Top Virtual Influencers to Collaborate Within Southeast Asia

HyeonA Kwak
Digital Marketing Intern
August 11, 2021
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Five years after the first virtual influencer @lilmiquela came out, many brands have started to collaborate with them to advertise or appoint them as brand ambassadors.

Like how @Noonoouri collaborated with some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Miu Miu, Dior, Gucci, and Versace. German graphic designer Joerg Zuber created her to realize his childhood dream of working in the fashion industry. Noonoouri is more like a 3D cartoon character, which sets it apart from other virtual influencers.

With this example, it's easy to think that virtual influencers are only based and targeted outside of Southeast Asia, but there are many popular virtual influencers in Southeast Asia too! 

Check out the top trending virtual influencers that capture the Southeast Asian market!

1. @mayaaa.gram, Southeast Asia’s first-ever virtual influencer

According to Maya’s Instagram profile, she is an “average not so average Southeast Asian virtual girl”. She has gained more than 7,000 followers in just a month since she got an Instagram account which is not easy to achieve in today's competitive markets.

Later, she mentioned loading her "database" and posted a post showing her physical condition thereafter. Unlike other virtual influencers, Maya’s Instagram posts show that she doesn't mind her true virtual persona., Asia’s latest hyper-realistic virtual personality virtual influencer

Rae is the first virtual personality styled by Asia's top hairstylist Kim Robinson. She is China's fastest-growing virtual influencer that has over 350,000 followers.

Kim Robinson's partnership with his famous luxury salon meant Rae's entry into the beauty world. As the beauty and fashion industry continues to embrace virtual technology, this unique collaboration takes creators a step further into the digital-first future, allowing them to broaden their design boundaries and share their new creations with more audiences.

Kim Robinson giving Rae her new hairstyle in Hong Kong, Singapore’s newest virtual influencer

Ava was created by Reyme Husaini, a 27-year-old senior at Lasalle College of Arts. Ava, 22 years old virtual influencer, was part of a final project for the fashion media and industry. For now, Ava has not been able to speak and has not been able to show her movements except for a short rendering.

Ava collaborates with BHG Singapore, a retail company, to launch new in-house labels. As part of the partnership, Ava took over BHG's Instagram account to promote original designs by BHG's first in-house designer, Esther Choy.

4. @rozy.gram, South Korea's very first virtual influencer

Rozy is South Korea's first virtual influencer unveiled by Sidus Studios X in December last year. Rozy has been sharing her daily life on Instagram, which consists of various photos, along with introducing virtual influencers since August last year. 

Recently, life insurance company ShinhanLife has employed Rozy for its video advertisement to better appeal to younger customers. In the commercial, Rosie dances using the company's choreographed moves based on the hottest dance on social networking platforms such as TikTok.

5. @imma.gram, first virtual influencer model in Japan

Imma, who has more than 340,000 followers on Instagram, shares a surprisingly realistic life with her stylish clothes, her brother Zinn, and her dog Einstein on her day off.

Imma collaborated with IKEA and advertised a new IKEA store opening near Harajuku Station in Tokyo. During the three-day installation period, Imma was seen going about her everyday life in a small apartment, an interior that IKEA is promoting among young people in Japan.

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