Top Kid Influencers To Follow in Southeast Asia

Uyen Le
Digital Marketing Exec
May 12, 2021
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Similar to parent influencers, kid influencers are now growing a massive following on social media. In fact, kid influencers are now the new social media stars as people head over to their Instagram for amazing photos and heartwarming family moments. For brands who want to sell to parents and their children, working with kid influencers can be really helpful for their campaigns.

To help brands partner with the right kid influencers, we compiled a list of Top 6 Influencers (and/or their parents) on Instagram in Southeast Asia. These influencers are active on Instagram with a high engagement rate and have a minimum of 10k followers. Let’s find out who they are!

Mata (@mata_matalyn)

Mata is among the most popular kid influencers on Instagram. At the age of 4, she already has a long record of partnering with various brands in Thailand such as Babyzen Thailand, LHong 1919, Uniqlo Thailand. Scrolling down her IG feed, you cannot help falling into love with her adorable images and lovely smile! Earning an amazing engagement rate of 10% over 91k followers, Mata is certainly one to watch now and in the future!

Starley (@starleytan_)

Starley is the daughter of Singaporean famous Youtuber Tan Jian Hao and his wife Debbie, who is also a social media star. Starley is only 2 years old, but she already has more than 100k followers with an incredibly high engagement rate of more than 20%! Via her Instagram, which is run by her daddy, you can expect to see images and videos of her day-to-day moments and lovely family images.

Ummar Dzariff (@ummar_dzariff)

Ummar Dzariff is a talented actor, model, and kid influencer based in Malaysian! At such a young age, Ummar collaborated with a huge number of brands such as @iqiyimalaysia, @shopee_my, @marksandspencer_my. His Instagram is mainly used to help promote his movie and feature brands he partnered with.

Tyga (@tyga.theboy)

@tyga.theboy is another kid influencer in Thailand worth your attention. He is the son of social media star Wichian Kusolmanomai and famous actress Newclear Hansa. At just 4 years old, this little boy has a solid follower base of more than 400k followers on Instagram and a long list of brand partnerships.

Olivia Manzano Reyes (@oliviamreyes)

Olivia is a 6-year-old little girl with an eye for fashion! Based in the Philippines, she has gained for herself a solid follower base coming from different countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. Her IG feed is filled with lovely everyday moments and various activities such as gardening, playing at the beach, practicing martial arts. Her audiences rewarded her with a high engagement rate of more than 3% over 400k fans on Instagram!

Jean Padilla Victorio (@jeanbubu)

Jean Padilla Victorio is mommy to Filippino kid influencer Lala. She frequently features her lovely daughter as well as warm-hearted mother-daughter moments. With an engagement rate of nearly 4% over 27k followers, @jeanbubu is a micro-influencer you can count on for a successful influencer campaign.

BINTANG Mahacakrie & LUMI (@mahacakrie)

Lumi is another kid influencer whose Instagram account is run by her parent. That’s why you can expect to see a lot of heartwarming photos about parenthood and family life Lumi and her mother partnered with various brands in Indonesia such as Neppi Baby Indonesia, GoSend Indonesia, Ikea Indonesia. They also use this Instagram to cross-promote their new YouTube channel.

Not every influencer is a good fit for your brand. After considering their true reach and engagement, the next thing you want to know is if their audience’s demographic matches your target customers. If you would like to find out more about them and building a successful influencer marketing campaign, contact us today or request a free demo on our website!

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