Top Wellness Influencers In Southeast Asia

Uyen Le
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October 30, 2020
May 12, 2021
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Wellness is not a new concept, but this idea has evolved significantly over the past few years. These days, people are placing great values on their physical and mental health over material objects. They care about having a good sleep, eating healthy and view these to be the enjoyment of life. As the idea of personal well-being is put in the spotlight, customers are now looking up to influencers who can inspire them to live healthy and improve their quality of life. 

From healthy eating to fitness, yoga and meditation, wellness influencers have been rising and receiving great attention from social media for their passionate approach to wellness. Various brands around the world have started collaborating with influencers in the wellness niche to create a positive, meaningful image about their product and tap into this huge potential market segment. Now, let’s wait no more, here are the top wellness influencers for brands to partner with in Southeast Asia!

Lifestyle influencers

@valeria.bulbotko is a highly engaging influencer currently based in Thailand. Her IG feed is aesthetically pleasing with stunning photos about her daily life and yoga poses. Her charming and elegant beauty makes her a great influencer for beauty and fashion brands! Valeria has a great story to tell: She comes from Russia, and her travel to Thailand turns out to be a long-term residency due to Covid-19. It’s inspiring to watch her journey to adapt to a new life in Thailand, nourish her soul and develop a holistic lifestyle.

Looking for a young and motivating influencer to help you create a healthy lifestyle? Let’s check out @itsjosebastian! As a nutritionist and health guru, she regularly shares her nutrition tips and healthy recipes alongside her home workout videos. She firmly believes that a healthy lifestyle can only be achieved if you have a healthy eating habit and exercise regularly. Just like her personality, her images are paired with positive, energetic and inspiring captions!

Maxenemagalona is a mega-influencer passionate about wellness. She enjoys reminding her followers to love themselves and take care of their physical & mental health. Originally from the Philippines, Maxene and her husband decided to move to Bali to develop their passion for yoga and meditation. Watching her happy family pictures and genuine advice about self-love, you can’t help but feel at peace. With a wide follower-base from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, she’s definitely an influencer you should look out for!

Yoga influencers 

If you’re intimidated by the thought of practicing yoga, you definitely need to check out @magdasyoga. Living in Bali, Indonesia, Magda is a famous Yoga teacher. Her Instagram feed is filled with her beautiful poses and video tutorials on yoga. If you are looking for someone who can inspire you to practice yoga, her account is the place to look. She has a high engagement rate of 5% with a diverse follower base mainly from European countries such as Poland, the UK and Germany.

Another yoga influencer worth your attention is @yogawithsadhana. Tapping into both yoga and meditation, she guides her followers through a lovely journey of wellness and self-discovery. Sadhana also regularly shares advice on wellness, the value of practicing yoga and how we can integrate Yoga into our daily lives. She is an engaging influencer with a high engagement rate of 4.4% and a follower base mainly in India.

Food influencers

You cannot have a healthy lifestyle if you can’t control your food intake. To prove that, @daisydiiva regularly showcases what she eats and inspires her followers to workout and pursue healthy eating habits. She also shows people that it is possible to enjoy good food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a Thai influencer, Daisy has a wide follower base mainly concentrated in Thailand.

@pattkla is a food influencer passionate about cooking and sharing her meatless recipes on social media. One look at her IG feed and you’ll be blown away with her vibrant and delicious dishes inspired by Colombian cuisine. As shared on her own website: "Cooking Traditionally Colombian foods helps me feel connected to my family and roots”. Patricia is currently based in Singapore but has a diverse follower-base from the US, Colombia, the UK and Singapore.

Fitness influencers

Student-athlete @kerstinong is a rising star in the fitness realm. On her Instagram, she frequently shares about her running and training on top of other daily activities. According to our Instagram influencer analytics, she has an incredibly high engagement rate of 6.3% with the followers mostly aged from 19 to 32 years. If you’re looking for an influencer to spread your brand’s message to a young audience, she might be the one!

Together with @kerstinong, @hildnov is an engaging fitness influencer. Based in Indonesia, Hilda is passionate about cycling, and that explains why her IG feed is mainly filled with photos about her cycling journeys and destinations she went to. With a solid engagement rate of 4.4%, Hilda is an ideal fitness influencer for sport brands to consider partnering with.

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