Top Influencer Marketing Agencies Worldwide |2022|

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March 24, 2022
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Brands, globally, want to cut through the clutter on social media to give people a sense of uniqueness about their product or service. But how to do it?

Influencers on social media come into play here. Their persuasiveness and targeted approach in reaching out to a large chunk of interested customers or targeted audiences can let you stand out. 

Various digital agencies across countries have adopted influencer marketing to unlock this potential. They are either doing the task of identifying influencers and managing them manually or else using multiple automated tools like for executing end-to-end campaigns.

We have prepared a list of top influencer marketing agencies worldwide talking about their network and strategies implemented by them to run the campaigns. 

Singapore-based is a SaaS platform managing influencer marketing at every step. It discovers the relevant influencers from its database of 6M+ creator profiles based on analytics like audience demographics, brand affinity, age, interest.'s proprietary tools manage everything from detecting fake followers for any influencer to bulk outreach after thorough vetting. 

The in-built CRM helps the brand easily create custom discount codes synced with your Shopify store. After setting up the integration, agencies don't require access to client stores on Shopify. Through this, products can be sent directly to influencers without any hassle of manual effort. 

More than 100+ brands and marketing agencies globally have collaborated with as it understands the importance of ROI. It tracks aggregated and individual reach, engagement, sales, and sentiment for every penny invested. 

Top  Influencer Marketing Agencies in the USA

1) The Influencer Marketing Factory 

Started in 2018 and headquartered in the Greater Miami Area with offices across the US, The Influencer Marketing Factory (TIMF) focuses on engaging brands with Gen Z & Millennials. It supports the personal branding of the talent on board through its PR activities so that creators and talents close more deals on social media. 

Having worked with Google, Universal Music Group, Unilever, and Bumble, the agency strategised the campaign based on the company's goals of brand awareness, customer acquisition, app installation or test influencer marketing. TIMF ideates on the content to be shared by influencers and measures the ROI. 

It also manages TikTok ads, optimisation, weekly reporting and in-house creativity. According to Alessandro Bogliari, Co-Founder & CEO, it hasTikTok creators with a combined followers base of 38M+! 

But all this comes with a marketing budget, starting from USD 100K to more than 500K, as brands propose. 

2) Heron Agency 

Named among the top 200 PR firms in the country by Forbes Magazine, Heron - a lifestyle communication agency - was quick enough to bring social media influencers in their strategy and outreach. 

Having over a decade-long experience in public relations, crisis communications, advertising, digital marketing and event management, the Chicago-based agency has evolved its network of content creators at regional and national levels. Its in-house team has identified and partnered with YouTubers and vloggers to create custom video content for its clients. 

Being in the agency game since 2000, Heron has worked with brands in the hotel, restaurant, entertainment, corporate, nonprofit and celebrities. Their client lists include Hilton, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Procter and Gamble, Smirnoff, etc.   

3) Power Digital Marketing 

California-based Power Digital Marketing has been into digital marketing since 2012. Acknowledging that digital marketing is getting competitive, the agency adapted to influencer marketing in recent times. 

It has a database of 11,000 influencers, some of them being proactively involved with brands Power Digital caters to - consumer industries, B2B and private equity.  

Before starting a campaign, this influencer marketing agency in the USA evaluates and reviews the previous campaign run by the brand, helping them select new social media talents and drive engagement. Evaluation of  the campaign's performance relies on the coupon codes generated for each selected influencer.

For the online presence of their clients like Dropbox, Airbnb, Spanx, Daily Harvest and others, the agency offers multiple services centred around branding and creative strategies. 


4) Talent Resources

Knowing that traditional public relations alone cannot fulfill the demands of brands in the changing marketing landscape, Talent Resources entered into influencer marketing in the last few years.

Headquartered in New York, the agency has been mainly into strategic communications since 2007 and has held social media campaigns with celebrities. In 2021, Michael Heller, president and founder of the agency, launched its new communication division to amplify influencers besides holding public relations campaigns.

It evolved into an influencer marketing agency with social media insights and created its network of content creators after working with Dunkin, IL Makiage, Dahi Organic, Fabletics and others. 

The agency's in-house team develops the content by determining the voice, tone, narrative, visual content layout, content bucket on behalf of brands. 

5. Zorka.Agency 

Started as a digital marketing agency in 2014, Zorka Agency refers to itself as a performance-forecasted influencer marketing agency in the USA.

Having a database of 500k+ influencers across six social media platforms, the agency uses its in-house analytics platform for cross-platform media planning and forecasting campaign results for its clients. Its automated technology creates a mix of influencers using metrics like audience reachability, likes credibility, notable likes, and audience interest.

Their other digital services like creative strategy, performance marketing, community management,  app store and search engine optimisation made them execute campaigns across the US, Latin America, Europe, MENA region, Russia and the Asia Pacific area mainly for gaming companies such as Gameloft, Azur Games, WarGaming, Gamevil etc. 

After devoting almost seven years to digital marketing, the agency, in January 2022, released a report - Startup Marketing Research: challenges and opportunities in digital promotion - by interviewing over 120 B2C start-ups figuring out the scope of the intensified competition in the digital marketing space in the coming time. 

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Top  Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK

1) Engage Hub 

The Manchester-based social media and influencer agency has executed campaigns for brands such as H&M, Gorillas. Remington, Asos, Hello Fresh, and Mars, among others, since its inception in 2015.

In the last seven years, founder Ray Sherlock realised how brands are in dire need of authentic brand storytelling through social media. After which, he opened the avenue for influencer marketing in the agency besides operating other services like paid media, social commerce and social media management. 

Engage Now has its in-house team of nano, micro and mid-level influencers with an authentic audience base. It outsources analytical tracking software to track the marketing campaign's success. 

With TikTok being the most sought-after marketing channel, the agency runs explicitly TikTok marketing campaigns and has almost 10,000 creator profiles in its database. The agency has its dedicated Tik Tok marketing podcast - The Tok Show.  

2) Fanbytes 

Since 2017, London-based Fanbytes has seen massive growth in influencer marketing. They have now executed over 2000 campaigns with 500 + brands like Converse, Burger King, Nike, Samsung, Charlotte Tilbury, Estee Lauder, and Eylure London using its database of three million influencers directly connected to TikTok.

Founders realised that during the Covid-19 pandemic, brands did not spend money on traditional media. Therefore, to spot trends on social media and conduct social listening across TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, the agency used its insight technology - Bytesights. 

The tool conducts social listening and monitors mention for your brand, keeping the focus on Gen Z. Also, it discovers popular content creators based on the hashtags and tracks the performance of their campaign. 

Understanding the growing potential of content creators, this influencer marketing agency in the UK  runs a talent management business, Bytesized Talent. It has roped in local popular content creators like MrTov, known for stories about comedy, lifestyle and family. 

3) Takumi 

Award-winning branding agency, Takumi, uses new technologies to run influencer marketing campaigns.

Founded in 2015, the agency has an automated system called Creator Collectives to identify and create partnerships between content creators and advertising agencies or brands. 

Another tool, Total Sales Management Solution, evaluates, analyses and reports the entire influencer sales process in-store or online. Going further ahead, Takumi, in 2021, acquired Unineed - a content and strategic media buying agency specialising in content-driven campaigns. In January 2022, it partnered with ThisThat to measure campaign analytics and conduct brand uplift research on its self-serve platform. 

Having handled 250 campaigns in 2021 with brands such as Original Cottages, Kraft Heinz, McDonald's, Michelob Ultra and others, it even tries to predict purchasing power by measuring the sales impact of retailers who partnered with them.  

4) Buttermilk 

Founded in 2016, Buttermilk runs micro and macro influencer campaigns in the UK. Managing content across all social media channels, the London-based agency has its talent pool and often uses software to conduct, identify creator profiles and manage them.  

Having carried out campaigns for Dior, Deliveroo, Carapelli, Bertolli, Cornerstone and others in the past, the agency designs the influencer and social media strategy, plans campaigns, conducts consumer insights research. After that, it ropes in influencers based on the requirement. 

From creating content plans to scheduling their posting on social media, Buttermilk also organises events, online and offline brand execution and media management and strategy. Also, it provides customer services to brands. If required, they conduct paid social advertising to boost posts and analyse and report overall performance. 

5) Disrupt Marketing

Starting as a digital marketing agency in 2010, Disrupt adopted influencer marketing almost eight years back and carried out campaigns driven by talents on social media. Since then, it has evolved not just as an agency targeting youth but as a data-driven influencer marketing agency.

After the acquisition by Found in 2017, Disrupt became a part of Tomorrow, a company that builds tools and services to help brands in digital marketing. The agency uses this in-house tool to select talents for their clients like Marshall, Huel, Absolut, Dunlop, Toms, and others with whom they have worked. 

Believing in the amalgamation of data-driven insights and creative strategists, this influencer marketing agency in the UK has created its network of micro and celebrity influencers. Its in-house team monitors all the content posted, manages campaigns by formulating innovative concepts, and provides marketing consultancy and training. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Australia


1) Hoozu

Being a content creation agency since 2015, Sydney-based Hoozu evolved itself into an influencer marketing agency in 2021 after it acquired the Remarkables Group (TRG ). It is today recognised for its data-driven content creation.  

From having its team of influencers to profiling new ones, Hoozu tracks and manages them using automated tools. Its strategies content to resonate with the audience that overlaps with their client's targeted customers.   

The agency primarily focuses on video content and has professional videographers or content creators to generate high performing branded content. By connecting their automated platform with the Facebook Ads Manager, the agency looks for effective targeted content distribution across social and paid channels. It also does tracking and competitive analysis of the campaign. 

Besides, Hoozu conducts media planning and endorsements to amplify social media stories and has brought in conversions for brands such as HelloFresh, Universal Pictures and Koh.  

2) Hypetap

One of Melbourne's leading digital agencies for influencer marketing, Hypetap uses its in-built tool to profile creators on social media and handles selected picks based on a thorough vetting process and brand affiliations. 

Hypetap directly works with influencers to leverage the audience in a meaningful way and takes care of all negotiation and contract agreements to reuse content by their clients.

Having been founded in 2013, Hypetap has worked with brands such as San Churro, Gatorade, Latitude, Coles, Pepsi, etc. 

Since the beginning, it has been into content management, strategises content based on the objective of brand awareness, creates buzz around giveaways and community engagement. It also conducts production and copyrighting with its team of creators who can add value to a brand's content. The agency gives flexibility in suggesting social media solutions to clients at varying price points. 

3) The Exposure Co.

With over 7500 local bloggers and vloggers in Australia and New Zealand, The Exposure Co. has been into influencer marketing since 2013. It started its journey after struggling to recruit Australian social media creators for the branding of an e-commerce store at that time.  

After facing that debacle, it has grown into an agency that has worked across niches for brands such as Asus, Nice and Natural Food Co., Invisible Zinc, Sony Pictures and others. 

The Exposure Co. partners with automated influencer marketing platforms to get detailed insights before initiating collaboration between brands and influencers.

The agency's in-house team manages everything from creating the content strategy to profiling influencers across multiple social media platforms, managing them, and analysing the campaign. They define posting strategies such as social media takeovers and giveaways to build hype around the brand. And also helping clients engage influencers, so they turn out to be brand advocates.  

4) Wear Cape

Set up in 2019, Melbourne, Wear Cape wants to be known for its high engagement brand content creation and advanced influencer seeding strategies. Currently, its clients' list includes Nielsen, Grundfos, Bigo Live, Dynata and StudyGyde. 

For them, Wear Cape handles influencer marketing in three phases. From creative brainstorming, content planning and talent research in the first phase, the agency does influencer profiling to onboarding in the second phase. The third phase includes post-campaign data analysis.  

It uses proprietary technologies to identify the talented social media creators for your brand while handling the overall production of the content. Also, it has its database of talent or conducts custom searches to find influencers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Wear Cape also boosts content through paid amplification techniques and offers brand ambassador services. 

As a part of its specialities like viral marketing, social activation, and brand activation, it conducts hybrid brand activations to create buzz about an offline event on social media. 

5) Social Soup 

Social Soup, named the best large agency at the Australian Influencer Marketing Council Awards, has worked with Philips, L'oreal, Woolworths, Dyson, GSK, Unilever and others. 

It started as an influencer agency in 2011 with its digital voucher sampling systems for product testers to drive mass trials. Now, they are using the same technology to drive the buzz about new products or gain traction for their clients. Today, it has a network of social media talents in Australia and New Zealand, ranging from nano to mega. 

The agency executes campaigns through its influencer marketing platform for profiling and gives access to a live dashboard. As the agency has been handling marketing campaigns since 2010, it offers other services like digital marketing, branding, and marketing analytics. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Singapore

1) Purple Click 

Purple Pink has its pool of Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs) working mainly with Singaporean government departments. But they also have a network of micro-influencers and celebrities. 

An award-winning agency, Purple Click manages influencer marketing in-house with the help of its in-house team and by using various automated technologies.  

Founded in 2006 as a digital marketing agency, Purple Pink proactively works with MNCs in the Asia Pacific. It has offices in the Philippines and Malaysia, providing SEO optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Instagram and Facebook marketing, Programmatic Ad Buy, Programmatic Marketing and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Marketing. 

2) Collab Asia 

Collab Asia, Inc., founded in 2007, is a venture-backed start-up and digital content studio with offices in Seoul, Tokyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shenzhen, and Los Angeles. 

Currently headquartered in Singapore, Collab Asia is a full-service marketing partner working at the intersection of brands, social media channels and influencers. From being involved in the early stages of campaign strategy to execution, the agency also conducts direct advertising and manages digital rights. 

Having worked with some prominent industry names such as Samsung, Coca Cola, Nike, and the UFC, this influencer marketing agency in Singapore has almost 200 in-house professionals and over 4000 talented social media creators across the Asia Pacific region.  

It defines its work in three categories: Amplification of creative content to achieve financial potential. Second, creating content with real people and maximising the reach of brands and influencers by connecting them through social media and digital platforms. 

3) Gushcloud International 

Being a digital talent and media company, Gushcloud International, has spent almost a decade working in the entertainment and commerce sector. 

Founded in 2011, Gushcloud is rated as Singapore's fastest-growing company by The Straits Times and Statista, a Germany-based global research firm for marketing and activation services, media production sales and distribution, and holding events. 

Over the years, the agency has created a tight-knit network of 500 influencers and a comprehensive database of 22,500 creator profiles in beauty, wellness, parenting, fashion, gaming, music, and lifestyle.

The Singapore-based agency currently manages everything in-house by being open to partnering with a SaaS platform to run marketing campaigns. After onboarding influencers, the tool helps in relationship management, content creation, and other technicalities like legal and communications. 

The agency evaluates influencers based on their reach and other metrics. It aspires for a productive collaboration which does not restrict to one campaign. Instead, influencers can work as brand ambassadors. To achieve this, Gushcloud handles contracts, terms, compensation, etc.

4) The Influencer Network 

With over 2000 micro-influencers from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, The Influencer Network (TIN) has executed marketing campaigns since 2015. Although founded in 2012 as a media agency, TIN has worked with brands such as Keppel, Elizabeth Arden, Youthcare, Dure, Pawsome Joy, and more. 

For a substantial social reach, the agency works with celebrities, talents, models, bloggers, sportspeople, and students for viral video marketing editorial marketing and arranges reviewers for social platforms.  

Focusing on bloggers to run the campaign applies tactics like product launches, product/service reviews, identifying digital brand ambassadors, food tasting, marketing events, and reaching out to special guests for events.

5) The Asia Collective  

Catering to hospitality and luxury lifestyle brands only, The Asia Collective provides digital and influencer marketing services to hotels like Raffles in Bali, The Merchant Galle Fort, Sri Lanka and other exotic resorts in the Southeast and European region. 

It started as an influencer travel agency in 2015. Since then, the agency has restricted itself to a specific niche by working with over 3500 influencers in the Asia Pacific and other countries. It includes leading content creators, photographers and videographers who can engage global audiences. 

On behalf of companies, it defines objectives, develops creative strategies, runs campaigns and provides reports. This influencer marketing agency in Singapore carries out a large-scale ambassador program across Asia, Europe or other markets. It also organises influencer trips to bring forth luxury to the masses. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in South Africa 

1) People Have Influence 

Established in 2018, Cape Town-based People Have Influence has worked with brands such as Zara, Puma, Adidas, Diesel, Reebok, Bioderma and many more. It has ideated campaigns, conducted product drops, held bespoke campaigns, and managed long-term brand collaborations. 

It's been five years since the agency came into existence, and today it has its in-house software for managing influencer campaigns. But it restricts itself to micro-influencers for a targeted outreach for their clients. The agency breaks down the target audience of the known social media talents to source the right fit, conducts profiling and vetting, and arranges final agreements on behalf of the brands. 

This influencer marketing agency in South Africa handpicks micro-influencers with followers ranging from 10k-50k to build its tight-knit network of content creators who can work with brands as ambassadors in the long run. Also, it arranges free product deliveries in return for reviews and holds events. 

2) FGX Studios

Looking beyond vanity metrics, FGX Studio, founded in 2001, is an influencer advertising agency in Johannesburg that creates marketing strategies.  

The in-house team searches for influencers with an authentic follower base, showing strong performance on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Once roped in, influencers are actively involved in the creative process to determine the content that can resonate well with the target audience. 

The agency focuses on the end goals and the KPIs, from building brand awareness to conversion-focused campaigns while collaborating brands with influencers or vloggers. It also tracks, measures, and optimises for accurate results. It has worked with brands like Sage, Amdec, Pareto, and InspectaCar. 

The agency has a customised dashboard to give real-time results and fine-tune the campaign accordingly. It uses tools to track the audience journey to point-of-purchase to measure the campaign's impact on sales. 

3) Hashtag Viral 

Hashtag Viral addresses itself as South Africa's first programmatic influencer marketing hub. Based in Johannesburg, the agency has a database of 400 influencers across multiple genres, which are popular among 3 million South Africans.  

Based on the requirement, brands get four types of campaigns to choose from - Simple, Invitational, Creative and Challenge.  

In the Simple type, the agency provides the content directly to influencers, whereas in the Invitational, the brands get access to choose influencers. In the creative campaigns, brands can ask influences to post content based on the brief sent out and in the challenge campaign type, brands can send out products or giveaways in return for posts.

It mainly manages campaigns by giving brands access to a comprehensive dashboard and uses social media listening tools to provide real-time campaign performance. Dunlop, Freeway, Kia and Growspace are some of the brands' to work with Hashtag Viral. 

4) theSALT

Since 2016, theSALT has evolved an exciting way to identify influencers for its clients in the marketing business. It matches them based on shopping habits, family and lifestyle info, vehicle, banking and loyalty card details, using almost 70 data points to identify the right people! 

It has a set of logistical questions, like Where do influencers live? What routes do they drive? Where's their office? Till now, the agency has created a database of 120,000 influencers. 

The agency, headquartered in Sandton, determines campaign goals, best practices and data. It searches for the right influencers, and selected ones get training regarding the expected deliverables. As the agency manages the entire campaign, it finds the proper channels to maximise a brand's ROI, handles social media activation product sampling and goes for branding the successful media posts.

5) R-Squared 

Established in 2014, Cape Town, R-Squared does not rely on the static database of influencers. It identifies, vets, and secures the perfect fit based on the designed marketing strategy. The reason is to remain flexible while selecting the right ones.

According to Stephane Rogovsky, founder of the agency, a perfect influencer has an authentic voice. 

The agency works upon influencer content amplification by integrating your paid media, digital OOH, programmatic, performance marketing in-banner and social purchasing, PR, events and advertising.

R-Squared was among the top 5 finalists for the Best Global Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency Award in 2020. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Canada

1) The Influence Agency 

Having a database of almost 15,000 influencers, celebrities and athletes in the region, The Influence Agency has catered to Puma, Jamieson, Clera, XP Sports and others. 

Since its inception in 2017, it established itself as a boutique influencer marketing agency in Canada and specialised in custom marketing strategies for brands. 

It matches influencers based on the business objective of the brands or advertisers and recruits them as brand ambassadors for future campaigns. The agency has influencers in all categories with identifiable brand affinity, offering its services to other agencies. 

At the same time, it also uses a combination of traditional digital marketing practices like google ads, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram advertising and other marketing strategies to help brands increase the campaign outreach based on the KPIs.

2) Ovrgrnd

Based in Montreal, Ovrgrnd is a social media agency that creates high impact content using photography, videography and copywriting. 

Set up in 2010, the agency has almost 3000 influencers. It uses its proprietary platform to vet them for audience demographics, interest, age, location and reviews the content online to find those who can drive it.  

It creates detailed outlines for influencers and provides them with content production and distribution assets. The agency also sets the defined timelines and provides feedback through an analytical report.

It also uses social media management to promote online personalities who can drive brand awareness or maximise ROI. 

3) Shine Talent Group

Launched in 2015 as a PR agency, Shine noticed the growing demand for influencer marketing by brands. Being a talent management and brand partnerships agency, it partners with media, launches events, and creates unique merchandise programmes as a part of product collaboration. 

In 2021, Shine rebranded to Shine Talent Group to represent the industry's evolution. Currently, it has a network of 2000 influencers. It is involved everywhere, from sourcing influencers to pre-vetting them and providing a 360-degree experience. 

Shine manages payment and negotiations as a point of contact between brands and influencers. It optimises social media channels to amplify content, traces thought leaders and works with brands to fine-tune the marketing strategy. 

4) Talk Shop

A public relations and communications services set up in 2011, Talk Shop runs influencer marketing campaigns for its clients in the technology, real estate, retail, finance, luxury and consumer goods sector.  

The Toronto-based agency focuses on micro nano influencers having limited yet authentic and targeted audiences. Traditional or celebrity influencers have established their followers through brand partnerships, collaborations, and paid promotions, whereas micro-influencers remain untouched.  

Brands such as Starbucks, Ford, Equinox and Avene have executed micro-influencers marketing campaigns with the Talk Shop.

Besides, Talk Shop also facilitates brand ambassador programmes by offering paid and unpaid ambassadors recommendations. Other services include online strategy, community engagement, crisis management, research and analysis. 

5) ID Agency

Vancouver-based ID agency creates social media campaigns by connecting influencers with brands based on the KPIs. It even outlines a strategy allowing brands to meet the selected social media talents. Based on the proposal approved by the brand, influencers get the creative freedom to create videos and content to be published for the campaign.   

The agency arranges even trips for influencers and press in this entire process. Its way of determining the overall cost of the campaign depends upon CPE (Cost Per Engagement) multiplied by our influencer's current average engagement. To monitor everything, the agency prepares a weekly report. 

Established in 2018, the agency has also handled event management, public relations, social media, campaign management, experiential advertising for Bootlegger, 7-Eleven, Thai Trade Centre and others.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in UAE

1) Trifid Media

Trifid Media, set up in Abhi Dhabi, is an end-to-end social media management company handling everything from creative conceptualisation to production and execution. 

It runs influencer campaigns too by managing a team of YouTube and Instagram content creators across UAE who have worked with brands like Dell, DHL, Burger King, Babyshop, Starzplay and others.  

The agency has fashion, beauty, fitness and health, travel, and parenting lifestyle influencers. It has its in-house creative team to generate visual content and social media posts, which the agency publishes on behalf of the brand. It also handles digital communications and talent management.  

2) Nexa- Digital Marketing

Located in Dubai, Nexa - Digital Marketing started in 2005. Since then, it has offered tech solutions to brands for both online and mobile marketing to clients like Audi, Bosch, Semco etc. 

The influencer marketing agency of the UAE has a network in the Gulf region, supporting businesses from start-ups to large multinationals. 

But its core expertise lies in digital marketing services like high-level website design and development, search engine marketing and optimisation, mobile marketing, online marketing, digital consultancy and social media/ Facebook application development. 

3) Amplify 

Functional as a digital agency since 2008 in Dubai, Amplify has created marketing strategies for different brands in the Middle East to increase their reach. As a part of it, the agency has been providing influencer marketing services by integrating with technology platforms and creating a database of influencers across the UAE and Europe. 

It includes micro-influencers, social celebrities, sports stars, beauty reviewers, fashion vloggers, and top chefs who can align with brands in endorsing their products or services. From negotiating to managing agreements, it creates content calendars and measures the campaign execution on specific performance indicators. 

Through an online dashboard, it monitors the performance and builds affiliate links to track sales. It has executed a campaign for Fiji Water UK using creativity and technology. It also specialises in advertising, events & activation, creative & branding, content creation, animation, website design and development. 

4) Bester Capital Media 

Having been in the digital marketing business since 2000, Bester Capital Media conducts influencer marketing campaigns for brand awareness. Based on the company's demand, it uses a network of influencers and tailors its services to match the requirement.

As a technology and a digital marketing solutions agency, BCM uses software to keep track of influencer posts, daily tasks, analytics, and media placements to give visibility and full access to the daily work. 

BCM has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, Luxembourg & Singapore, with more than 100 employees assisting brands on different requirements like branding, marketing, advertising, design, and development. 

It specialises in creative campaigns, SEO/SEM, social media, PR and advertising, business development, market research, project and account and management, application development, data science and dashboards. 

5) House of Comms

House of Comms started as a small communication agency in 2012 catering to brands in the Middle East and Africa. Over the years, it has evolved into a digital agency by providing services like integrated communications, digital marketing, web development, crisis communications, digital analytics, advertising, and branding. 

It recognises itself as a strategic communications agency driven by data, creativity and technology. Focusing on communication, engagement and ultimately reaching the audience, the agency plays around with content. As it says, digital channels are constantly changing. But the only way to engage is through content. 

With the approach of - who is your audience, which channels will reach them and what content will win them over - the agency has worked with brands such as Costa, Swiss Global, Acer, Dubai Opera and others. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in France 


Paris-based TANKE is a creative influencer marketing agency with digital marketing and advertising expertise. Since 2014, the agency has been using a pool of social media talent to work on content creation and influencer marketing programme optimisation. 

Its strategy lies in auditing the campaigns run by a brand, highlighting the editorial, strategic or organisational challenges to increase efficiencies and synergies between teams, brands and geographic regions. 

By using proprietary technology, the agency identifies and works with influential social media talents on YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok who are aware of the likes of Gen Z and millennials. The same tool helps in giving data insights to run macro or micro-influencer campaigns by estimating reach, impressions, engagement rate, traffic, EMV etc. 

To further amplify the user-generated and influencer-generated content, it also incorporates media and multi-channel consultancy for Wella Professional, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Nina Ricci, and Adidas. 

2) Scoor

Focusing on promoting products and brands on social media channels, Scoor relies on influencer marketing. A subsidiary of MV Group, the agency has offices in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, and Tours. 

Before defining the campaign's objectives, the agency analyses the ongoing strategy of its clients and understands their market and positioning. It uses multi-platform technological solutions to find relevant social media creators and select the most suitable networks for your influence marketing operation. 

To make collaboration between the influencer and brand successful, the agency creates a storyboard to write content recommendations so that all influencers can easily access it at once. The tools help get real-time data to fine-tune the campaign further for the reporting purpose.

It has worked with Tribu, Yumens, and Winbound to find influencers from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

3) Culture G

Beginning its journey in 2007, France, Culture G offers services like advertising, media, influencers, editorial content, data campaigns and programmatic strategy to the entertainment industry. 

It has multilingual experts to execute campaigns in different territories as the agency runs 150 campaigns per year in 50 countries. It has worked with Asus, Cygames, Realme, Hasbro and others. 

The agency selects the influencers based on the branding and performance target. At every step of the campaign, it provides support through executives and quick response. 

Culture G defines the creative concepts to amplify the campaign performance. It identifies the right channel to promote word of mouth marketing to make it a success. Also, it defines the relevant performance indicators for your brand.  

4) JIN 

Started as a boutique communications agency in 2012, Paris, JIN specialises in digital influence and public relations. The agency creates customised influencer campaigns by looking at three prime objectives: supporting leadership, reputation growth, and accelerating business. 

Talking about their work, it helped a Herbal medicine specialist get over 3 million impressions in 3 months by running the campaigns with the help of macro-influencers. It uses insight technology and partners with data companies to research the brand and the market trends. It studies and builds customer personas to assess customer experience and communication. 

Similarly, the agency believes in creating an editorial strategy on the social media platform to increase a brand's community on Twitter and Linkedin. Currently, it has offices in Paris, London, Berlin and Lisbon. 

5) yKone 

Working with global brands in the luxury, beauty, lifestyle and fashion industries like Chanel, L'Oréal, Dior, yKone has evolved into an a known influencer marketing agency of France  since its inception in 2008. Headquartered in Paris, the agency has a creative studio.  

It has collaborated with Kyn, a performance influencer marketing agency, to focus on FMCG and mass-market brands like Nissan, Evian and others. It also utilises the services of an analytics platform for word of mouth marketing, having a database of nine million influencers to carry out campaigns for Marriott, Cybex, Cluse and Coty. 

The agency emphasises strategy, data and creatives. The creative section handles everything from art direction to influencer briefing and trend reporting. Likewise, the data team looks after data curation, influencer casting, forecast and campaign reporting, while the strategic team conducts audits, insights, training and co-creation. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Germany



DEPT has a global network of handpicked vloggers, bloggers, influencers, and KOLs to execute campaigns for B2B and B2C companies across multiple industries. It has worked with brands like Spotify, Levis, PlayStation, KLM, Weber, and Asos. 

It emphasises insights, collaboration and tackling problems using creativity, technology and data. The in-house team is involved in execution and strategy, content creation, performance marketing, paid social and integrated brand strategy. 

The agency uses performance marketing to leverage a brand's data to find the proper channels and target groups for building a community. Also, it focuses on creating long term collaboration between brands and influencers instead of buying posts on Instagram. 

It also offers services like CX and design and partnerships with IT organisations to build technology teams and platforms to accelerate digital businesses.

2) Pulse Advertising 

Pulse Advertising clubs together influencer marketing, social media management, and paid social advertising, believing in giving clients a new-age social advertising solution. 

It runs campaigns by starting with social strategy - covering all social networks, and creating creative storytelling to build a brand story. It works with influencers and testimonials to produce native content that works. More so, it amplifies the content made by influencers, manages social media to build communities and reports qualitative and quantitative results. 

Established in 2014 in Hamburg, the agency currently has offices in London, Milan & New York City. Forbes recognised its work for 30 under 30, Influencer Marketing Awards and TEDx. 

3) Lucky Shareman

A full-service influencer marketing agency in Germany, Lucky Shareman runs custom-fit campaigns by strategising and creating creative concepts inspired by the KPIs. 

Set up in Hamburg (2015), the agency provides consultancy to plan campaigns on Instagram. It can either be through online workshops or online meetings. 

Under its strategy, it prepares communication and editorial plans, promotions and product placements, Instagram events and sponsorship projects. It uses its platform - IRION - to optimise workflows and gives access to 5000 influencers, and conduct market research.  

The in-built system profiles the data through automatic synchronisation of profiles and campaign management. Also, it amplifies ads on behalf of influencers across Europe. Brands get access to the dashboard to check the performance of each influencer in real-time. 

4) Lookfamed


Lookframed, started in 2016, has an internal network of bloggers and micro-influencers. The agency has been in personal contact with many of them so that it can fill campaigns with the right influencers at short notice. It designs unique events such as launch events for bloggers and companies to create buzz. 

In addition to its exclusive blogger management, the agency also designs creative and high-reach campaigns for companies in various industries. The process includes content approval, compliance with posting deadlines and contact for influencers' queries.

The agency takes the support of Instagram Insights, a database of personal characteristics and modern tools for checking follower quality. It enables them to identify the right influencer for each campaign type and foster successful cooperation.

It has implemented over 500 successful campaigns for their advertising partners and worked for brands such as Mister Spex, Dove, Ergo, and Under Armour. 

5) Alpha Pool 

Established as a PR and communication agency in Berlin in 2002, Alpha Pool has expanded its services in the last few years. From covering areas of marketing to content production and automated aspects of digital marketing, Alpha Pool is now a full-service influencer marketing agency in Germany. 

It focuses on celebrity and mega influencers by working with talents from Germany, Europe and Hollywood. It has a database of traditional influencers with known data points. But it uses self-developed algorithms having many data points when selecting the right people  for brands such as Osborne Carlos, Joop, Toyota, Lexus etc. 

Alpha Pool has a subsidiary Ideal Alpha to offer all areas of modern e-commerce as a service.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Thailand 

1) Influencer Club Asia

Bangkok-based Influencer Club Asia holds local level campaigns giving brands and audiences a face and a voice to trust. It tries to connect consumers and brands by raising awareness and increasing website traffic, audience growth, engagement, and sales growth. 

Influencer Club Asia has a network of famous social media personalities in sports, beauty, fashion and health. It also has links with international influencers to impact buyers' decisions. In the past, these influencers have worked for local brands like Bamboo Spa and Tiger XFitness.

The in-house team first works on the strategy development by understanding the business and the targeted audience. It handles all negotiations and agreement terms, curates content, shares it with selected influencers popular on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and evaluates the KPIs. 

This influencer marketing agency in Thailand conducts events and makes corporate videos. And launches advertising promos and product demos tutorials for online channels to help companies grow their business.

2) Spunky Digital

Spunky Digital, a digital marketing agency started in 2017, has services like pay per click, placement of ads on all social media platforms, SEO, content management, web services and influencer marketing. 

For influence, aka word of mouth marketing, it has a list of top Thai and international KOLs and lifestyle influencers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The agency does not have an internal network of influencers or those who work full-time. Its team members connect to different influencers selected based on aligning with the brand's KPIs. 

The selected ones then curate content for each specific project. It also depends on the budget and expectations of the influencers. Bourjois, Pola, Coty, and Gallup are some brands that have worked with Spunky Digital.  

3) Influencers Thailand

Influencers Thailand works locally by using Thai celebrities, micro-influencers, nano influencers, reviewers, bloggers, and media to run campaigns on behalf of brands or advertising agencies. It has a network of influencers, ranging from celebrities to nano influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Having worked with brands such as G-Shock, Dyson, Nivea, and Lenovo, the agency identifies the best performing influencers who match the brand's exact requirements. After that, the agency executes and manages outreach campaigns from start to finish so that brands get the best output. 

To attract brands and influencers, the agency gives free consultations as well!

4) Garcon Consulting


A social and digital marketing agency, Garcon Consulting has a network of 1500+ social influencers active in Thailand. These are local content creators, KOLs and brand ambassadors having targeted audiences for the exciting stories they develop online.

To connect brands with influencers, the agency's in-house team finds those who can be ambassadors in the long run. They can also be the spokesperson for your brand to build lasting and trustworthy relationships. Bio-Essence, Marriott Marquis Bangkok, El Gaucho Asia, and AquaPlus executed their campaigns with Garcon for end-to-end execution, including content seeding and relationship management.

The agency's list of services also incorporates community management, ad campaign creation, content production, and assets design. 

5) Primal

Supporting brands with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Primal advertising has a network of dominant personalities in entertainment, beauty, fashion, wellness, sports, business, etc., to make a point and persuade people to trust their products or services. 

Because the agency knows it can create brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive sales, the in-house team looks for only those who can hit the spot.  

Primal, established in 2015, is an integrated digital agency based in Thailand. So, it does not rely only on KOLs or influencers to drive a campaign. It also believes in promoting products directly and indirectly through other digital services like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), social media advertising, and content marketing. 

The agency has used its approach with brands such as Land and Houses, Singha, IHG, Verso, SCG, and Brompton to drive results. 

Read More: In-depth guide to influencer marketing in Thailand.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Malaysia

1) Just Simple 

Connected with over 1000 KOL influencers, YouTubers and Bloggers across Malaysia and neighbouring countries, Just Simple help small to medium-sized businesses run influencer marketing campaigns. 

Established in 1999 to manage websites and digital marketing services, Just Simple has worked with Pos Malaysia, Avis Car Rental, KLK, Toshiba TEC, Getha, George Kent, ACCO Hicom, and others. 

Catering brands with influencer marketing is another service to help local and global brands amplify the client's brand credibility and trust. The in-house team connects with industry-specific influencers such as cosmetics, travel and hospitality, fashion, sports and fitness, health and beauty. 

While executing a campaign, the influencer marketing agency in Malaysia supports content development by identifying, recruiting and outreaching influencers. The agency works alongside them to create quality content for refined storytelling.  

It also provides consultancy services for influencer identification, campaign measurement, relationship management, and amplification of the created content.

2) Social Grooves

Founded in 2015, Social Grooves is an award-winning social branding digital agency connecting businesses to online communities. It looks at influencer marketing from the campaign conception, KOL optimisation, strategy development, campaign execution and result analysis. 

Having a database of established and upcoming influencers to match with overall brand objectives, Social Grooves creates a time-based sequence of action plans. And based on the results, it fine-tunes the campaign, optimises resource allocations, and updates the database of influencers. 

The agency has worked with local and global clients in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It has planned campaigns for Alibaba, Lenovo, Dominos Pizza, Maybank, PUBG Mobile, UGift, Simba, SP Setia and Pet Lovers Centre.

Due to their capabilities on social media platforms, the agency also provides social media solutions, social media management, influencer outreach, etc. 

3) Bumbu Agency 

An integrated marketing and production company founded in 2010, Bumbu Agency started as a production company and has evolved into a digital marketing agency specialising in social media marketing, creative content, and SME business consultation. 

As a part of its digital marketing, it supports brands with Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Google marketing, graphic design, website design, photo and video production. 

It conducts Instagram influencer marketing, having its list of influencers who can quickly spread the word on social media. It has handled over 100+ SME clients for brand awareness, positioning, and lead generation, including NIlofa, Thai Thai, Starvilion, Kapten's Snack and others. 

4) Sevenvault 

Set up in 2015, Sevenvault is a content marketing company that assists brands in creativity and strategic content planning that can gain traction on online or offline media platforms. 

The agency works with almost 5000 influencers in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health fitness, parenting, cooking and travelling. They are either nano, micro or macro-influencers. 

Based on a customised proposal, it recruits these influencers. But then it adopts a five-step process - posting direction, planning of timeline, collections of drafts, vetting and approval of drafts, and making posts live on a scheduled timeline. 

Brands such as Megan Trade, Sugar and I, Korea Tourism Organisation and others have worked with the agency. It also does PR outreach to spread the word, and a panel of coaches or experienced speakers helps strengthen the brand's presence. 

5) Impact Communications 

Impact Communications is a local agency set up in 2007 comprising public relations and event management experts. The agency works with clients in fashion, beauty, food, mom & baby, home décor, electrical goods, special events, festivals, property, and finance.

It approaches influencer marketing using a combination of super influencers to micro-influencers to get relevant reach, relevancy, and credibility. 

The agency reaches out to influencers within Kuala Lumpur or parts of East Malaysia, who can create the right messaging, language, image and photos to gain people's attention. Also, they have the correct number of followers, interests and a great engagement rate.

It sets the KPIs to help clients reach their objectives. It closely monitors the response, engagement and reactions and updates clients regularly. Avon, Decathlon, MyPay, Prego, Paddle Pop, Breeze, Snickers, Lux, Dove and others have collaborated with Impact Communications to carry out campaigns. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Cyprus

1) Action Global Communications

Since 1971, Action Global Communications has been into integrated communication and marketing strategies. It has been established as a global agency in all these years with offices in Central & Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Russia, the CIS, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean. 

As it is widely known for its public relations and communications, the agency has helped UNICEF, USAID, and other NGOs, worked with Hollywood celebrities like Bruce Willis and was awarded multiple times. 

The agency provides influencer marketing services under its separate wing - Action Digital to enable genuine engagement. Here, the agency goes beyond generic messages from celebrities with the most followers. It identifies people who can genuinely influence target audiences and recruits them on clients' demands to ensure the content produced drives measurable results.

It creates technology products such as apps and mini-games; offers content marketing; SEO and social media; website development; and other features. 

2) Novel

Founded in 2011, Nicosia-based Novel is a full-service agency. In the last five years, the agency introduced influencer marketing as a service and held more than 50 campaigns in the region. It finds relevant influencers and partners them with brands, ensuring that the right target audience knows about the right product or service. 

The agency has an experienced team of social media marketers who are at their best when setting up a cost-effective collaboration to make the brand more prominent and recognisable online. It also provides hotel-specific solutions after working with 60+ hotels since the beginning.  

As a part of its digital marketing service, it covers market segmentation research, lead generation and customer acquisition, content marketing, search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and social media marketing. 

3) Opium Works

Established in 2011, Novel offers complete in-house digital and social media management services. With influencer marketing in Cyprus being a part of it, the agency believes in discovering the right influencers to reach the target audience.

It has a global network of influencers and various tools to drive awareness and sales for this to happen. Its services range from strategic consultancy to implementation, custom Facebook application development and complete digital presence management for a brand. 

The agency creates branded Facebook games, smartphone applications, website development, iPhone applications, android Applications, inbound marketing, social media management, digital marketing, strategy, influencers, animation, and content creation.

Also, it uses some of these services to leverage the overall campaign for product awareness. 

4) Black Pepper Communications

With its work centred around digital marketing, Black Pepper Communications has a complete range of digital marketing and web development services. 

To cater to the brands in the digital-first world, the company started in 2018 offers influencer marketing to Cyprus's various market segments depending on the brand. It includes Wolt, Selekt Beauty, Qualifood, Alpan Trade, Kivu and other brands that have utilised the agency's services. 

Other offered services are digital marketing, marketing strategy, web development, inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, video & photography, and SEO. 

5) GlobalCom PR Network  

A public relations and communications agency, The GlobalCom PR Network has around 80 offices in about 100 countries worldwide, including Africa, the Middle East, parts of Europe and the USA. 

It primarily works with B2C companies to execute end-to-end campaigns. According to the agency, their network and local knowledge in different geographies across different sectors make them a prominent partner for influencer marketing. 

For them, Influencer marketing can require knowledge of many different markets to understand the local practices and identify influential social media talents. Since influencer marketing is a critical investment, the agency manages it closely to retain the effectiveness and drive results. 

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in the Philippines 

1) Propelrr 

Manila-based Propelrr, providing advertising services since 2008, jumped into influencer marketing with the growing demand. 

Propelrr has an analytics platform to gather data for actionable insights and various data models for predictive analysis, understanding how digital marketing has become an essential requirement for any brand. 

The agency uses its marketing tools to estimate its client’s brand positioning in the market before selecting the influencers. The in-house teams conduct the personality match by analysing the previous posts and spotting fake followers. 

The social media team closely works with the influencers when posting stories, tweets, or YouTube content. Propelrr strategy is going beyond vanity metrics and popularity to measure the campaign. The agency reviews the KPIs post-campaign and modifies the marketing strategy accordingly. 

Besides, it provides other digital services like UX design, email marketing, SEO, conversion optimisation, and Pay Per Click (PPC). It has worked with brands like The North Face, Delsey, AutoDeal, and EastWest. 

2) Centaur Marketing 

Started as a media production agency in 2008, Centaur converted itself into a full-service marketing agency offering services from mobile app development to social media management and SEO along with traditional public relations activities. 

For them, influencers are social media opinion leaders. To execute a campaign with them, the agency conducts everything in-house. For selecting the right influencers, the agency holds meetings and asks influencers to fill out questionnaires. The team also works on the social media strategy and conducts product seeding manually. 

From outreach to follow-ups and monitoring, Centaur manages everything as defined under the social media calendar. Red Bull, Circa Here, and Memorial Plastic Surgery are some of the brands that collaborated with this marketing agency in the Philippines to run integrated campaigns by incorporating other digital services.    

3) ActiveSocial

A social media and events marketing agency, Active Social has executed influencer campaigns for Glow Skin Clinic, Air Asia, Meralco, and Octon. Brands in other industries such as entertainment, fashion and beauty, food and drink, hospitality and leisure, real estate, retail, technology and transport are also on its client's list. 

Keeping strategic insights at the core of campaign designing, the agency focuses on boosting its client's social presence by working with influencers and organising events for the brand's growth.  

Active Social works on data and analytics to study market positioning and how talented social media content creators are playing their role in it to build a brand image. 

4) LeapOut Digital Inc.

Established in 2017, Manila-based LeapOut Digital Inc. is an e-commerce and digital marketing agency, having worked with 200+ brands. Australia’s most prominent independent media agencies back LeapOut.  

The agency has a database of social media content creators. After brainstorming with brands on business goals and objectives, the in-house team searches for the relevant influencers and suggests them to its clients with complete statistics.  

Using social media tools, the agency measures and tracks campaign performance to present tangible results that show high conversion. 

Based on the requirement, it also creates a concept brief keeping the target audience and value proposition in mind. The agency also makes text ads,  SEM, SEO, content marketing and programmatic advertising for the overall brand promotion. 

5) Blogapalooza

With a network of over 10k+ bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators across Southeast Asian countries, Blogapalooza is a known influencer marketing agency in the Philippines.

Since 2011 after it came into existence, the agency has been explicitly working towards helping businesses like Lazada, Grab, Volvo, Teletech, Goldilocks, Dunkin Donuts and others. 

It handles the campaign with the help of its in-house team by promoting brands through influencers on social media. It does product seeding manually by preparing kits, managing delivery logistics, and monitoring daily tasks. 

To discover influencers, the agency, besides using its network, also has some tools to check audience demographics, interest, brand affinity and other factors to find the perfect fit for the campaign so that the brand's message is out and clear. 

It also tracks progress, evaluates and reports performances to measure the campaign's effectiveness, and tweak the campaign strategy to drive better results. 

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