8 Top-Ranking PR Agencies In Los Angeles [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
April 22, 2022
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Famous as Hollywood city, Los Angeles is also a business hub in southern California. Not just celebrities but various local and international brands in the area connect to their audiences or customers through public relations agencies.

Data shows that the PR firms in the USA alone generated a revenue of USD 14.54 billion in 2020. So, one can easily see the level of reliance on these agencies and estimate the growth of the PR industry. 

But in the changing marketing and business landscape, their role as a communication bridge between brands and consumers has become difficult. Due to the decline of traditional media and the prevalent use of ad blockers in digital media — fulfilling a client's expectations, reaching the target audience and giving quantifiable results becomes a challenge. 

Overcoming these bottlenecks is possible if PR campaigns integrate influencer marketing. Both agencies and brands can achieve their desired objectives of raising product awareness, promoting goodwill, building brand image, or even creating demand for their clients. Tools like affable.ai can help in executing influencer marketing campaigns.

Let's explore some of the top PR agencies in Los Angeles that elevate brands with their services. 

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Leading PR Agencies in Los Angeles 

1. FINN Partners

Founding Year:

FINN Partners delivers results through strategic PR solutions that include media relations, media training, reputation management, market research, community relations, and other services. The agency focuses on genuine storytelling to increase the brand's recognition and create a positive image. It also provides influencer marketing services and social media management to achieve the overall marketing objective of its clients.     

Clients List: Jack Daniels, Meharry Medical College, Olympics, Blackmore, Bosch, P&G 

Sectors of Expertise: Education, Travel, Health, Finance, Technology, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, etc. 

2. Edelman

Founding Year:

One of the well-known PR agencies in Los Angeles, Edelman, enhances the media reputation for brands. The company operates from 60+ offices worldwide, including Jakarta, Los Angeles, London, Mexico, Madrid, New Delhi, etc. The agency has built positive connections with leading media companies to drive results for clients. Over the years, it has even won a handful of awards and recognitions for its work. The in-house team manages end-to-end public relations, including public affairs, media relations, digital transformations, performance & influencer marketing, and other services.

Clients List: IKEA, UNFPA, Hilton, Hair Love, Samsung, Schmidt's, eBay, KFC, HSBC, DP World

Sectors of Expertise: Real estate, Energy, Education, Finance, Health, Retail, Technology, Travel & Hospitality, Telecommunications, etc. 

3. Charmed PR

Founding Year:

Charmed PR is a boutique PR agency in Los Angeles catering to brands in the beauty sector. Owned by Robin Tolkan-Doyle, an experienced entrepreneur, the company strengthens a brand's reputation with the help of creative marketing, awareness campaigns, and effective product placement. It also provides copywriting, ghostwriting, influencer strategies, branding etc. 

Clients List: Caire Beauty, C'est Moi, Toxic Beauty, The Better Skin Co., LaBelle, Baby Foot, Belli Skincare

Sectors of Expertise: Beauty 


Founding Year: 2014

BLND PR has combined traditional PR services with digital media to empower brands. Its services include media relations, press releases, media training, blogger relations, content development, branding, etc. 

The agency's connections extend to People, PopSugar, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and many other international magazines. With expertise in social media management, public relations, and influencer marketing, the company helps brands reach their target audience the right way.

Clients List: SandSpa, Vitabrid, Alo House, Blur Beauty, Life Lab, Dreamlash Academy, Footnanny, NuShape 

Sectors of Expertise: Lifestyle, Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Food & Beverage, Restaurants & Hospitality, Luxury Real Estate

5. Fox Greenberg Public Relations (FGPR)

Founding Year:

FGPR is a PR agency targeting US-based brands from New York, Los Angeles, and other cities. The company has close media connections and has managed campaigns for some of the top names, including the non-profit organisation of the Dalai Lama. 

Adapting to the changing times, FGPR runs influencer campaigns for brands to reach a more targeted audience. Besides this, its services include brand development, media relations, partnerships & activations, and profile building.   

Clients List: Bellacures, Addition Elle, Row NYC, It's Sugar, City Winery, Kush Queen

Sectors of Expertise: Health, Beauty, Hospitality, Fashion, Spirits, Technology, Event etc.  

6. Lobeline

Founding Year: 1986

Lobeline is a full-service communications and PR agency in Los Angeles providing integrated traditional and social media services for brands and celebrities. It focuses on social media management, paid social ads, content strategy, social strategy, influencer marketing, media research and consultancy to drive results. 

Clients List: SFX. Fox Entertainment, Abbey Food Bar, Trigg Labs, Volcatech Inc. 

Sectors of Expertise: Consumer, Corporate, Entertainment

7. Eileen Koch (EKC PR)

Founding Year:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, EKC PR is a digital marketing and public relations firm managing celebrities for brand campaigns. In more than 30 years of its inception, the agency has had strong contacts among Hollywood celebrities to run campaigns.  

But it also provides PR, media relations, brand launch, and business development and branding strategies to build a positive image and reputation for its clients. As a part of its services, EKC also offers influencer marketing. 

Clients List: Reliance MediaWorks, Softline Home Fashion, Our House Films, Tai Lopez, RJ Williams, Steve Sidwell 

Sectors of Expertise: Medical, Health & Fitness, Restaurants, Sports, Fashion, Non-profit 

8. Brenton Way

Founding Year:

Brenton Way, PR agency in Los Angeles, has created a mix of traditional and digital services to generate maximum brand visibility. It has a team of growth specialists to strategise and manage campaigns. The unit uses self-devised marketing tool, ICARUS/X, to help brands gain insights on critical marketing metrics.

To create a solid social media presence for its clients, the agency works on content and graphics, manages SEO and social media, and provides influencer marketing. 

Clients List: Tepe USA, Autonomous.ai, Wipe Away Debts, Opulence MD, Nicole HD Jewellery, Shep Travel, Mamma Chia, PeaceOut, Wipro 

Sectors of Expertise: Travel, Medical, Beauty, Corporate, Technology 

Summing Up

With the shift in content consumption from traditional to digital media, PR agencies or brands can go for influencer marketing. With the type of contacts and expertise, the PR firms have, influencer marketing is an extension of their services to connect brands with their target audience and maximise ROI for their clients. 

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