Top 9 Social Media Agencies In Singapore [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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May 17, 2022
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Singapore, which ranks fourth globally in social media penetration, has become a competitive market for brands and marketers to engage with online consumers. 

Going by the 2019 data, out of the 5.83 million population, 4.92 million people use the internet,  which makes social media all the more a crucial platform for brands to build awareness about their products or services. 

Even a study conducted in 2018 showed that 39% used social media to make a purchase. Catching on with this shift in buying behaviour, many brands use social media marketing to attract potential buyers. 

A social media agency in Singapore plays an integral role in this. They use multiple strategies, from circulating paid to organic posts and leveraging user-generated content to reach the desired audience. 

Some agencies also help brands identify suitable social media creators with the help of influencer marketing platforms like The platform not only finds influencers but also helps manage and measure campaigns in a single place. 

For more information, read our guide on influencer marketing in Singapore.

Let's do a deep dive into the top agencies in Singapore! 

Leading Social Media Marketing Agencies in Singapore 


Founding Year:

Plexxie is a top digital agency with expertise in social media management, including strategy building, ads campaign management, influencer marketing, community engagement, and reporting. 

The agency provides comprehensive content creation services such as copywriting, photography and videography, branding, events, and graphic design for brands looking for exclusive creative content. 

Their approach helps in building communities and connecting brands with their audience. 

Crocodile, Marigold, Red ONE, Aroma Truffle & Co., Slate, Fox Networks Group, Capita Land 

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2. Brew Interactive

Founding Year:

Brew Interactive is not just an agency, but it is a helping hand for your business. Having an experience of 13 years in social media and content marketing, digital ads, and MarTech solutions, the agency knows how to manage everything and fulfil your digital needs.  

It creates content calendars, manages reputation, and creates visual content, including bite-sized videos. Overall, this social media agency in Singapore develops custom strategies to target individual brand needs and target the right audience. 

Clients: Niccolo Hotels, Columbia, SingHealth, Marco Polo Hotels, Body Contour, Parents World, Toto, Lazada

3. Construct Digital

Founding Year:

Construct Digital focuses on marketing, business, and experience transformation, which made it win numerous marketing excellence awards. It offers social media, digital campaigns, and SEO to drive results for its clients. To strategically help brands reach a wider audience, it runs paid and organic social campaigns. 

This social media agency in Singapore uses MarTech solutions to enhance marketing and run data-driven campaigns that work in real life. 

Clients: BHP, SGX, ST Engineering, Starbucks, BMW, Giant, Kaplan, Nespresso, Prudential 

4. BraveBison

Founding Year:

BraveBison is one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Singapore. The tailor-made content created by the agency helps clients stand out on social platforms and reach the right audience.

BraveBison entertains billions of followers on social media which means it knows how to build a community for clients. 

Notably, the agency is a parent brand to other companies like Mutha, Cooking Wild, The Hook, and Slick. These companies operate in several verticals and categories, including entertainment, DIY, food, arts and crafts, etc.

Apple, Uber Eats, Netflix, Uniqlo, Spotify, Johnson's, Ellesse, Tangram 

5. Ninja Promo

Founding Year:

Ninja Promo, a digital agency in Singapore, has a forte in social media, influencer marketing, SEO, email marketing, PR and other digital services. It uses authentic content to create a strong buzz for brands. 

With at least five years of experience in the digital space, the agency crafts strategies and manages social media profiles for its clients. It handles paid and organic campaigns to enhance brands' social presence to the full potential and reach a larger audience. 

The agency has offices in London, NY, and Singapore to serve global brands in crypto, fintech, B2B, retail, health, etc. 

Clients: Iqoniq, Stockmusic, It's Contagious, Gestuz, Mokka Coffee, Madara, PayPolitan, Tripment 


Founding Year:

TEAM LEWIS is one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Singapore that manages end to end campaigns, from creating the strategy to measuring its effectiveness. 

The agency also leverages influencers to connect with the market segment. But to do so, TEAM LEWIS extract data and insights by conducting social listening and sentiment analysis. 

Also, its paid social media services and digital public relations activities help amplify the organic content. 

Clients: BMW, Rendezvous Hotels, Skechers, Sophos, Blue Bird Travel, Mitsubishi Electric, Infosys 

7. OOM

Founding Year: 2006 

OOM is a full-service digital agency also specialising in social media marketing. Paid search, SEO, content marketing, and designing are some of the services offered by the agency to elevate a brand's social presence.

It has served various industries ranging from tech to eCommerce and beauty by running award-winning campaigns for them on Facebook and Instagram. Along with Singapore, the company has offices in the Philippines, China and Hong Kong.

Clients: Decathlon, Logitech, Beautex, Alibaba Group, SG Tech, Lister, Toto, Rakuten Insight, Hitachi 

8. First Page 

Founding Year:

First Page is a social media agency in Singapore with nine years of experience in handling social platforms. It creates persuasive and compelling campaigns to build long-term relationships with the audiences.

Other services such as SEO, google ads, reputation management, and content writing also support brands in reaching a targeted audience. 

The agency executes its campaign from its offices in Singapore, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Clients: Self Store, AFON, Misty Daydream, World Vision, Whirlpool, Breath Pilates, Awfully Chocolate 

9. 2Stallions 

Founding Year:

2Stallions is a social media agency in Singapore that executes campaigns through its four-step process – audit, strategy, execution, reporting and tweaking. 

The company analyses your goals and objectives and creates campaigns to achieve them. In the last ten years of its inception, it has managed over 40K campaigns for 300+ clients to drive conversions. 

The agency also uses its influencer network to build a brand's credibility. 

Clients: Mooncake, iSwitch, RedBull, Friso, Vivifi, Medtrainer, Stanley, Wavin 

Wrapping Up 

With social media platforms becoming popular in almost every region, marketers are looking for different ways to reach out to their target audience on these channels. 

They resort to strategies like influencer marketing which helps marketers attract the target segment with authentic content rather than advertisements. 

If you're looking for an effective social media strategy such as influencer marketing, you can collaborate with agencies to run successful campaigns. 

Check out this list of the top influencer marketing agencies worldwide! 

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