UAE Facebook Trend Report 2022

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February 1, 2023
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Facebook generated less than a 1% engagement rate in all categories of influencers except for macro-influencers in the UAE. Furthermore, UAE witnessed a 92.43% decline in influencer posts in 2022, reducing the chances of Facebook being the go-to platform for influencer marketing.

The platform, however, has a considerable number of active users and micro-influencers that brands  can use to raise brand awareness among millennials. In this report, data is exhibited by to discover different metrics such as audience demographics and the number of influencers under categories with their engagement rate in 2022.

Table of Content:

  1. Influencer Demographics
  2. Number of influencers by Followers Count
  3. Influencers Engagement Rates
  4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022

1. Influencers Demographics

The Facebook audience in UAE primarily comprises males accounting for 63.64% of the total audience base, and female users stand at 36.36%.  Millennials (26-39) are the most active user base, winning over 53.42% of space. On the other hand, Gen Z (18-25) occupies only 30.6% of the user base. At least 9.25% of the space belongs to the age group 40-46 years, and 6.72%  falls under the 47 years and above age category. The platform can be ideal for brands whose target audiences are GenX.

2. Number of Influencers by Followers Count

UAE has the lowest count of influencers in all categories among SEA nations. Micro-influencers with 10k-50k followers account for the most number of content creators on Facebook in the country. The number further decreases to 413 individuals accounting for nano-influencers. The mid-tier and macro influencers come next with 327 and 303 individuals, respectively. Further, we see a downfall in the influencer count as the number of followers increases. Finally, Celebrity influencers with 1M followers stood at 142.

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3. Influencer Engagement Rates

All the categories of influencers generated less than a 1% engagement rate except for macro-influencers, indicating the need for more connection and affinity between the followers and users on Facebook. Macro-influencers generated a 13.39% engagement rate highest among all categories. The micro and mid-tier influencers showed similar engagement across the platform in 2022.

4.Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022

In 2022, Facebook influencers’ posts decreased by 92.43%. In 2021 the creators posted 202.7K posts, and the number swiped to 74.5K in 2022. The decline in posts shows that Facebook needs to have sustained efforts to withstand the storms of TikTok and Instagram in the country in 2023.

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