Twitter to Enhance Communication with User-Friendly Updates

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July 12, 2023
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Facing constant backlash from users, Twitter is struggling to maintain its position as one of the top social media platforms. As 2023 kicked off, Twitter doubled down on its efforts to improve user experience on its platform. And second quarter in, it is still on its toes to release features that can excite their user base. But with Instagram’s Twitter rival Threads, it is going to be hard to gain user attention. 

Here are the insights into the new Twitter platform updates. 

1. Community Notes 

Community Notes enables users to add a note to the images in tweets. Twitter aims at flagging morphed or AI-generated images across the platform. The notes will also have a score measuring the significance or helpfulness of the note. The feature is currently only in the USA. 

Twitter's community notes
Twitter's Community Notes feature  Source: Twitter 

2. Group chat 

The Group Chat on Twitter can now have up to 100 people. Twitter also plans to increase the limit further to allow its users to communicate with a larger group of people. 

3. Search for Lists

Twitter users can now search for Lists in the search bar. Users can explore new accounts to follow and discover fresh content by searching for lists related to a particular topic or interest. 

Twitter's new Search For Lists feature Source: Twitter 

4. Direct Messages: 

Direct Messages on Twitter are key to building effective communication among users. Twitter has rolled out new features to allow people to connect. 

A. DM replies 

With this Twitter platform update, users can reply to any message they receive in DMs, regardless of whether it's the most recent message. The DM Replies feature is available on both the web and mobile versions of Twitter.

B. Emoji Picker to DMs

This feature provides users with a range of emojis they can choose from when reacting to DMs. Users can access the Emoji Picker by clicking the smiley face icon next to the text input field in DMs. 

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