding Year:

Purpleriot is a PR and marketing firm working with consumer and B2B businesses in the UK and internationally. The company runs personalised campaigns relevant to brands focusing on ROI and audience. 

It has won awards for over 20 years and works with brands in the leisure, hospitality, and lifestyle niches. 

The agency searches for relevant creators, handles negotiations, delivers contracts, creates engaging strategies, builds brand-influencer relationships, and drives ROI focused results. Its services include product gifting and paid partnership management to amplify the campaign reach. 

Clients List: Tenpin, Listo Burrito, Beauty Bay, Mahiki Manchester, Vogue Fashion, The Tonic CBD Oil, Beer Piper

7. Delineo 

Founding Year:

Delineo is an award-winning digital services firm based in Manchester that manages end-to-end influencer campaigns for clients. 

The agency's team coordinates with the top influencers in the network to drive results for brands. It runs campaigns in sync with the brand objectives with services extending to market research, influencer outreach & activation, content creation & distribution, and paid partnerships for campaign amplification on social media. 

The company provides other digital services like pay-per-click, SEO, lead generation, website development, creative campaigns, etc. 

Clients List: Moneyshake, UBL, The Cumberland, Salisbury, Numero, Soundnet, Ecowater, Timberland, JMW

8. Hoopla Marketing

Founding Year:

Founded by a social media team and expert influencer marketers, Hoopla Marketing has expertise in running successful campaigns for clients. Besides complete campaign management, it also runs ads using influencer-generated content to increase the reach and traffic. It has experience connecting brands with niche creators who have a creative command over the content. 

The company provides complete influencer campaign services, from finding the influencers to managing them and reporting the results regularly. The company creates a detailed report with metrics including engagement, reach, impressions, and more KPIs.

It also offers social media advertising, SEO, public relations, email marketing, Facebook advertising, and other services for enhancing brands' digital appearance. 

Clients List: Contigo, Club Rakuten, ITV, Sipful Drink, Amazon Publishing, Little Freddie, Aldi 

9. Black Dot Social

Founding Year:

Black Dot Social is an influencer marketing agency in Manchester catering to the global market. The company has experience running campaigns with A-list celebrities to help brands reach mass audiences. Its network is not limited to celebs but also includes bloggers, vloggers, and social content creators.

With expertise in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle niche, the company runs tailor-made campaigns for clients. It manages everything from start to finish, including photoshoots, content creation, collaborations, etc.  

The company also organises influencer events and product launches. 

Clients List: Solado, Jameson Carter, Sian Marie, Reckless Doll, Saloos, Ikrush 

Wrapping Up

Influencer marketing platforms and local agencies give you access to local talent, which is the ideal option when you're targeting a geographic audience. You can find relevant creators in Manchester, London, or the entire UK with the help of platforms and agencies. 

Check out this list of influencer marketing agencies and platforms in the UK! 

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